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The Disney’s in the Details: Fantasyland Part 2

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In Part One I promised to pick up at the Tangled Toilets in Part Two. That sounds like an odd statement – but this area is a dramatic improvement to the park, removing the old skeleton of the Skyway station and replacing the ancient (and yucky) bathrooms beside Peter Pan’s Flight. While many had held out hopes that a “queueless queue” system like the one installed at Dumbo was coming, that doesn’t appear to be the case. Regardless, this is a nice area full of charming details. For starters this facade looks like it is straight out of the movie!


If you look closely you’ll see some funny wanted posters. Here is a closer look at those (remember you can always click for larger images):


Beyond these posters are the awesome signs for the actual facilities:


I love the look on Maximus’s face!! 🙂 Other details in this little area also carry on the Tangled theme.


And then there are the facilities themselves. For this I have to admit a reporting shortfall – I was not able to talk my hubby into carrying my big camera into the men’s room and snapping photos! From what I understand they look like the kitchen of the Snuggly Duckling. You’ll have to use your imagination (or Google! 😉 ), but I braved the odd looks and ventured into the ladies room for photos. High up on the walls are Rapunzel’s paints.


These are the paintings along the ceiling that continue on through the restroom:


And here are the ones just inside the entry way. These are all so lovely, and they really look hand painted, though I’m not sure they are. These are such a huge improvement over the old facilities! I just wish Rapunzel would visit her little village sometimes.


Leaving the restroom there is one other little plus before you reach Rapunzel’s tower, a stack of apples that Maximus has obviously already taste tested!


If we kept going this way we would obviously see the beautiful tower from Tangled on our right. On our left is a little grassy area where there are hidden Pascals. I didn’t picture them here, but you should hunt them on your next visit – they aren’t easy to find! I’ve mentioned the old Peter Pan facilities a couple times here. It is worth mentioning the only “plus” I’ve seen come out of their closing, the small mural below.


Just around the corner from this mural is “it’s a small world.” I’ve included a photo of the sign out front but not the clock within. A renovation that completed in 2005 added a replica of the Disneyland clock to the indoor queue area of the Magic Kingdom. I’ve always felt this facade crammed into the indoor space is rather forced and not nearly as pretty as its DL cousin.


Continuing in this direction you will come across Pinocchio Village Haus. While I have been trying to focus on outdoor details for this series, this is a building you really have to experience the next time you’re at Magic Kingdom! It boasts upstairs seating, stained glass windows, murals painted on walls, and other lovely little details. The food is passable (see the menu)…but nothing special (RIP Figaro fries!).


Just past this is another classic attraction that is not to be missed. Prince Charming Regal Carrousel is so beautiful that I think I could take a photo of every single horse! I still remember which was my favorite when I was a little girl! Here is the current sign for this elegant ride:


More recently the carrousel has marked the entrance for an updated classic – New Fantasyland. While it is tough to visit without just looking at the mangled mess that is currently the new Seven Dwarfs roller coaster I ignored that to bring you more details! Everyone has seen the new castle walls, but the lights and critters are so cute!


Here is a closer look!


Just past these beautiful arches is the newest area of the Magic Kingdom, and you can tell lots of thought went into it! To begin take a look at the walkway. (I’m pretty sure those are Phillipe prints!)


Upon entering this new land the first sign you will see if for Enchanted Tales with Belle. This is another area with too many little details to share but when you visit be sure to look at every light and contraption. They were all very well thought out! Here is the sign out front:


Just in case anyone wondered what it looked like when you park a stroller at Belle’s cottage:


Continuing past this, Be Our Guest Restaurant will be on your left. This is a lovely place to enjoy a meal! It really feels like the Beast’s castle in there! Here are some landmarks from out front:


Just past this you will happen upon Gaston’s Tavern. You’ll know you’re in the right place when you see this fountain:


With this little plaque mounted beneath it:


Just past this is a little seating area with lovely little painting on the walls:


I’m still not quite sure what those mean! But there are other great details in this area:


And check out this very unique water fountain:


Just past this is a pretty funny restroom sign. This theme is continued throughout the area.


Turning back around and heading back into New Fantasyland, you will see Village Gifts on your left:


And just past that is a well themed popcorn cart:


Just a little ways past this cart is Under the Sea ~ Journey of the Little Mermaid, and that is where we will pick up in our next installment! There is so much more to see in Fantasyland I hope you’ll be joining us! As alway,s thanks so much for reading and commenting!

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13 thoughts on “The Disney’s in the Details: Fantasyland Part 2

  • My daughter noticed in the flower bed above the Tangled toilets on the women’s side is Pascal the Chameleon. I thought that was a very cute detail:)

  • Thanks for posting these “Disney’s in the Details” posts…and for taking pictures in Rapunzel’s bathroom! (I really wanted to myself, but my camera battery had died.) The little details are one of my favorite things about Disney World. They work their magic into every, single, little thing. I’ll look forward to your future posts!

    • Thanks, Megan! I love doing it and I’m so glad you enjoy it! 🙂

  • There is a small Hidden Oswald in the pavement at the entrance of Enchanted Tales with Belle. Made out of pebbles, it’s in the middle of the path between the entrance sign and the Mine Train construction wall where two perpendicular “cracks” come together. You may have to ask a CM to help you pinpoint it. I always have to stop and say hi to him!

    • Ohhh.. cool tip Rae! I will keep an eye out!

  • Does new fantasyland continue around like a loop yet or is it still blocked between Ariel’s grotto and storybook circus?

    • Hi Evan – sorry for the late reply but yes they are connected now. It is so much nicer!

      • Thank u!

  • Love these posts! Per the internet, the signs in French seem to say: “the hunting equipment” and “florist pick your flowers” although they sound much more beautiful in French!

    • Thanks for the translation and for reading! I’d better learn quick because I’ll tell you a secret – we booked a last minute trip to Disneyland Paris!! 😀 I better buy more memory cards! 😉

  • I’m loving this so much! We were there the day it opened officially last year and I was just telling my husband we did not slow down enough to enjoy the details, thanks!

    • Thanks so much for your kind words! I’m loving bringing them to you! 🙂


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