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First Guest Wins Kitchen Sink Challenge at Universal’s Hard Rock Hotel

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Nick Ranieri became the first person ever to defeat the Kitchen Sink Challenge at Universal’s Hard Rock Hotel. The Kitchen Sink Challenge consists of eating one Kitchen Burger (fresh 10-oz. certified Angus beef patty topped with bacon, cheddar cheese, onion rings, lettuce, tomato, and chipotle horseradish aioli), a side of french fries, a fried pickle, and a slice of the Kitchen Sink cake.

KitchenSinkCAKE-v2 The Hard Rock describes the Kitchen Sink as this:

A three pound slice of cake with seven incredible layers including: brownies, peanut butter crunch, chocolate chunk cookies, cheesecake, pecan pie, devil’s food cake, vanilla chiffon cake, all covered in chocolate butter cream frosting, chocolate chips, chocolate sauce, and heath bar crunch.

The cake is served with vanilla bean ice cream, fresh strawberries and various pieces of artistic chocolate decoration on the side.  This slice of cake is truly a marvel of American ingenuity.

The burger, the fries, the fried pickle and slice of the Kitchen Sink cake need to be eaten within a 30 minute time limit, and until now that task proved to be an impossible feat to humankind. However, hotel guest Nick Ranieri not only finished the Challenge, but did so in 23 minutes and 6 seconds! The prize for this Herculean feat is getting the entire meal for free, as well as the ultimate bragging rights. Those who can’t finish within the time limit just need to pay for each individual item ($18.00 for The Kitchen Burger, $22.00 for the cake), but the experience is priceless.

Watch Nick’s video account of his amazing feat:

The Challenge is also vegetarian friendly as the burger patty and bacon can be switched out for two veggie burger patties.

The Kitchen Sink Challenge is available at The Kitchen restaurant, on the ground floor of Loews Hard Rock Hotel at Universal. It sits directly between Emack & Bolio’s and the pool. The Hard Rock Hotel is right next to Universal Studios Florida, and guests can either walk over via the garden walkway or take a free water taxi located at Universal CityWalk.


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9 thoughts on “First Guest Wins Kitchen Sink Challenge at Universal’s Hard Rock Hotel

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  • @David
    If you park in self-parking, then your parking will be vaildated (free), however, now when you Valet, your validation discounts the Valet to cost only $5, so it’s up to you. Either way, if anyone wants to try the challenge, you can make a reservation on Open Table, or you can call the Hotel and ask for me. I would be happy to set it up. I was there when Nick demolished our challenge ( I was the guy who announced and timed it), it was amazing.

    Derek, I think I was there for your challenge as well. I will be here on the 23rd watching you guys take on the challenge (again). Love the article! Thanks for putting it up. Good Luck and see you soon!!

  • Hey Derek. How are you. I just want to thank you so much for writing this article about me. This challenge was Epic and I had so much fun doing it. I absolutely love your write up.

    Melanie, Utensils only slow you down. I only had a half hour. Ha

    • Thanks Nick. Glad you enjoyed the article. I have already been defeated by The Challenge but seeing you in action confirms my desire to complete this Herculean task. I’ll be taking it again on Friday August 23rd and was very impressed by your use of multiple dipping sauces and considering using that technique myself. Also was blown away by your methodical surgery of taking apart all the components with seemingly no urgency. NERVES OF STEEL!

      • How can I email you. I will give you some great tips on defeating it. I got full faith that you will do it this time around.

      • Hey Nick, I’m at ParksaverDB @ gmail.com
        Looking forward to hearing from you!

  • David, use valet when going to the Hard Rock Hotel and tell them you are going to The Kitchen. You’ll recieve a ticket to be validated and parking will be free.

  • This looks awesome. I am a sucker for burgers with large knives stuck in them, so I may make a special trip here next time I’m in town. Do you have to pay for parking if you’re just dining at the hotel?

  • What, no utensils???? LOL


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