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Best Princess Meal at Disney World

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Tale as old as time.
True as it can be.
Someone wants a meal,
Full of royalty.

There are few things as quintessential to a Disney vacation as a character meal. And among character meals, one reigns over all. The princess meal. Once upon a time, there was only one choice for this – a meal in Cinderella Castle. It was legendary in its difficulty to score a reservation, so much so that the Unofficial Guide had tips for getting one for breakfast that included synchronizing your watch to the atomic clock. Luckily for us, supply has opened up to meet demand, and guests have more options for a royal meal than ever. So today’s question is:

Which Princess meal at Disney is YOUR choice?

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Last week, we asked about Instagram food trends you’d like to see at Disney, and the reaction was pretty tepid. They mostly ranged from “in my day we ate food and didn’t need a camera” (paraphrasing) to “what, a Dole Whip isn’t ‘fancy’ enough for you?” Fancy soft serve did edge out its nearest competitor, fast, casual poke. If you’re looking for something close to that right now, I’ll suggest you try the Peter Pan Float at Storybook Treats in Fantasyland or the Purple Wall Smoothie at Tomorrowland Terrace (which is too winkingly meta for me – social media, Disney, you’re doing it wrong). Some people dream of a day Disney opens a fifth gate. I dream of every land in Magic Kingdom getting its own signature, Insta-worthy frozen treat.

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2 thoughts on “Best Princess Meal at Disney World

  • Dean Finder

    Pretty sure that to many Disney Parks execs, the Purple Wall *is* a premier attraction in Tomorrowland.


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