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Beer and Wine to be Offered at Magic Kingdom Table Service Restaurants

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Skipper Canteen Magic Kingdom
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It started with Be Our Guest Restaurant back in 2012, and now, due to Guest demand, it’s rolling out to other Magic Kingdom table service restaurants. Beginning December 23, four more dining establishments will begin selling beer and wine.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Guests will be able to purchase an alcoholic beverage during lunch and dinner at Tony’s Town Square, Liberty Tree Tavern, Jungle Skipper Canteen, and Cinderella’s Royal Table. Beverages will only be sold in the restaurants; there will be no to-go orders available.

Beverages that will be available will fit the theme and cuisine of each restaurant. For example, Tony’s Town Square will offer Italian wines and beers; Liberty Tree Tavern will serve beer, cider, and domestic wines that match with the Thanksgiving-themed cuisine; Jungle Skipper Canteen will offer beverages with a global appeal to pair with its worldly menu; Cinderella’s Royal Table will continue with the posh theme by serving champagne and sparkling wine.

Many had wondered, myself included, if the addition of beer and wine at Be Our Guest Restaurant would lead to additional Magic Kingdom restaurants introducing alcohol into other restaurants. Seems that’s now the case.

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8 thoughts on “Beer and Wine to be Offered at Magic Kingdom Table Service Restaurants

  • I’m excited by the chance to have a beer (assuming they have some interesting choices) at the Magic Kingdom. It is a money grab (the beers will likely be like $10, if not more), but it doesn’t bother me because it doesn’t take away any other service. That’s the problem with special viewing areas and upcharge events that take away from services that once were free. Beers at a few restaurants is fine, though you never know what’s next.

  • So will Be Our Guest start serving alcohol during lunch? Or will it remain just dinner?

    • My guess is that as Be Our Guest is quick service at lunch it will remain soft drinks only. It seems only fully waited service meals will offer alcoholic drinks.

      and in my opinion that is OK, it shouldn’t be possible to get too drunk if drinking during a 90 minute waited service meal Plus there are servers to watch out for those who should have any more. Its no worse than someone exiting the park, having dinner at the Contemporary and then coming back.

  • Even Walt approved of alcohol in Disneyland. Well, only for the select few at Club 33.

  • I’m thinking Walt would have changed over the years. Most folks do. I just hope they don’t ignore craft beer, like the cruise line has.

  • Ughh am I the only one who feels like this is just another money grab that veers too far from Walt’s original intent : (((

    • We’re with you Val! Maybe the Guests that demanded more booze were the one’s getting kicked out from the other parks. 😉

  • Maybe this will ease up on the demand of Be Our Guest.

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