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Ask It Results: Is Your Significant Other a Disney Fan?

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No matter how much you love that special someone in your life, there may be things that drive you crazy. The way they slurp their soup. Snoring. Cheering for the wrong sports team. You name it, because everyone’s an individual, there’s plenty of opportunities to find ways that couples have their differences. It can even come into play when Disney is on the line. Last week we asked you:

Is your significant other as much of a Disney fan as you are?


Here’s your results.

Yes (803 votes, 47%)

Did she talk you into your first trip? Did he suggest buying an annual pass so you could make more trips? Was it a love of Disney that made you realize that you had so much in common? Whatever it was, many of you said that your significant other is as much of a Disney fan as you are. This doesn’t mean that you always like Disney in the same way, however. You may have one person on Team Pirates and the other on Team Haunted Mansion when it comes to the best ride in the Magic Kingdom. One might like Disney for meeting characters, and the other might like it for the pyrotechnics. There’s so many ways to love Disney, but it can be a great shared interest for a couple–and it always gives you places to go for a romantic getaway.

No (842 votes, 53%)

For most of the people who said “No”, the comment was that he/she wasn’t *as much* of a fan, but that’s different from not being a fan at all. Some of the readers of this blog, no surprise, are super fans and borderline obsessive planners. They’re listening to podcasts, they’re scouring the internet for every tip and rumor, and they’re creating a touring plan that has more details than a military conquest. Then there’s their partner who says “I like Dole Whips and getting popcorn on Main Street.” There’s no wrong way to “Do Disney”. If your significant other isn’t as much of a fan, hopefully they humor your fandom. And if they don’t? We’ll have some ideas on the blog later on today for that…


So there you have this week’s results. Next week’s question is live on Twitter and on the blog here. In the meantime, have any of you found love through your Disney fandom? Anyone ever done a Disney wedding or honeymoon? Let us know your Disney romance stories in the comments. (And if you’re looking for love… let us know! We don’t mind playing matchmaker!)


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