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Havoc: Derailed Revealed as Sixth Haunted House for Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights

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HavocHalloween Horror Nights 23’s “reveal week” continued last night at midnight as the official HHN twitter account (@HorrorNightsORL) released information on the newest haunted house experience, Havoc: Derailed. Havoc joins La Llorona and After Life: Death’s Vengeance as houses based on original Universal concepts. Like The Walking Dead house, Havoc is also a sequel to a previous HHN house as back in 2010 (Halloween Horror Nights: Twenty Years of Fear) there was a Havoc: Dogs of War experience.

In the Dogs of War house from several years ago, guests walked through Shadow Creek Labs, a top secret installation hired by the government to creative genetically modified super human soldiers. As with most HHN houses, “something went terribly wrong.”  The soldiers went insane and turned on the lab. HHN guests walked through the lab to the see the carnage.

Havoc: Derailed takes place six weeks after the events of Dogs of War. At great loss, the government has gotten control of Shadow Creek Lab from the Dogs of War. The remaining DOW are being transported aboard a military convoy train to another facility. While on the train, Shadow Creek scientists were to continue experiments on the DOW subjects to see if they could be pacified. Six minutes into transport, all contact was lost.

The battle will begin in the claustrophobic confines of train cars…then derailment into an all out war amongst the twisted wreckage… – Mike Aiello, Universal Creative Director

Blueprints from Havoc: Derailed

The HHN 23 twitter account has posted several behind-the-scenes design documents made during the creation of this house, including blueprints of the train. They also promised to be back the tonight with another house reveal and teased that this one would be based on an existing intellectual property (like Cabin in the Woods and Evil Dead).

It was a busy night for HHN news as Universal Studios Hollywood also announced two new scare zones for its Halloween Horror Nights event. One is “Curse of Chucky,” based around the iconic horror franchise Child’s Play and the other is based around the hit horror film from earlier this year, The Purge. With a production budget of only $3 million and grossing over $60 million at the theaters alone back in June, The Purge was a surprise hit for Universal, and there is a very good chance we’ll be seeing the property in Orlando in the coming years.


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4 thoughts on “Havoc: Derailed Revealed as Sixth Haunted House for Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights

  • Eric You

    here is my choice if a seventh maze is coming next do something with resident evil since it is a popular franchise and has never been seen at Orlando’s event or do American werewolf in London. resident evil has been speculated more than American werewolf in London but who knows until midnight.

    • Derek Burgan

      I think there was a time when both Resident Evil and American Werewolf in London were on the schedule but I think possibly one of them got bumped in favor of After Life: Death’s Vengeance. The other house long rumored was based around Legendary Truth, and with Universal doing a big online push for that brand you would think its house would be a lock. We’ll know for sure in a few days, but those are three cool houses I’d like to see and it’s a shame there’s only room for two.

  • oh man this year looks like it’s going to be great! i’m ENTIRELY too wimpy to go though 😛 i went once and that was plenty for me. maybe one of these years i’ll work up enough courage to venture to it again 🙂 thanks for the updates!


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