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Dining Showdown: The Best Pizza At Disney World

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Best Pizza at Disney

It’s always controversial ranking restaurants at Walt Disney World – everyone has their tried and true favorites, after all. Sometimes, though, it’s the only way to figure out where best to spend your precious vacation time and money. Luckily for me, I got to do all the hard work for you, and have definitively (for now, in my opinion) figured out where to find the best pizza in Walt Disney World. I ranked the pizza at ten of the most well-known “pizza” places on property (both quick service and table service) based on flavor, crust, toppings, size – all the basics you’d look for in your favorite pie! Let’s take a look and see how your favorites fared…

Best Pizza at Disney World

The Rankings

Trattoria al Forno's margherita pizza
“Pizza” at Trattoria al Forno

10. Trattoria al Forno (Disney’s BoardWalk; table service; $17-19)

I had never tried Trattoria’s pizza before a recent visit, but after that meal, it’s safe to say I can never afford to again. At 6-7 inches in size, the fresh-fired pizzas are tiny, essentially individual sizes, but that’s not the real issue. I can handle small pizza, especially if I have some great appetizers beforehand to complete the meal, but each pizza came with barely a handful of toppings on it, and a plain cheese pizza was $17 (the specialty mushroom was $19)! If you like overpriced, plain pizza dough, Trattoria’s your best bet  – seriously, the only flavor we got was from dipping it into the house olive oil that came with our bread service. Otherwise, avoid this abysmal attempt at upscale pizza.

9. Pinocchio Village Haus (Magic Kingdom; quick service; $9.49-10.99)

I’ve never been a huge fan of Pinocchio Village Haus’ flatbread pizzas, as they have tended to be simultaneously dry and greasy every time I’ve tried them, with flimsy crust in the middle. These are definitely large enough for one person, if not two to split, and it does qualify as pizza with cheese, sauce, and bread as the basic ingredients. That’s about all of the positives I can offer here – if you’re desperate for pizza in Magic Kingdom, this is really it, but there are far better options elsewhere.

Pizzafari's shrimp flatbread
Shrimp flatbread at Pizzafari

8. Pizzafari (Animal Kingdom; quick service; $9.99-13.49)

I reviewed Pizzafari’s pizza a few months ago, to positive results, and I still think it’s decent pizza for what it is. Though not too far off from Village Haus’ flatbread style, it still seems fresher and better cooked at Pizzafari every visit, and generally has more toppings than elsewhere. The additional specialty pizzas available (currently cheeseburger flavor or the shrimp and Mediterranean options I reviewed) are interesting and offer something a bit different than elsewhere, always a positive.




Wolfgang Puck's pepperoni pizza
Pizza from Wolfgang Puck Express

7. Wolfgang Puck Grand Café, Express, & Marketplace Express (Disney Springs; table service; $11-18)

With three locations to choose from in Disney Springs, Wolfgang Puck had a near monopoly on pizza in the area until recently. Though each of the locations offers a few different options, the pies are generally the same in size and quality of ingredients, and serve about 2 people. For the price, it’s fine pizza, adequate in amount of toppings with decently crisp crust and good flavor, but better options now exist in Disney Springs. With that in mind, I’d skip it and try those (see later rankings for Splitsville and Blaze).


PizzeRizzo's pepperoni pizza
PizzeRizzo pepperoni pizza

6. PizzeRizzo & Catalina Eddie’s (Disney’s Hollywood Studios; quick service; $9.49-10.69)

I’m going to blow some people’s minds here with this revelation: PizzeRizzo and Catalina Eddie’s serve the same pizza. I know, huge news, right? Regardless, I’ve talked about my irrational love of PizzeRizzo pizza extensively in my review of the renovated restaurant, and I’m holding my ground here – it is solidly the best in-park quick service pizza available. With a decent amount of toppings, zesty sauce, and fluffy, firm crust, it fits the bill as “pizza” for me whenever I’m around Hollywood Studios and in search of a quick meal. Many hate on it, but you can definitely do worse.


