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Get to Know the Disney World Baby Care Centers

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IMG_2430-001If you’re visiting Walt Disney World with a child under the age of five, your new best friend is the Baby Care Center. This is a place in each park where you can find supplies, quiet, air-conditioning, and peace of mind, all for Disney’s youngest guests and their families.

So where are these baby oases?

There is one in each theme park. The locations are noted on the park maps, but just in case you need help finding them …

  • Magic Kingdom: Go to the end of Main Street and hang a left past Casey’s Corner hot dogs. The Baby Care Center is between Casey’s and the Crystal Palace.
  • Epcot: The Baby Care Center is in the Odyssey building. Technically this is in Future World, but it’s really quite close to the Mexico pavilion. Find the path just past Test Track that looks like it’s heading to Mexico and you’ll see the long brown Odyssey building.
  • Animal Kingdom: It’s in the building next to Pizzafari. Bear left around the Tree of Life, pass Pizzafari, and it’s on the left.
  • Disney’s Hollywood Studios: The Baby Care Center is immediately inside the front entrance to the park. Walk in, turn left and hug the turnstiles. It’s in the same building as Guest Relations.

What’s in the Baby Care Centers?

Supplies for sale at the Animal Kingdom Baby Care Center.
Supplies for sale at the Animal Kingdom Baby Care Center.

The Baby Care Centers include the following:

  • Several diaper changing tables.
  • A bathroom with a small, toddler-sized flush toilet.
  • An area reserved for the use of nursing mothers.
  • Basic food prep equipment including: microwave, ice, plastic spoons, and sink.
  • High chairs.
  • A seating area for other family members.
  • Items for sale including: diapers, training pants (like Pull-Ups, but a different brand), wipes, baby food, formula, juice, pacifiers, baby lotion, diaper ointment, adult comfort items (deodorant, feminine hygiene supplies, over the counter medications), basic infant clothing, sippy cups, bottles, Purell, Pedialyte, child formulations of standard over the counter medications.
  • Air conditioning!

Is there a charge for using the Baby Care Centers?

Nope. It’s free. Enjoy!

I’m a stickler for cleanliness. Are the Baby Care Centers clean?

Changing tables at the Animal Kingdom Baby Care Center. (Private nursing rooms at the back.)
Changing tables at the Animal Kingdom Baby Care Center. (Private nursing rooms at the back.)

Yes, absolutely. I’ve found them to be among the cleanest areas at the parks.

How many changing tables are there in each Baby Care Center?

It varies, but you’ll find 4 to 6 changing tables at each center. They can accommodate several families at a time. You’ll find that each diaper table is equipped with disposable paper liners at the ready. And they’ll be able to help you with paper towels and other clean-up supplies if you need them.

What can you tell me about the diapers for sale at the Baby Care Centers?

There is a very limited selection here, usually just Huggies brand, and usually just sizes 2-4, but in most cases this will do in a pinch. For the full scoop on the diaper situation at Disney World, just out our post “Disney and the Diaper.”

I love that there are toddler-sized toilets here. Can we find these elsewhere in the parks?

Epcot Baby Care Center nursing room.
Epcot Baby Care Center nursing room.

Unfortunately not. Many of the restrooms at WDW have a low sink, appropriate for preschool handwashing, but the only location for smaller sized toilets is the baby care centers. It’s a nice perk if you’re there, but you can’t count having ready access to a tiny throne for your tiny prince or princess.

What can you tell me about the space for nursing moms?

Each of the Baby Care Centers has a space that only allows nursing moms. The lighting in each location is either kept low or is dimmable. At Epcot and the Magic Kingdom the nursing room is a group area with 4 chairs. At the Animal Kingdom and Disney’s Hollywood Studios the nursing rooms are private. Some of the Baby Care Center nursing areas have wooden rockers and some have padded glider chairs.

Is this the only place I can nurse my baby?

Absolutely not. Florida law allows nursing mothers to feed their children anywhere they like. Go ahead and nurse your baby in a restaurant, on an outdoor bench, in an attraction, or where ever else you like. The nursing rooms are just a resource in case you feel like you need a little more quiet or privacy than can found in other areas of the parks.

