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The Magic, The Memories, and Merch! May 2014 Photo Report of the Disney Outlet Store

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MMM positiveIs it already the end of May? This month flew by. It seems we just celebrated Cinco de Mayo at La Cava del Tequila. We saw the annual running of the Kentucky Derby and the beginning of Star Wars Weekends. We rocked our Disney Side at the Magic Kingdom’s 24 Hour Event and we got to ride the new Seven Dwarfs Mine Train in soft opens. Meanwhile over at Universal a Dragon showed up at Diagon Alley, and work on the rumored King Kong attraction at Islands of Adventure is in full swing. It has been insanely busy, but we couldn’t forget about our monthly pilgrimage to the Disney Outlet Store!

March’s trip to the Outlet Store brought us unsold Valentine’s Day Duffy Bears from February, while April’s visit saw several St. Patrick’s Day items show up. Surprisingly enough, only two Easter items arrived at the Outlets so far. One is in the form of this Easter Egg Duffy Bear plush. Originally $20, it is now $9.99.

Turns out this Humpty Dumpty got pushed off the wall.


There are three entrances into the Outlet Store, and each door has a different display in front of it when you walk in. Among the spotlight items of the store this month were Disney Babies in a Blanket dolls. Originally $22.95, these were all reduced to $12.99 each.



Another spotlight was given to a couple other Disney animals, this time a pair of felines in the form of Alice in Wonderland‘s Cheshire Cat and The Aristocats‘ Marie.


One of the only pieces of Muppets merch in the entire store was this Animal plush. Originally $14.95, it is now $9.95. I’m going to make a guess that since Muppets Most Wanted is pretty much done with its theatrical run, we’ll probably see several more Muppets pieces related to that film arrive sooner than later.


This huge Oswald the scary lucky rabbit plush is marked down to just $18.99. I’m assuming whatever money you save will be spent on future psychiatric appointments.


Lots of pins showed up this month, including an Epcot 82 one for the fanboys.


At the store I couldn’t figure out what these weird cars pins were supposed to be, but just realized putting the picture up they must be Chip & Dale versions. I hope that psychiatrist offers a group rate.

And you thought Flo’s Cafe in Cars Land serving human food made no sense…

On the other end of the spectrum is this cute Chip & Dale pin for the Living with the Land boat ride. Notice at the bottom it says “This paper embedded with wildflower.” I have no idea what that means, but it sounds impressive.



I thought this next pin was for the Unleash the Villains party that Disney had at Hollywood Studios on Friday the 13th last September. However, this pin is in Spanish, and it was part of a group of pins from the Disney Design Group that all seemed to have “13” in their design. Hopefully someone in the comments can clue us all in.



This week we celebrated Memorial Day, and I wrote a very special edition of the SATURDAY SIX for the special occasion that looked at tributes to America within the theme parks. I’ll wait here while you take a minute to click this link and read it. Feel free to leave a comment on how much your heart grew from American pride while taking it all in. Anyway, back at the outlets we had this GREAT GIFT IDEA in the form of an American Adventure Leather Bracelet. I’m not sure that the audience who is into The American Adventure at Epcot is the same who would wear a leather bracelet, but what do I know?


Speaking of Epcot, there were more Epcot 30 shirts on sale for $9.99, including this one for the France pavilion.


I do like the Epcot 30 logo on the sleeves of these shirts.


I’m gonnna need some more help from you, Dear Reader, to figure out what the heck these things are.


They all open up, but the case is so small it holds almost nothing. Well, almost nothing.


They were $11.99 each (reduced from $19.95), and I had to buy the Donald Duck in Carbonite one. I mean, c’mon, it showed both the front and the back.


Now I love Star Wars, but not enough to buy this Darth Vader koosh ball.


Star Wars insulated cup.


These are the first shot glasses I have ever seen that actively make me want to take a drink, just to make me forget that I saw them. Originally $24.95, now $13.99. You’ll see in the background they still have a ton of the Storybook Circus shot glasses. Shocking that an area of the Magic Kingdom that is dedicated to the youngest guests is having a hard time selling them shot glasses.


For the 8 year old who drinks coffee, this Storybook Circus coffee mug is $8.99 (originally $12.99). FOR THE RECORD, I will retract all these statements if on my next trip to Universal Studios Florida I discover they sell Barney the Dinosaur shot glasses and Curious George coffee mugs. Lock that one in.


Big wall of Monsters University merch, including a Sully holding Mike plush doll I saw at Once Upon a Toy in Downtown Disney just two weeks before.


Test Track hats. Originally $24.95, now $9.99.


A Display of Cinderella merch that more than likely came from Tren-D in Downtown Disney.



Prince Charming shirt $9.99 (originally $24.95)


These princess collection dolls were $18.99 for each set. For those wondering, there were ZERO pieces of merch for anything Frozen related.


Let’s head on over to some clothing. I really liked this style of the Fab Five. Originally $32.95, now $14.99.


This Daisy and Donald Duck one is literally the same two characters just plopped onto another shirt. Same price.


Speaking of ducks, you would think there is a character in the Disney library who may work better for this shirt than Mickey Mouse….


The next couple shirts were all $9.99 each.



Very sharp looking Disney’s BoardWalk Resort golf shirt.


