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The Disney’s in the Details: Fantasyland Part 1

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Today is the first installment of the epic Fantasyland.  With the expansion this section of the park is now enormous so I decided it was better to break it up into parts rather than limit what I could share.  To begin – has anyone actually seen a Fantasyland sign?  I hunted today and even the one that used to hang when you enter from Liberty Square is missing.  It would seem Cinderella’s Castle is the signal that you are entering this magical land.  Everyone has seen the castle, but have you seen the details?

For starters there are some very royal looking speakers that come in handy for those shows in front of the Castle!


These beautiful lights line the walkway as you head towards the entrance.  They have a romantic stained glass look to them.  Just perfect for the walkway to a castle!


The walls that line the walkways also have a lovely design:


Above the main entrance to Cinderella’s Castle is a beautiful working clock.  Unfortunately, at the moment looking at the details means looking at the thousands of lights that make up the Castle Dream Lights.  These will be worth it this winter but right now they are an eye sore.  The application of these lights also means that the wishing well (not pictured here) is not accessible.


As you enter the castle make sure you look to both sides of the entrance.  You will see heavy doors and very unique lights.  Keep in mind you may not be able to see these later in the day when shows are going on in front of the castle.


Once you are inside the castle you will see one of my favorite things in the entire universe!  The mosaics that tell the story of Cinderella are breathtaking!  I can remember being a little girl and wanting to run my hand along them every morning we visited the Magic Kingdom.  It’s a tradition I still keep to this day!  It’s amazing these works of art can handle the millions on hands that come in contact with them!  Here are the five scenes you will see:






Just past the mosaics on your right is Cinderellas’s Royal Table.  It is also worth looking at the ceiling in the photo below.  This grand ceiling is throughout the walkway through the castle!


While checking in at Cinderella’s Royal Table you might notice that the columns around you are home to some of Cinderella’s friends!


If you continue through the castle you will notice this very cool sign on your left.  I’ve always wondered what this sign is for because it claims it’s an exit but I’ve never seen anyone exit here!  Maybe this is a cast exit… or maybe it is the Castle Suite exit?  If anyone knows please leave a comment below!


The next thing you will see continuing along this way is Castle Couture.  This shop is beautiful and has even more details that I’ve omitted.  Be sure to look inside to see the dress behind the counter that changes from pink to blue.  There is also a throne inside which is great for photos!  Here is what the signs look like:


You’ll also know you’re in the right place by this beautiful fountain outside.  You can spy a Sorcerers portal in the back left if you look closely.


These two detailed signs also mark the entrance of Castle Couture:


Just across the way from Castle Couture is Sir Mickey’s.  Though it sells the same generic stuff as all the other Disney shops it has a very unique sign:


Continuing along past this shop you will the The Sword In The Stone.  For a while this sat dormant but now with the new Castle area streetmosphere performers the sword is back in use.  If you’ve never noticed it here is a closer look:


And here is a better look at that beautiful plaque on the front:


If you step to the left from this spot you will see Mickey’s Philharmagic.  This is also the spot where you can collect fastpasses for Winnie the Pooh and Ariel’s Undersea Adventure.


If you take a closer look you’ll notice crowns on the top of each column on this building!


If you keep walking this way you will come upon what is likely the most popular ride in the Magic KingdomPeter Pan’s Flight!  Right in front before you get to the fastpass machines is this barrel.  I honestly just noticed this today.  Does anyone know the deeper meaning on this one?


Next up is the Fastpass sign for Peter Pan’s flight.  I hope these don’t go away when Magic Bands get into full swing!  I love the confusion on people’s face when they ask where to get fastpasses and the Cast Member tells them, “under the crocodile.”   I also just noticed the weather vane in the background today.  If you look at the larger image it is a pirate ship!


Continuing past this are these really beautiful shields.  There are many more of these but I like these two the best.


And even though I know everyone has seen this one – it just isn’t Fantasyland without getting a look at this sign!!


Next let’s head around the corner towards Liberty Square.  I noticed today that the light fixtures are all different but somehow all go together!


And just one more look at this amazing Columbia Harbour House sign before we finish for the day:


And with that I will end the first installment of Fantasyland on a cliffhanger that we will be starting with the Tangled Toilets in the next installment!  Now if that isn’t worth tuning back in I don’t know what could be!  I hope everyone enjoyed these details!  Did we include your favorite?  Do you know of one we missed?  Please let us know in the comments below and as always thanks for reading!

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21 thoughts on “The Disney’s in the Details: Fantasyland Part 1

  • I too am loving these posts. I did a Liberty Square audio walking tour (thanks, Lou!) this past Friday and found out a tidbit about the Columbia Harbour House sign you have a photo of. Back in colonial times, many people were still learning to read, so taverns and restaurants often put out signs depicting what they served inside. Hence, the fowl and fish on this one. I LOVE this kind of stuff!!!

  • This is awesome. I find myself getting a bit stressed by the crowds in Fantasyland and navigating them with a stroller, so I don’t always take the time to check out these details. Great job.

  • Another neat details piece. Something else about the fountain with Cinderella. If you look at the statue straight on, you will notice the crown above Cinderella’s head.

  • Just wanted to say I am *loving* these detail posts you have been doing! We’re headed down in early December, and it’s been 14 years since I was there. Your posts are helping me remember things, and reminding me to make sure I stop & smell the roses while I’m there. 🙂

  • I was reading the book (e-book) dark side of disney. That location may be where an entrance to the utilidors is located?

    Do a lot of CMs enter or exit? But no guests ever exit?

    • I dunno! Could be. Could be anything! I love a good mystery… 😉

  • Is this Fl. or Ca. park?

    • I’m sorry – I missed your comment! This is Florida. Thanks for reading, Barry! 🙂

    • Wow – very cool! And they update it with the latest name. I’m learning so much from these posts!! Thanks guys! 🙂

  • Underneath the barrel is a real fire hydrant, fyi. You can tip the barrel up to see it.

    • Really? Like really, really? I’m not going to get in trouble hunting for something that isn’t there am I? 😉 What a great tip. Thanks for sharing – you know I’m checking that out on my next visit!

  • I am thoroughly enjoying these details posts. I long for the day that I can do an adults only trip and spend more time looking for details.

    • Thank you, Marcia! I really appreciate your kind words.

  • Richard LePere Jr. is the fire chief of the Reedy Creek improvement district…brilliant post by the way, great pictures!

    • Thanks, Steve! I even Googled and didn’t find that. Thanks for letting us know!

  • I am loving these posts! We leave for Disney in 18 days and I have vowed to slow down and enjoy the details.

    • Hi Kim! Thanks for your kind words and I hope you enjoy all the details! There is more than I could ever include in these posts! 🙂


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