I’m pumping for my baby. Can I do this at the Baby Care Center?

Family waiting area at the Magic Kingdom Baby Care Center.
Family waiting area at the Magic Kingdom Baby Care Center.

Yes. All of the nursing rooms have outlets and you’re welcome to use your breast pump there. Unfortunately, the Baby Care Centers can not store expressed milk for you. However, you’re welcome to get ice packs at the first aid station next door. (The first aid station is always right next to the Baby Care Center.) The first aid station can hold your breast pump for you while you’re touring the park.

We’re in the baby food stage. Can I feed my child at the Baby Care Center?

Of course. The Baby Care Centers have high chairs, water, and microwave ovens. Note that this is the only place in the parks where you can actually heat food that you’ve provided. The WDW restaurants are not allowed to heat any food items that they have not prepared. This even applies to sealed, commercial baby food. If you’re in the park and want to heat baby food, this is the place to do it.

The Baby Care Centers also sell a small selection of jarred, Gerber-brand baby foods. Like the diaper situation, this should not be relied on for your full vacation supply, but it will do in a pinch.

Changing table room at the Magic Kingdom Baby Care Center.
Changing table room at the Magic Kingdom Baby Care Center.

In addition to my baby, I also have an older child. What can he do while I feed the little one?

The Baby Care Centers have small lounge areas with TVs (showing Disney movies, natch), picture books, and coloring pages. This is a nice place to rest and decompress for a bit.

Are there cribs my baby can sleep in while we’re in the park?

Sorry, no. If you want your baby to sleep in the park, your best bet is to try to get him to conk out in the stroller. If you need a real sleep surface, then head back to your room for a mid-day break. The mid-day nap is good for you too.

I have an older, special needs child who wears diapers. Are there special changing tables for him?

There are no large size changing tables. However, if you’re looking for a bit more privacy than other areas of the park, you are welcome to use the floor or another surface at the Baby Care Centers to change your older child. Some families with special needs diets find that the Baby Care Centers make for a calmer mealtime environment.

Private nursing room at the DHS Baby Care Center.
Private nursing room at the DHS Baby Care Center.

I see that the Baby Care Centers sell child medications, is this my only option if my child has a fever or other minor ailment?

As I mentioned, the Baby Care Centers are all next door to the first aid offices. The first aid offices can provide you with one or two doses of most basic over the counter medications for free. If you just need one dose of children’s Tylenol to tide you over until you get back to the big stash in your room, then use the first aid station. If you need a full package, then go ahead and buy it at the baby care center.

Are there any differences between the Baby Care Centers?

The newest center, at the Animal Kingdom, is also the roomiest and most comfortable. The DHS Baby Care Center is, in my opinion, quite cramped. The DHS center is so small that they actually most of the baby supplies behind the counter of the regular souvenir stand next door. So while you can buy something like a pacifier inside the Baby Care Centers at the MK, AK, and Epcot, you have to go around the corner to buy this at DHS.

Do the Baby Care Centers have specific hours?

The hours vary, but they Baby Care Centers are generally open from 9:00 a.m. until park closing. Whew!

Do I need reservations or anything like that?

Toddler toilet at the Epcot Baby Care Center.
Toddler toilet at the Epcot Baby Care Center.

No, just stop by whenever you like. The centers do tend to be a bit more congested during traditional U.S. mealtime hours, when guest want to heat up food for their babies, so keep that in mind.

What are the cast members like at the Baby Care Centers?

I’ve found them to be generally quite helpful. If they see you’re struggling with something, they’ll offer to lend a hand, grab cleaning supplies for you, etc. They’re nice folks.

Anything else?

The Baby Care Centers are the meeting spot for lost children. If a lost child is spotted in the parks, this is where the cast will bring them.

I once witnessed a very scared four-year-old boy brought into the MK Baby Care Center. The cast members there ascertained that the boy did not speak English and almost immediately they found another cast member in the parks who spoke the child’s language, Portuguese. They got him calmed down and within about five minutes the frantic parents rushed in to reclaim their missing child. Happy hugs all around!

Have you used the Baby Care Centers at Walt Disney World? What have your experiences been like? Let us know in the comments below.

