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Kongstruction: Project 340 Vertical Construction at IoA

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Kongstruction Project 340 vertical construction
Kongstruction gets serious as Project 340 vertical construction begins at IoA (photos by Seth Kubersky).

Thanks to the TouringPlans #Everywhere project, I recently spent nearly two weeks away from Universal Orlando, which is an eternity given the rapid pace of construction at the resort. Most notably, the mysterious construction zone behind Islands of Adventure‘s Jurassic Park was (when I left) just a formless plot of earth, but now holds the foundation for a enormous future edifice. Attention Kongstruction watchers: Project 340 vertical construction has started in big way, as structural steel for a massive new show building has been erected for a yet-unconfirmed Skull Island attraction.

Here is a gallery of photos depicting recent progress on the upcoming ride, which is rumored to combine indoor/outdoor dark ride elements with 3-D screens to ressurect King Kong, Universal Studio Florida’s original icon. Leaks suggest this building may become the massive facade of an ancient jungle temple.

This is what guests now see as they enter Jurassic Park.


[Note: All construction photos are taken from guest-accessible locations; no off-limits or backstage areas.]

The construction site as seen from the top of Camp Jurassic.

We probably won’t get to ride the return of the King until 2016, but we’ll keep you informed on the ape’s progress until then both here and via twitter with ongoing #Kongstruction updates.


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