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The Disney’s in the Details: Adventureland

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Last week a Disneyland local posted a photo on Twitter that really struck me. It was a tiny detail in a window on Main Street that was so cool but I’d never noticed. It got my attention because it made me realize that even with my annual treks to Disneyland there were always going to be things I missed just because I couldn’t put in the hours to really get to know the park. It made me sad at first but then I realized there was an opportunity to show off my “home” park and all the little details that you might have missed but add up to something so special. So with that in mind we are now embarking on a grand circle tour of the Magic Kingdom beginning with Adventureland!!

I know most people don’t think you actually enter Adventureland until you pass under the fancy sign that we all know and love. But I would argue that you actually start entering the land at the Crystal Palace. You will notice if you are facing the building that on the left is traditional greenery but once you get to the right side of the restaurant the flowers are more tropical and untamed. There is also a small footbridge you must cross from here to get to Adventureland but have you ever noticed the lamp posts on that bridge?


That’s right! Just beside the Crystal Palace are growling tiger lamp posts! That certainly says Adventureland to me. On the other side of this bridge is a large round planter. This is mostly used as a shady seating area but it also contains some tikis if you look for them:


Continuing on into Adventureland you encounter this very well known sign:


But have you ever stopped to look at the finer details? There are way too many to include all of them here but it’s worth a little time to study on your next visit. A couple of my favorite details are the skulls (which to me stand for pirates) and the little tikis hidden all over.

IMG_3121 IMG_3122

Before we leave this area it’s also worth mentioning the various markers on the bridge. I use the word “markers” because I’m not exactly sure what to call them! Here is what they look like:


Strange, right? There are four of these – but did you know they each sport a different face? Here are the other three. (I think bachelor #2 is my personal favorite)


As you cross that bridge just to your left are a few sundry carts selling various odds and ends but did you ever wonder what that shop is called? If you guessed Bwana Bob’s then you’ve played this game before! 🙂


Continuing on you will see the Fairies meet and greet and Aloha Isle on your right. But did you ever notice all the seating across from everyone’s favorite chilly treat? Those benches appear to be made out of pieces of pirate ship! Pretty neat details!


One thing that is all over Adventureland is the amazingly lush plants. There are examples all over and I can’t imagine the lengths Disney must go to keeping these plants looking fabulous in the brutal Florida heat! Though the plant life is pretty remarkable on all of Disney property Adventureland is really something to behold!


As we move on through Adventureland The Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse is coming up on your left. While we won’t cover all the details here (I could do an entire blog on this treehouse alone!) I will point out the font on the sign is unique to this attraction. The sign below also tells the story of the attraction which I think is unique and special. This treehouse also boasts a pretty awesome view of the fireworks if you can time it right!


As you pass the treehouse you are likely too worried about spitting camels to look out for any little details. But what about that shop on your right? Wow – I never would have guessed THAT name! 😀


Following along to the right you pass through a small cluster of shops mostly themed to Aladdin. And, of course, there is that big ring of spinning carpets not pictured here. If you weren’t already thinking Aladdin there are also smaller details like these sword partitions near the meet and greet that help tell the story:


Aren’t they pretty? If you continue on this path you will see the small footbridge to Frontierland on your right then you are in Tiki country! But before we quite get there we have one little stop to make.


No trip to Magic Kingdom is complete without at least stopping to SEE Orange Bird at the Sunshine Tree Terrace! While a visit is nice I certainly recommend a citrus swirl to go along with it! Just past this little gem is the Tiki Room. But did you ever notice the view when you exit?


These neat painting line the walls along the exit of the Tiki Room. I would guess most people push on by them but I think they are a nice touch! The outside of the Tiki Room also has lovely details. This is just one of the many views!


Moving beyond the Tiki area we are in Pirate Country! Ahoy! Little details abound in this part of the park but for starters have you just noticed how lovely the Tortuga Tavern sign is?