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10 thoughts on “Get to Know the Disney World Baby Care Centers

  • My HUGE problem with the baby centers is the locations…It was such a huge hassel having to walk from one side of the park to the other to go to a Baby Center! You would think with the number of infants that go to Disney World they could make room for at least 3 in each park (one near the entrance, once near the back, one in the middle–or something like that!)

  • I love the baby center! I took my elderly parents to MK for the first time in June. Right after the fireworks finished, THE SKY FELL OUT/TOTAL MONSOON thunderstorm. My parents were allowed to sit in the lobby of the Baby Center with my daughter so they would not get wet, the rain was coming sideways! I was very thankful, it was thundering like crazy, and my little girl was super scared of the loud claps of thunder. While they sat there, they helped other guests by holding babies while mother fished diapers/bottles out of their bags. Hey, grandparents are grandparents, right? 😉 This is actually one of the best memories we have! Sure, we still got drenched to the bone on the walk back to the buses, but it was nice to be able to sit for a little while!

  • We used the Baby Care Centers in September 2008 when our daughter was 2 1/2 years old. It was hot of course and our daughter has asthma. We needed some air conditioning and a break from the crowds. The quiet and cool was good for everyone. The comments from the other readers are right on. I wish all theme parks had centers like these. They are great!

  • My husband and I are locals and have used the baby centers a few times now for our daughter (currently 4 months). They’re fantastic for feedings this time of year since they give you a quiet, air conditioned place with comfortable seating. I was very impressed with their facilities and loved not having to use a restroom changing table. The center at Epcot has lovely padded tables with high edges.

  • Another great feature of the toddler toilets is that they are manual flushers. Perfect for when we had a child who was terrified of the auto flushers in the rest of the park.

  • We’ve used the baby centers often… currently expecting our 6th baby, with the oldest only 7 yrs old now, and they’ve all been to Disney before or very close to their 1st birthday.

    One thing to note, if you do have a sick baby- the first aid station can’t always give you meds for babies. Our 22 month old had a fever in DHS, and because he was under 2, and the Infant Tylenol bottle says consult a physician, they were not allowed to give us anything. So sometimes you’ll have to buy it even for one dose, for us though, we just remember to carry it now.

    I would also add that the bathrooms (for the grown-ups) at the baby centers are not all created equal… honestly we’ve never used the one in DHS, I totally agree it’s very cramped and also so far towards the front of the park, we just don’t bother. In Epcot there are men’s and women’s bathrooms (the women’s at least has a few stalls), in addition to the toddler potty. In MK there’s only one big bathroom with 3 stalls that’s shared between genders- so mom or dad can take the little one. In AK there is only 1 toilet. We’ve waited in line there before, which is less than desirable with preschoolers- many apologies if you have happened to come in there right behind us 😉

    In our experience, Epcot is the quietest, and MK is the busiest. AK has a great big open lounge room, but technically you’re not supposed to eat in there (and we like to snack during breaks), the high chairs are all in the big back room with the changing tables (at least they were the last time we were there). The nursing rooms at all the parks are VERY quiet, so perfect for the distracted nurser- and as far as I can remember, usually very empty.

  • I have used the baby care centers a number of times for my now 4 and 1 year olds. I agree that the Animal Kingdom one is the best, but I think all 4 are great- I can’t say enough about the cleanliness- they are by far the most relaxing spots in the parks as well. I have purchased infant tylenol, wipes, baby food etc in a pinch and I also used the center to make and warm bottles. The cast members, at least when I have been there, have been older women, grandmotherly types totally willing to help! One held the baby for me while I got a bottle together and she was a great help! This is an absolutely fantastic service in the parks that, for the most part, goes widely unnoticed until you have a baby with you!

  • We made use of the baby care centers with our 13-month-old in 2010. We only used the centers at Epcot and Magic Kingdom. I can’t recommend them enough. Beyond the quality of the facilities, the simple act of taking a young child to a quiet calm place (we never saw more than two other families there) for a meal/snack, diaper change, change of clothes for cool nights, etc. can help everyone (especially the child, of course) head back to the park feeling relaxed and refreshed.

    There is some pretty great old-school parks artwork in some of the rooms in the baby care center at Epcot, or at least there was in 2010.


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