Tony's Town Square's sausage pizza
Tony’s Town Square pizza

5. Tony’s Town Square (Magic Kingdom; table service; $19-20)

Tony’s tends to get a bad rap, but they have a few “hidden gems” on their menu that can satisfy both your appetite and your tastebuds. A recent visit proved the flatbreads to be a reasonable option if picky family members lure you to Tony’s – perfect to split for an appetizer or entrée, flatbreads came with ample, fresh toppings, and though the dough is obviously not fresh, it’s suitable for this purpose while avoiding dry or cardboard territory.


Splitsville's pepperoni pizza (photo: Derek Burgan)
Splitsville’s pepperoni pizza (photo: Derek Burgan)

4. Splitsville (Disney Springs; table service; $15-17)

Though Splitsville pizza isn’t mind-blowing in any way, it’s definitely better pizza than Wolfgang Puck’s, and comes in huge portions for the price. Each pizza is about 12 inches in size, easy to share between two or three people, especially if you sample an appetizer or two. To me, Splitsville pizza ranks about the same as your favorite off-property delivery pizza in terms of quality – a good amount of cheese with some browning on top, solid crust that is neither too floppy nor stiff, and a reasonable amount of toppings.



Mama Melrose's mushroom pizza
Mama Melrose’s mushroom pizza

3. Mama Melrose’s Ristorante Italiano (Disney’s Hollywood Studios; table service; $14-17)

The dark horse of Disney pizza, Mama Melrose’s flatbreads are really high quality for the price and remarkably flavorful. Crisp and tender 11-12 inch crusts come topped with a ton of fresh ingredients, regardless of which flatbread you choose. The menu features a few traditional flavors (cheese, all-meat) but the true star is the mushroom flatbread with a sautéed mushrooms, Vidalia onion spread, and mild fontina and asiago cheeses. Alongside a fresh salad, these pizzas are easy to split between two people for a (dare I say it) semi-reasonably priced meal in a theme park.



Blaze Pizza's customized half-and-half specialty pizza
Blaze Pizza’s customized half-and-half specialty pizza

2. Blaze Pizza (Disney Springs; quick service; $7.25-11.65)

The newest pizza to the Disney food scene, Blaze offers “fast fire’d” pizzas in 3-5 minutes with endless customization of nearly 30 fresh ingredients. For the price, Blaze can’t be beat, but you’d think it was not great quality given how cheap it is. From my first review all the way to today, Blaze continues to feature incredibly fresh produce for their toppings, and a great variety of sauces and finishes unique throughout Disney. Splurge with two sauces, 10 toppings, and a pesto drizzle on top on a high-rise crust (a bit thicker and more like traditional pizza), or keep it simple with a plain cheese pie on their standard thin crust. The pizza possibilities are endless, and results are sure to be satisfying.


Via Napoli's mezzo metro size pizza with half quattro formaggi and half pepperoni
The winner! Pizza from Via Napoli.

1. Via Napoli (Epcot; table service; $18-48)

I know, I know – everyone says it’s the best pizza at Walt Disney World (I didn’t promise any surprises!). Honestly, though, it is! Blaze is coming up fast on its heels, but Via Napoli still offers the best bet for great pizza – charred crust with a bit of crisp and tenderness, incredibly fresh ingredients, and sizes running from individual to a half-meter. With the wide variety of options, pizzas here can get pricy, to be sure, but bring your whole family or a group of friends to split a mezzo metro and you’ll leave perfectly satisfied with your pizza experience.

There you have it – the best pizza at Walt Disney World (currently, according to me, your trusty dining reviewer). Apologies go out to Derek Burgan for leaving off one of his all-time favorites, the BoardWalk Pizza Window (equally as bad as Trattoria’s pizza, for what it’s worth). How would you rank your favorites?