This is a seasonal restaurant that you will only see open at the busiest times. If I’m being honest the food is what I would classify as “meh.” But the restaurant is worth a walk through just for the details. Check out this neat sign:


Moving over toward the Pirates ride, we are all pretty familiar with that area but have you noticed all the little details that have been added with the new pirates adventure game? This activity is much like Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom but much easier and more targeted at children. I’m still excited about the new decor it brought to the parks, though!


A highlight of the new game are these canons high above the Pirates ride that fire periodically and send off white plumes of smoke.


While we are right here at Pirates of the Caribbean did you ever notice the pirate treasure over the registers in the gift shop?


Along the path from Pirate circling back towards the Tiki Room have you ever noticed these pretty lamp posts? I just love these and I believe they are unique to Adventureland!


We have nearly completed our tour of Adventureland but as we head back toward the hub Jungle Cruise is coming up on our right. While this ride is currently under refurbishment I pulled a few of my favorite images to share starting with a couple more pieces from the new Pirates Adventure game. While some people feel these detract from the park I just love them and think they really add to the atmosphere.


While in line for the Jungle Cruise be sure to stop and look around at all the amazing details starting with the beautiful flowers:


There are also other small items to see through the entire line. (This is another I could do an entire blog on!!) Take a look at this beautiful mask that is hanging out in the queue.


So there you have just a handful of the small details that make up Adventureland. What did you think of this little tour? Will you be tuning in for my next installment on Frontierland? I hope so! Please let me know in the comments below what you’d like to see and as always thanks so much for reading!

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9 thoughts on “The Disney’s in the Details: Adventureland

  • I love the gems and broken pottery scattered about, embedded into the concrete all around the Aladdin & Zanzibar area! As a matter of fact, there is a lot of this type of ground detail throughout the Magic Kingdom. For example, there are horseshoe tracks and peanuts embedded in ground in the circus section of New Fantasyland as well. Take time to stop and look around, as well as down! Very cool!

  • Great post. The details are why I love WDW. I loved them as a kid and I still love them. It’s a shame Disney removed some of the better ones Does anyone remember the fountains that were scattered throughout Adventureland? They were very pretty. It’s a shame they turned them into planters.

  • LOVE your photos. I always enjoy looking at the little details that make Disney so Disney!

  • Great post!!! We never stop to take in all the little details….I’m going go try and do that next month when we go. Can’t wait to see your next post on frontierland!!

  • I agree with Brian that the benches made from an old ship are related to the Swiss Family Robinson theming and not pirates.

  • Nice blog with photos. It is too easy to get caught up in the excitement and trying to see favorites, missing so many details. We like to take “funny hat” pictures at the different gift shops all over the park. Sadly, my daughter is “too old” to be that silly any more, even if WDW is her favorite place in the world. Your photos of the shop reminded me of something. We were in the newly renovated shop after leaving the PoC ride and got I was stopped by one of the cast members working there. He saw us doing it, and thought it was a unique idea.

    He stopped what he was doing and gave me about a 10 minute tour of all of the interesting things in the shop, unrelated to what was for sale. One of the most interesting, was the only surviving copy (I think) of the key to Davy Jones chest, used in the movies, hanging high above the displays. So, look around, keep your eyes not just looking, but seeing. So many details, so much to see that goes unseen, and you never know what you will find out by just asking the right person. Thanks for your perspective. Never noticed the canons before.

  • The skulls on the Adventureland sign remind me more of the pile of skulls near the (presumably) cannibal village on the jungle Cruise.

    What you call markers on the bridge I have always though of as tribal shields, for spear wielding warriors doing battle.

    I too love the bench seats around the planters that look like parts of salvage form a shipwreck, since the Swiss Family’s home is built from salvage itself it really ties that area together.

    I really liked the details you chose, and have a few favorites of my own including the “island hop” hopscotch area that is right in the flooring one of the shops, and in the pirate treasures of the Pirates Bazaar gift shop there is a small statuette I have seen referred too as “the spirit of justice” that is really neat.

  • Love what you are doing! Did not know about a pirate game. Have always wanted to just walk the park and do you what you are doing but living in TX makes it a bit impossible. Looking forward to the next installment


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