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DisneyBounding: What is it?

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Here is Brain DisneyBounding as Mickey Mouse.
Brian DisneyBounding as Mickey Mouse.

One of my favorite things to do as a child was to dress up and pretend to be my favorite superhero: Batman. Fighting crime and saving the world was what I did in my spare time. That is why when I go to a Disneyland and see children dressed up as their favorite Disney characters, I get a little jealous. Who doesn’t want to pretend to be someone else for an entire day? Children get to dress up as their favorite characters and take a photos with them, but how about us adults? Is there a way for fun us to join in the fun as well? Well, there is a way, and it is called DisneyBounding.

To put it simply, DisneyBounding is when you style yourself as your favorite Disney character using normal everyday clothes. This is not really “dressing up,” but it is the closest you will be able to get while inside a Disney theme park. Leslie Kay is widely regarded as the creator of DisneyBounding. She has always been a huge fan of Disney and fashion, so she decided to mix the two together. On her personal blog, she started matching and creating the outfits to Bound with (to Bound is to dress up similar to a Disney character). Ever since the creation of DisneyBounding, its popularity has been growing.

Sarah and Leo are Bounding as Bernard and Bianca (Dapper style) from 'The Rescuers'.
Sarah and Leo are Bounding as Bernard and Bianca (Dapper style) from ‘The Rescuers’.

Even though Disney theme parks (Walt Disney World and the Disneyland Resort) have a dress code that guests must follow, DisneyBounding does not break any of these codes. The reason that Disney theme parks have a dress code is so that guest and cast member can be told apart. So, DisneyBounding is the perfect way to get away, so to speak, with dressing up as your favorite Disney character and not getting into trouble while in the parks.

Now that you know what DisneyBounding is, I bet you are wondering where can you get ideas to do this? Well, there are two websites that I recommend visiting for your DisneyBound needs. The first suggestion is Pinterest: search the keywords “Disney Bounding” or “Disney Bound”, and you’ll find a huge collection of different DisneyBounding outfits and ideas. Another website I suggest, of course, is Leslie Kay’s blog. Here website has an amazing collection of different Bounding ideas, and there is a great community there where you can meet other DisneyBounding fans, as well. Kay’s website even posts dates of events where you can meet other Bounding fans in Walt Disney World and Disneyland.

Dressing up and pretending to be a superhero was something I used to love doing all the time as a child. Now that I am an adult, I find it hard to pretend as much anymore. This is the reason I love Disney theme parks so much. Every time I walk into Disney theme park, it does not matter if I have been there hundreds of times, I feel like I am my seven-year-old self again, experiencing the park for the first time. I love being an adult, but there is nothing better than feeling like a kid again. To many people, DisneyBounding brings alive the fun and playful child hiding inside themselves. Disney parks are a magical place, and whatever you can do to make your experience more enjoyable, do it. Why should we let the kids have all the fun? Happy bounding!

Here are some examples of DisneyBounding ideas from Leslie Kary's blog.
Here are some examples of DisneyBounding ideas from Leslie Kay’s blog.

I would like to thank Sarah and Brian for letting me use their photos for this article. You can find more of Sarah’s Bounding and Disney adventures at her YouTube channel and Brian’s at his Twitter page.

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Growing up Southern California, it was hard for Ray not want to go to Disneyland everyday. He was a passholder for over 10 years until he left to teach English in Korea and now lives in Seattle. Even though he lives in the Pacific Northwest, he always has Disney on the mind. Ray is channeling his Disney passion to write for TouringPlans.

6 thoughts on “DisneyBounding: What is it?

  • I’ve known about Leslie Kay and Disneybounding for almost a year now and it’s been wonderful to see how far its come and how much she’s been exposed for her amazing creativity. Recently, she even was invited to the runDisney event and was a co-host with Sean Astin at the event! The Disney Parks Blog even mentioned Disney Bounding as well: http://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2014/05/disneybound-your-hero-or-villain-side-or-both-at-the-rock-your-disney-side-24-hour-event-on-may-23/

    You wrote a blog on something that I truly love and really speaks to me. If you happen to get an interview with her, I would love to read it! Recently she even mentioned that the new edition of the Cinderella DVD is going to include a Disneybound special edition disc just with inspired outfits from there! Super cool.

    Haha, anyway, I’ll stop geeking out. Love that you wrote about this here 😀

  • Ray – you have me beat. This may be one of my favorite ideas ever. I thought that the family and I were wild and crazy folks to have coordinated outfits for each day and trip – matching each park. On top of that, you’ve coordinated as two of my favorite Disney characters, Bernard and Bianca. My top hat is off to you!

    • Thanks Kevin! I’m happy that you enjoyed the article.

  • I have all my Disney outfits planned to match characters for my upcoming trip, and I didn’t even know this was a “thing.” I just wanted to dress up! 🙂 I bought necklaces for every outfit as the obvious “this is who I am” piece, and my clothes are matched to the characters’ colors.

  • Thanks a lot, now I have a new obsession. *runs to closet to throw everything away* Time to go shopping!!

    • I’m always happy to expose others to new obsessions. Have fun!


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