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22 thoughts on “Dining Showdown: The Best Pizza At Disney World

  • Pizza ponte hands down the best pizza

  • Am I the only one who loves the pizza at The Port Orleans Riverside Mill? Maybe that’s the normal pizza across all resorts, but I think it’s fantastic

  • I thought I was the only one who loves Mama Melrose’s pizza. It really is a great lunch (or dinner) option when the counter service pickings are slim in that park.

  • My wife walked into PizzeRizzo to get a cup of water recently and had to leave. She said if the smell was any indication of the food there was no reason for us to ever eat there.

    I’m admittedly a Pizza snob who was blessed to grow up and still live in the Pizza Belt. We’ve tried several of these so called pizza’s and honestly the only decent pizza on property is Via Napoli. However, it is not Disney’s fault. We have only found decent pizza outside of the Pizza Belt in two locations. One is Via Napoli the other is in San Francisco in a restaurant that was opened about 90 years ago and imported the ovens from Brooklyn at the time and were still using them. Honestly within ten minutes of my house are five pizzeria’s that are all better than anything I can get a Disney with the exception of Via Napoli and two of them I won’t even eat at.

    There are better food options at Disney than pizza and unless you’re going to Via Napoli just do yourselves a favor and avoid it.

  • Can I throw an honorary mention into the ring? The breakfast pizza at Wolfgang Puck Express by the Christmas shop is fantastic!

  • Disney can’t do pizza.

  • As a true New Yawker, I was skeptical of Blaze pizza, but I had to try it at Disney Springs. After eating my pie, I went over to (I believe it was) the manager and said that as a New York pizza lover, I really enjoyed their pie. I won’t give up my local pizza joint, but I’d love to also have a Blaze in New York. Wish I could afford a franchise.

  • Nothing irrational with loving Pizza Planet pizza and hope to try PizzeRizzo soon. My body’s recent intolerance of cheese/dairy has left me in a bit of a quandary. I’ll try asking for no cheese meat pizza next time and see how that goes.

    • Pizzarizzo also has dairy-free cheese 🙂

  • So the narcissistic vegans love Blaze???…Via Napoli it is!! Sometimes it is better just to know which ones to avoid.

    • Keith, I am not a fan of narcissistic vegans, but I love Blaze. Lots of red meat there.

    • Via Napoli’s pizza is soggy and overpriced – enjoy shooting yourself in the foot because you resent someone else’s dietary choices.

      • I agree Jay. Comments regarding the ability to choose according to individual dietary options is not narcissistic but simple gratitude. Blaze is a healthy, inexpensive and most importantly delicious option for making everyone in your party happy!

  • I know it’s not “on property” but we ordered Giordano’s pizza for delivery to our room and thought it was amazingly good.

  • How’s the pizza window at Boardwalk? Planning on it for our first night for our trip this fall.

    • We were at boardwalk just after thanksgiving and we’re sitting in front of the pizza window. A couple next to us were finishing off a large plain pie and seemed to be enjoying it. So I asked how it was as I had heard it wasn’t that great. His response “I’m from jersey and it’s pretty good”. So he gave me a piece, and surprise, it wasn’t bad. Certainly not like via Napoli or blaze, but still not bad. He said that they changed the cooks or recipie during the fall and it became better. Not a bad way to get free pizza!!!!!!

  • Before I even started reading I said out loud “So help me if Via Napoli isn’t number 1”. It’s just obviously the best pizza on property. I was ready for the flame war to ensue but I guess we all agree. The one I want to try on the list that I haven’t is Splitsville. Sounds like it needs to be part of my rainy day backup plans.

  • Another vegan and super excited to try Blaze next time. It’s nice to have more dining options at Disney.

  • Vegan and another vote for Blaze!

  • I can get gluten free pizza at Blaze so, for me, it’s the best.

    • Mama Melrose does gluten free, too!


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