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Express Transportation Being Added to the Walt Disney World Resort

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Express Transportation at Walt Disney World
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Beginning December 7, the Walt Disney World Resort is introducing Express Transportation, a brand new transportation option that provides Guests a faster and convenient way to travel between the four Walt Disney World theme parks, for a price.

This Express Transportation is a special add on that can purchased by Guests who have purchased park hopper tickets. For single-day service, Express Transportation can be added for $15 per person. For multi-day service, it is $24 per person which is valid for seven consecutive days from the day of sale. (Annual Passholders can also chose to add on the single-day option.)

This option will take Guests from inside one them park and transport them straight into another by allowing Guests to travel between backstage locations.

Pick up locations in each park will be found near the exit of Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin in Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom, east of Spaceship Earth at Epcot, near Rock n’ Roller Coaster at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and near Kilimanjaro Safaris entrance at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Express Transportation is available from 10:00 a.m. until park close. Pick up will occur every 30 minutes.


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17 thoughts on “Express Transportation Being Added to the Walt Disney World Resort

  • Being able to move so easily between parks makes park hopping much more attractive. We visited Disneyland Resort for the first time this summer, and the ease of moving between the parks had us buying the park hopper feature for the first time ever. I know it won’t be so quick at WDW, but not having to make the walk out and back to the buses and being able to avoid the security checks is a big time saver. But I do hope that this will be done in a way that won’t expose the backstage areas, especially for kids.

  • I wonder how long it will be before they offer express security lines for a price. Mickey’s Pre-check.

  • I read somewhere else that said guests would be going in backstage areas. What do you guys think about that?

    • As a former cast member from yeas ago I hate the idea of taking guess to any backstage areas. It will most certainly ruin the overall guest impression of on stage areas. There must be a better way to accomplish this express feature and still maintain the integrity of the Disney experiment.

      • Experience, not experiment.

      • Yeah, as a current cast member I would have to agree. There are just some things that guests shouldn’t see.

    • Perhaps they have made these backstage areas they use for this more ‘presentable’ so it doesn’t ruin the magic, especially for younger guests.

  • As a visitor to Disney from Scotland i would happily pay the extra for an improved transport system but the proof is in the pudding sounds ok in principle but only worth the extra money if it works in reality

  • Having the transportation run on a time see schedule will be a game changer, if they stick to a posted schedule.

  • Does this allows you to enter at Buss Lightyear etc locations and bypass bag check or is this wishful thinking?

    • George brings up a good question – avoidance of duplicate bag checking, and I pre-suppose it WILL allow one to NOT have to go through security again as one has already entered one the parks and gone through.

      The analogy is the DisneyLand resort where one goes through security / bag-check before one enters the big plaza between DisneyLand and DCA. Once through security, one can go between the parks without having to go through again.

  • So Disney has added their opinion on the implicit value of having better transportation (e.g., a personal automobile, or an Uber account) to trade $’s for hrs during a multi-park WDW vacation.
    The intriguing part of this mixture is to/from the Magic Kingdom, where transportation to TTC adds an extra, and in this case eliminatable, step to inter-park touring plans. I can imagine a plan where I could combine driving (to/from DHS, AK or EPCT) and this service to/from MK.

    I am waiting for Len’s supplement to the UnOffGuide to get the word.

  • This is a great idea – just one question, why isn’t this included with the Park Hopper tickets? Those are expensive already and now on top of the additional price to park hop, there’s a cost to take the bus. Let’s do this right Disney and include the transportation with the Park Hopper ticket.

  • Cmon guys-this is a gamechanger! Although I hope they change it so Annual Passholders can do a week for $24-seems fair to me. Once in a while they do something awesome-I’m so in!!!

  • So, as an AP holder I would have to drop $15 a day for this while I am down there instead of buying a 7 day one? Seems odd especially because if I bring others down with us, for them it would be worth it, but not for us paying out 105 for the week

  • Wait…. this seems too affordable. $24 for 7 days, as in about $3.50 a day to skip the bag check line everytime you park hop. I guess they are hearing from folks about jow they like the HP train and not having to exit and reenter the park.

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