Fantasyland Model on Display at One Man’s Dream

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So, we’re all excited about the New Fantasyland expansion, right?  (I know I’m stoked!)  But have you wanted to be able to take a really close look at what Disney has in store for us?  Well, now you can!

Starting today, May 16th, guests will be able to view the official model that was available for guests to explore who attended the 2011 D23 Expo last year.  This model will be located in Walt Disney:  One Man’s Dream at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Next time you’re in DHS, make sure to visit One Man’s Dream not only to see this new enhancement, but also to explore this amazing exhibit which showcases the great accomplishments of  Walt Disney.


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One thought on “Fantasyland Model on Display at One Man’s Dream

  • Thank you for the heads up! Heading down for a three day weekend starting tomorrow morning. While I try to make a point of experiencing One Man’s Dream on every trip, I might have missed it in favor of more Star Wars events this weekend.

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