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Disney Announces Gondola System Called Disney Skyliner

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A few months ago, we got word that Disney was going to be introducing a new gondola system. Well, at the D23 Expo, Disney made the whole thing official and even gave us the name of this new transportation method!

Disney Skyliner Gondola System


Disney Skyliner will soon give Guests a birds-eye view of the resort. Of course there will be a Disney touch, so many of the gondolas with Disney Skyliner will feature favorite Disney characters.



The transportation system will connect Disney’s Art of Animation Resort, Disney’s Pop Century Resort and Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort, as well as the new Disney’s Riveira Resort with Disney’s Hollywood Studios and the International Gateway at Epcot.

No opening date has been announced, but work has begun on this project recently, so I expect it will be sooner, rather than later.

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6 thoughts on “Disney Announces Gondola System Called Disney Skyliner

  • So I did some digging, and there’s some neat information out there because systems like these are currently in use around the world.

    Lightning won’t be an issue due to the grounding systems in place. The systems are designed to run in weather up to about 62 mph — so if there’s a hurricane coming in, Disney wouldn’t be running the gondolas. But for an afternoon thunderstorm, it’s all good.

    From pictures of units in operation around the world, they don’t seem to have to go as high as I was thinking they would — not much difference between them and the monorail unless you’re having to try and go over an obstacle of height (building, mountain, whatever). My guess is that the height of the units will be determined by whatever they need to clear, and so they’re not going up into the nosebleed sections. 🙂

    In case of power failure, there’s a system that pulls the gondolas into the station for offloading people — no high-in-the-sky evacs will be needed (which does make it better than the monorail at this point!).

    Here’s a FAQ page about a group trying to bring a similar system to Cleveland. (There were many other pages out there, but this one seemed much more concise and not as tech-heavy.) Not sure if it is the same company that will be building it, but it gives some general information about this kind of tech.

  • Will these need to be shut down if there is lightening? (Which is frequent in the summer in Orlando)

  • Will these close down if there is lightening? Which means most summer afternoons?

  • How many people will each “pod” hold? Will they have to weigh everyone to make sure the weight restriction is not exceeded? Exciting idea – just need more reassurance before I hop on one!

    • If they are like ski resort gondolas (which I think they are because they can withstand crazy weather) then I would think 8-10 and probably around 2000 pounds.

  • Think its a great idea but I am not a fan of heights so I don’t think I will be using this, can you imagine if it breaks down and you have to be rescued out of it, they would have to sedate me.

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