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The Disney’s in the Details: Liberty Square

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Today we cover the beautiful land of Liberty Square… and for those keeping track we are close to half way through our tour around the Magic Kingdom. I think Liberty Square is often overlooked because it lacks E-ticket rides but there are lots of details packed into this little area. Let’s get started with the view heading in from Adventureland:


When heading in from this direction this very different light post is one of the only indicators that you are changing lands. It is ironic that even though there are four ways I’ve found to wander into Liberty Square there is only one sign I’ve found with the land’s name! Here is what that sign looks like:


It can be found at the large entrance to Liberty Square from the hub. When entering the land from this direction you can see some very interesting details! To the right of this sign (on the opposite side of the walkway) you will see this plaque:


To the right of this plaque is a small booth:


But what is neater is what can be seen inside! (You can click on these smaller images to see full size ones) I did a bit of Googling and didn’t find any meaning to what these texts stand for. I’m hoping one of our readers will have some scoop to share!


As you continue across the bridge into Liberty Square you will see these lovely lights sporting a proud, golden eagle!


While we are on the topic of entering Liberty Square let’s go ahead and cover entering from Fantasyland! When heading past Peter Pan on your left and the Rapunzel Rest Area (or Tangled Toilets as we lovingly refer to them) on your right you will see this lovely view ahead of you:


There are many lovely details throughout but let’s jump ahead to the sign you’ll pass under on your right for the The Yankee Trader:


Now, compare this in sharp contrast to the view of this building on the other side, once you enter Liberty Square:


On the other side of the street from Yankee Trader is the Columbia Harbour House. This awesome dining spot has some amazing signs!


Not to mention some additional theming as you continue around the building.


Now before we head too far off in this direction we can’t forget that The Haunted Mansion is the first thing you will see on your right when entering from Fantasyland! This is certainly a ride I could do an entire blog post, on so let’s just cover a few special details. To begin this is what the new FastPass+ entrance looks like.


The view looking into The Haunted Mansion you will see a hearse and roses growing up from a broken fountain. It is also worth noting that the awning on the left was replaced earlier this year and is now green. I like it much better!


There are several authentic looking gravestones throughout the queue. Here are the few less common ones. It is also worth noting that in the pet cemetery towards the exit features a tribute to Mr. Toad. I realized when I was there taking these photos that I didn’t bring the right lens to catch him (he’s wwwaayyy in the back), but I will be sure to feature him sometime.


And now here is everyone’s favorite grave marker.. she has her eye on you!


One last note on The Haunted Mansion is that there are neat themed signs throughout. These are some of the best themed signs (and cast!) in all the parks:


Getting back to our tour, next on the list is The Hall Of Presidents! (I am choosing to skip the Disney Visa booth that now litters the waterfront area across from this attraction)


On your way to The Hall of Presidents from The Haunted Mansion you will see several little items in the windows:


If you look hard enough you will even spot some Sorcerers fun:


In the same area as The Hall Of Presidents you will see one of the most well known photo spots in the park! Even going early it was hard to get a shot of this vacant!!


Just beside The Hall of Presidents I also found this weird sign! Who knows what this one means?


Continuing on past The Hall of Presidents you will see this lovely little spot. Though it doesn’t have a good view of anything I think it is worthy of a visit!


If you keep walking you will encounter this beautiful path that leads to Sleepy Hollow:


Check out these tiny details around Sleepy Hollow:


There is also this tiny little sign that you can find on your way to the Christmas Shoppe:


The Christmas Shoppe also has some very unique signs!


Not to mention some awesome seating options! I have seen many parades from that sleigh, and I have been known to enjoy a Sleepy Hollow waffle sandwich at that lovely little table. They are often vacant!


As you exit the Christmas Shoppe you will run smack into the Liberty Tree and Liberty Bell. Here is the sign for the Liberty Tree:


And the plaque it mentions:


And here is Disney World’s very own Liberty Bell!


Moving past this I thought this was a good time to mention the lights and fences of Liberty Square. These vary drastically from the ones that were featured in Frontierland just a small distance from these:


Past the Liberty Bell you will see the Liberty Tree Restaurant. You will know you are coming up on it because you will see large black pots:


Just past these pots is the lovely entrance!


Continuing past this you are nearly outside of Liberty Square and passing into Frontierland. The last landmark on your left is The Diamond Horseshoe:


One last little bit of Liberty Square can be found just around the corner at a final Sorcerers portal:


And that concludes our little look into Liberty Square. Did you see something you hadn’t noticed before? I hope so! Let us know in the comments below. Be sure to tune in for the first part of Fantasyland in our next installment!

