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The Disney’s in the Details: Fantasyland Part 3

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Today we wrap up the details of Fantasyland. If you’re just joining us now, you might want to check out the first two installments:

As you might recall, we were just coming up on Under the Sea ~ Journey of the Little Mermaid when we left off. The front of this ride has been photographed so much, but it is worth showing one more time. I think this might be my favorite detail in all of New Fantasyland!


Isn’t it pretty? Less often seen is the actual attraction sign that is mounted beneath the Ariel facade. (Take a closer look at the characters in each corner!)


It’s worth noting that while the ride has a more serious nautical look to it throughout the queue, the Ariel’s Grotto meet and greet right next door has a more childish feel to it. This can be seen in the attraction signs out front.


Just around the corner from this meet and greet is Storybook Circus. Now many of you will remember when you had take the long way to get there, walking all the way back by Winnie the Pooh and Mad Tea Party. Thankfully, construction gates were removed earlier this year, allowing easy access to this new and fun section of the park from the Enchanted Forest section of Fantasyland. So welcome to Storybook Circus!


I was certainly not shy about bashing this part of the park before it was open. I remember playing in Mickey’s Toontown Fair as a kid, and I just couldn’t see a circus theme being any better. I was so wrong! This part of the park has some very rich details! I had a lot of fun wandering around for this article finding the best to share! For starters, these bright banners line the entrance on either side of the walkway. If you take a look at the larger images, you’ll see they detail each of the attractions in this land.


The theme of these bright, fun banners continues through the land:


The other entrance to Big Top Souvenirs also makes it look like the circus has come to town!


Just past the gift shop is Pete’s Silly Side Show. I’m ashamed to admit I’ve never stepped foot in this place! I’ll have to remedy that one day very soon. In the meantime take a look at the amazing facade on the front of the building.


Beside this is the new Casey Jr. Splash and Soak Station. While I would have rather had a real Casey Jr. Train ride like many other Disney parks have, kids seem to really enjoy this on hot days. It adds to the atmosphere hearing all the little kids giggle as the splash along, and it really is pretty. Here is the little sign out front:


If you continue on this way you will notice that it looks like the circus animals got out while the pavement was still wet!


Following along the path with these footprints you will end up at the Fantasyland Train Station. There are lots of little details in this area, but my favorites are to the left if you are facing the building. If you see this you’ll know you’re in the right spot:


There are great little details on the luggage if you stop to take a look!


Just to the right of these when exiting the train station are your first indications that the circus has come to town.


If you exit the train station and turn to your left, you’ll be heading towards The Barnstormer. This is an area that was greatly improved by the new theme! Starting with this gorgeous new sign out front:IMG_3889

Beside the ride there are several banners showing Goofy getting into all kinds of trouble!


The ride even busts right through one of the signs!


Right beside The Barnstormer is the classic ride Dumbo. With the new location this ride received a beautiful new sign befitting such a popular ride:


Now, for this series I have been keeping to the outside of buildings and small details… but I’m going to cheat just a little with an on-ride look from Dumbo. While flying high in your elephant, if you look back towards the center of the spinner you’re in for a treat. The details on this attraction are lovely!


Once you’ve finished riding Dumbo, if you continue on away from the train station the next attraction, you will encounter the Mad Tea Party. Here is the sign that marks this classic attraction:


I love how close this attraction is location wise to Storybook Circus, but looking at the photos they look like two different parks! Theming at its best!! If you walk just past this sign you will see one of the few topiaries in the park.


Just past this topiary is the Cheshire Cafe (home to epic cupcakes). Here is the fun sign for this little gem:


Did you know there are restrooms just past this little cafe? I feel like they are some of the most missed in the Magic Kingdom. I can’t imagine why, with this playful sign out front!


Just beside this areas is the outdoor meet and greet for Merida in Fairytale Garden. You’ll know you’re heading in the right direction because you’ll see these flags out front:


But if we kept going this way we’d end up in the hub – and we have more Fantasyland to go! So let’s turn around and head towards The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh!


The sign for this super popular attraction hangs from a big tree out front:


Here is the little clock that keeps Fastpass time:


And, of course, being Disney you exit into a gift shop! Here is how that looks:


Continuing on you will pass Friar’s Nook. This is a little snack spot that I haven’t seen open lately, but it does have a great sign!


Just beside this little eatery is the only trace of Snow White’s Scary Adventures currently in Fantasyland: Seven Dwarfs Mine.


While this shop carries all the same generic stuff you can find everywhere else, it hides a hidden detail. In the roof are gems for the dwarfs to mine!


Just beside this shop is where we will complete our grand circle tour of Fantasyland – Princess Fairytale Hall! Now lately everyone has seen the tiara sign out front all over the Internet, but have you seen the FASTPASS signs?


What about these little banners that line the building representing all the different Disney princesses? These are so fun, and there are tons of them! Be sure to take a look and figure them all out when you visit.

IMG_3919 IMG_3918

One last little details from this attraction are the beautiful lights from outside the building! Fit for a princess, huh?


And with that we have finished our walk through Fantasyland. I hope this will inspire you to take some extra time on your next trip to slow down and look at the little things. Truly, I have just scratched the surface of what there is to see! Did you see something here you hadn’t noticed before? Or did I skip your favorite little detail? Please let us know in the comments below, and as always thanks for reading! I’m hoping to see everyone back here for the details of Tomorrowland very soon!

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  • Great photos! I also love the peanuts that have been left behind in the concrete around the Dumbo ride. So many cute, little touches that Disney has put in place!


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