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Canadian Lumberjack Show at Epcot to End

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©Rikki Niblett
©Rikki Niblett

Changes are occurring in Epcot’s World Showcase once again, as it appears that The Canadian Lumberjack Show will no longer be taking place, according to the Orlando Sentinel. The show, which was performed on The Mill Stage at the Canada Pavilion began in October 2014 and featured two lumberjack teams, clad in plaid who competed against each other performing tradition log show demonstrations.

The Canadian Lumberjack Show replaced the fan-favorite celtic rock band, Off Kilter. (And for those who are curious, yes Off Kilter does still perform, both in and around Orlando, as well as across the country. Matter of fact, I recently caught the band performing in Celebration for their Fall Festival and they were just as great as they were in Epcot.)

As a reminder, another band just ended their run in World Showcase. Seth recently reported that the Paul McKenna Band will no longer be performing at the United Kingdom Pavilion. A new accoustic group called Quickstep will be taking their place. In addition, Ribab Fusion has replaced B’net Al Houwariyate in the Morocco Pavilion.

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7 thoughts on “Canadian Lumberjack Show at Epcot to End

  • Some of us are still mourning the end of the Living Statues in World Showcase…

  • I have hours of fond memories seeing several generations of guests singing along to The British Invasion. It seemed no matter the age, everyone knew the words and loved the music. Likewise for Off Kilter–an energetic show that just never got old. Ditto for the troupe of improvisational entertainers.
    Then Whoosh! Gone. After well over a decade each. With no explanation.
    And their replacements? Gone already.
    Disney works better when Imagineers run the show, not the bean counters.

  • Quite an amazing outcome after such a short space of time.
    Disney cleared out a lot of old favorites in the last 18 months (Brian Starron, PUSH, Off Kilter etc), but didn’t seem to have a strong and engaging back up plan.
    I don’t think that the whiners won, Disney cares more about guest feedback in the parks.
    Personally, I thought the show a bit too macho and dare I say ‘violent’ (with a small ‘v’) for the beautifully themed and rather peaceful World Showcase at Epcot.
    I do feel so sorry for the dedicated acts though, whenever changes like this occur.
    Worlds are turned inside out!
    Good luck to the lumberjacks, wherever they end up working.

  • The whiners in the Disney Internet Community got their way, I guess.

  • Best news, now bring back Off Kilter.

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