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Loews Portofino Bay adds Despicable Me themed Kids Suites

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The Loews Portofino Bay Hotel at the Universal Orlando Resort has announced the addition of new themed Kids Suites based around the popular Despicable Me franchise. These new floor plans feature two adjoined rooms similar in style to the family suites coming to Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort opening next year. In the new suites, one room is for children, with bedding inspired by the notable missile beds from the films; the other room is a more standard room for the adults.


Our Kids Suites let mom and dad have a little privacy, and the kids have some fun! With a standard king bedroom for the adults plus a separate room for the kids, there’s plenty of space for the whole family at 650 – 675 square feet. The two separate rooms are connected via a door that can be open or closed, and feature a single entrance to the adult room. In other words, the children’s room opens only into the adult’s room, and not into the hallway. The kids rooms are decorated in fun themes and include two twin beds or bunk bed, a small table and chair set, separate closet, and a television.

Despicable Me Kids Suites

Experience the fun starting October 1!

Loews Portofino Bay Hotel at Universal Orlando invites you to experience the world of Despicable Me in its newly-renovated kid’s suites. These rooms capture the excitement and playfulness of Gru’s Laboratory. As you enter through the vault door, your training as a future Minion begins with your favorite minion characters repelling from the ceiling and surrounding you on the walls in their non-stop antics. Sleep like Margo, Edith and Agnes in custom-designed missile beds with Minion-inspired bedding, complete with Gru’s scarf. Balancing the playfulness of the room, a pale blue interior creates a soothing backdrop with touches of the laboratory’s red accents to remind you that you are indeed in an unforgettable Minion adventure for your stay at Loews Portofino Bay Hotel.


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8 thoughts on “Loews Portofino Bay adds Despicable Me themed Kids Suites

  • K in Philly

    the kids room NOT opening to the outside is a great touch.

  • We always stay at WDW since there are more days there, but this is SOOO cute!

  • Can’t universal think of anything them selves with copying WDW?

    • This isn’t a Walt Disney World Film. Despicable me IS a Universal Pictures film…

  • My blueprint reading might be a little rusty, but it looks like there’s only 1 bathroom and that all elements of the bathroom are in one room. You don’t have to have kids to know that’s not the most efficient layout for 4 people getting ready in the morning.

  • universal needs to get a clue that some families actually have more than 2 kids. if you’re adding the square footage, how about 2 sets of bunks? or 2 queens in the parent room so there actually IS “plenty of space for the whole family.”

  • Check out the price too.. $600? no thanks!

  • Panagiota

    I think this is great. These hotels at Universal are not value hotels they are delux level hotels on par with the deluxe hotels at Disney. How much do you think you would spend for a two room suite at the Contemperary? I have stayed at the Royal pacific and it was every bit as good as the Polynesian


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