In Case You Missed It: Disney Around The Web – Week of November 15, 2013

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In Case You Missed!

Here’s what you may have missed while working instead of surfing the web – the weekly wrap up of Disney news and rumors, fun stuff, and other cool things that sparked our interest in the last week:

In Case You Missed It – Disney News and Rumors

This Veteran’s Week, a touching story ran in the Los Angeles Daily News about a retired Marine named Ernie Napper who helps conduct the Flag Ceremony that takes place each day at the Disneyland Resort. He discusses how, with his help, the ceremony is now full of pomp and circumstance. I very much would like to shake this man’s hand someday. At the very least I can say thank you via blog.

Did you know that the first Super Soap Weekend was ten years ago at Disney’s Hollywood Studios? Us either. Check out This Day in Disney History for more trivia like this. If you’re too young to remember, a “Soap Opera” was a daily serialized drama that used to dominate the TV airwaves in the afternoons, and ABC/Disney was at one time the ruler of the genre. How times have changed.

Tickets for the Broadway adaptation of Aladdin go on sale to the public December 2. Jim Hill wrote up his impressions of the first day of rehearsals back in September. What do you think? We seen this on film, at Disney California Adventure, ridden the Magic Carpets in Magic Kingdom’s Adventureland, and viewed it on the seas on the Disney Fantasy. We’ve even been subjected to spectacular motion sickness with the VR attraction at DisneyQuest. If you’re too young to remember, VR stands for “Virtual Reality” and involved those crazy glasses like the Grandmother wears in the final scene of Carousel of Progress. “DisneyQuest” was a 5-story hope in Downtown Disney that this type of entertainment would catch on. Oh wait, it’s still open.

Are you as excited about the movie Saving Mr. Banks as I am? The press junkets have already started, and this week over at, Tom Hanks shares a funny story about how he thought a trip to Disneyland with his granddaughter was going to go well…you’ll just have to read to find out what did happen! Needless to say, the same thing happened to me as a child, but with Snow White’s Adventure (the Scary was not included at the time!).

In more movie news, InsideTheMagic has a short piece on shooting of the Tomorrowland film at the Carousel of Progress this week. Oh, Disney, you had me at “George Clooney.”

Have you visited the Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco? If not, this article from Geeks of Doom tells you twelve reasons why you need to plan a trip to the institution that pays tribute to the man who started it all for us!

Perhaps you heard about the new limits on cruise line traffic around the port of Venice last week? Not to worry, the Disney Magic is still with the limits and make its Venice-based Mediterranean itineraries in 2014. Thanks as always to for keeping us up to date on all things DCL.

We’ve all dreamed of working for Disney, right? But like with any job, there are always some stories that stand out (one time at work, I found half of a denture on the floor…how does that happen?!). Of course, at the Disney Parks, there will always be those stories that are maybe not quite so magical, but pretty darn funny. That’s where this article from the Huffington PostHighlights From The Disney Parks Employees Ask Reddit Thread, comes into play. It’s worth a look at if you need a laugh this Friday.

Finally, is being an Imagineer the best job in the world? Well, according to Buzzfeed, it really is. Take a look at the visual evidence! (Note to Len Testa: it’s only the second best job in the world.)


In Case We Missed It

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