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26 thoughts on “The Disney’s in the Details: Liberty Square

  • Great post! I really love Liberty Square, with the Haunted Mansion being my favorite attraction and Liberty Tree Tavern a table service restaurant I almost always eat in.
    I guess the Fastpass+ makeover could’ve been worse, but I’m not a fan of the font they used for it on the Mansion. This and the visible Rapunzel Tower continue the degradation of a classic. Hopefully they can fine tune these errors.

  • The four hands are the symbol of the Philadelphia Contributionship. It is a fire/property insurance company founded in 1752 by Ben Franklin and his fellow firefighters.

    • Thanks, Michael! You guys are awesome! We have such smart readers! 🙂 Thank you for the info.

  • I love this kind of stuff so much! I honestly can’t get enough Disney details- it truly adds so much to the magic. Having been to Washington Irving’s home, Sunnyside, in Tarrytown, NY, I can tell you that the Sleep Hollow quick service looks just like the residence.
    One of my favorite nooks, nay, my very favorite, is the little porch with the two rocking chairs just outside of the Hall of Presidents exit. I love to sit there and eat a giant pickle from Liberty Square Market, and people watch.
    I’ve never noticed the ‘Singing Lessons by Ichabod Crane’ sign before- I love that story, movie and have to say that this article solidified Liberty Square as my favorite land in the Magic Kingdom. It’s so often overlooked, but so well done.

    • Hey Ashley – I have to admit I’d never seen the little singing lessons sign either! I’ve walked by it a thousand times! That is part of what makes these articles so fun to write! Thank you for reading and for your kind words. Maybe we’ll bump into each other on that porch one day! I certainly spend a lot of time there myself! 🙂

  • The sign of the four hands holding the next hands wrist is an insurance sign. Proof of insurance on the structure. It is from the Philadelphia Contributionship. I found this on

    • You guys are so smart! It was driving me crazy, thanks!! 🙂

  • Great article. I’m a big fan of Liberty Square, unfortunately my wife and daughters are not. This past trip we barely even went in it. Next time I’ll make sure we check out all of these great details.

    • Glad you enjoyed! Thanks for reading. 🙂

  • Excellent article. Definitely some things I did not notice before. I have one for you as well.
    If you look on the Hall of Presidents photo you can see that in the center of the “street” is some irregular brown paving concrete. This represents the sewage that would run down the center of the streets in the days before sewer systems.
    Gotta love Disney detail!

    • I for one am glad Disney went with brown paving concrete, instead of the real thing!

      • Tee Hee – I’ll second that comment. Wow! I’ve never heard that… and ew! 😉

  • Both the Haunted Mansion & The Hall of Presidents required E tickets.

    • Wow – I forget that before everyone was roller coaster crazy these attractions ranked! Thanks for pointing that out and thanks for reading!

  • The sign near the Christmas shop bearing the name “Kepple” caught my eye. According to the Bob Thomas biography of Walt Disney, Kepple Disney was Walt’s grandfather’s name!

    • Such smart comments today! I never would have known – thanks for the info!

  • Well I am obviously one of those people that breeze past Liberty Square. I had no idea there was anything having to do with Sleepy Hollow. I absolutely love that little movie and will have to make a special trip over to that area next time I am at WDW!

    • Yep! Be sure to try a waffle sandwich while you’re there!!

  • The booth looks like one for a toll taker, with a logbook of the names and conveyances of those who passed through. It may have been modeled after the Colonial-era Philadelphia and Lancaster Turnpike in Pennsylvania, or the Western Turnpike in New York.

    Here’s a photo of a colonial-era stone tollbooth in PA:

    And here’s the wikipedia article on the history of toll roads in the United States:

    • At least two of the names in the logbook are from the Continental Congress that met in Philadelphia: John Adams and John Dickinson. In fact, the date by Dickinson’s name, Jun 20th 1775 is the date of a nasty argument that happened between them in Congress over whether to send a second petition to King George. Adams wrote in his diary that because of the argument, their “friendship and acquaintance were lost forever.”

      • Wow! Great info! Thanks guys!! 🙂

  • The skillet in the small booth is used in the Family Magic tour. The tag is the clue for the next tour stop. The skillet is right out of the movie “Tangled”.

    Now if someone could tell us the purpose of the both. Was it for a toll taker?

    • I didn’t know that! The Family Magic is one we haven’t taken since we don’t have kids it seems a little “young” for us. I called to book it once and the CM advised it was likely not a good fit for us. Thanks for the great info! I never would have known!

  • The plaque with the four hands is a fire insurance mark. Before government-run municipal fire departments were in place, insurance companies would have their own fire departments. Plaques showing the logo of the insurance company that covered the building helped the fire departments know which buildings to try to save first.

    • This particular fire mark is the mark of the Philadelphia Contributionship, a home fire insurance company founded by Benjamin Franklin.

      • Look at you guys! I knew our smart readers would solve the mystery for me – that’s why I didn’t dig too deep. 🙂 Thanks for the info!!

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