This week’s SATURDAY SIX proper was on the Six Best Coasters in Orlando, and one of the biggest comments both on the article itself and on the TouringPlans Lines app was people thinking that Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster should be on the list. I will admit that I love the launch of RNR Coaster, and it’s definitely one of the best six rides at Hollywood Studios (there are six rides, right?), but it holds the record for most amount of awful shirts made for any roller coaster in history. Yes, that fact shouldn’t count against it, but since I’m the one who has to look at all these shirts, I’m gonna count it anyway. Here’s the latest example…


This shirt for The Cavern is the second one I have seen at the Outlets and brings me back to the incredible tour I had at the Hard Rock Cafe in CityWalk. The history of The Cavern and British rock can not be overstated.


Speaking of British rock, here are a couple shirts for The Beatles. I’m assuming all of this merchandise came from the UK pavilion in World Showcase.

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band shirt ($27.95)


A commemorative coffee (tea?) mug to celebrate the birth of Prince George. $16.95 (originally $24.95). I wonder if there are people in England who collect George W. Bush merchandise? These are the type of questions that keep me up at nights. In fact, I’m gonna buy a whole bunch of Tervis Tumblers, slap a picture of Obama’s dog Sunny on them, and ship them all to Piccadilly Circus in London with a note that reads “With compliments from Messrs. Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, and Lincoln. Mischief managed.


Last month some of the “Blank – A Vinylmation Love Story” vinylmations showed up, and this month they had a whole end cap.




Time to head towards the big finale. Here’s a Lightning McQueen figure for your Christmas Village collection, complete with a Santa Claus mechanic…


This is great. Apparently this series of Toy Story vinylmations is supposed to be as if the characters were drawn by little kids. WHO IS BUYING THIS?! My guess is not many because every single regular vinylmation (and even the two-packs) are $4.99 each, and these Toy Story ones were $3.99.


Oh, but that wasn’t the highlight. You may remember back in March I wrote about the craziest vinylmation I had ever seen. The Meet & Greet Mickey super sized vinylmation. Apparently someone in Disney Consumer Products saw my description of that figure and figured they could make it even MORE NONSENSICAL….


Like the original Meet & Greet Mickey vinylmation, this was also a limited edition print run of 500 and was originally priced at $49.95 per figure. The Outlets had them reduced down to $14.95 The lowest number I could find is 80/500. If this figure is released in any more 100% next level bananas color variations, we will have concrete proof I am being trolled by someone inside Disney Merchandise.

IMG_5327There are actually two Disney outlet stores in Orlando. Both are in Orlando Premium Outlet shopping complexes, and they are called Disney’s Character Warehouse, presumably because The Land Of Misfit Toys was already trademarked. There is one Character Warehouse located on International Drive close to Universal Studios (4951 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819), and the other is on Vineland Avenue, right across I-4 near the exits to Disney World (8200 Vineland Ave, Orlando, FL 32821). For this edition of MMM, we went to the location near Universal.

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If you liked what you read here, you may enjoy THE SATURDAY SIX articles every week on the TouringPlans.com blog, as well as the Pardon the Pixie Dust podcast.

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41 thoughts on “The Magic, The Memories, and Merch! May 2014 Photo Report of the Disney Outlet Store

  • We just returned from Disney World and went buy those two stores plus the small one on State Route 535. We hit all those on Sunday afternoon since we had our fill of Star Wars Weekend at DHS. All three stores had some great finds. The store on SR 535 had Mickey golf shirts in various colors and styles for $10 that I know sold for $30+ at the parks because I bought one (if only I had waited 2 years!). At the two “Character Warehouse” stores we got lots of those Epcot 30 pins and lanyard, plus a black shirt with a light up Mickey on the the front (last one). They had tons of the WDW light up shirts though. And I almost bought one of the Donald in Carbonite boxes but I was running out of cash. We’ll try to keep another afternoon open next trip for return shopping trips!

  • Hi, I haven’t checked everyone else’s comments but I thought I’d put a thought out there…the paper with wildflower backing card for the pin, I think that means they put seeds in it, so if it is planted or discarded the chance is it will grow into some beautiful flowers.

    I also thought I’d shed some light on the British. Those Prince George mugs ended up in our sales and discount stores too! There are very few people here in the UK that actually buy those things. They tend to sell really well in London because people who are visiting from other countries like to take a little piece of England home with them. Our royal family seem to have an awful lot of interest.

    I hope that gives you a little insight!

    Thanks for the blog! I look forward to it every month!


    • Thanks for the great feedback Charlotte! Glad to hear that for the most part those in the UK are relatively sane. I was having my doubts after the success of One Direction.

      • Oh no, I’m not sure I can promise sane! I’m not sure I understand the fascination with One Direction…and they came 2nd on the tv show! They have just been named the 4th richest musicians on the UK rich list! How??? Soon enough their perfume a long with the plasters, toothpaste, biscuits, stickers, stationary, lamps and bedding with their faces on will end up in a discount store all of it’s own!

        I’m looking forward to visiting one of these Disney outlet stores myself in October, is it worth venturing to the one nearest Universal and I am staying much closer to the one at LBV!?

      • No, If you are much closer to the ones near Downtown Disney and SR535 it makes much more sense just to visit that one. There’s no reason to risk your sanity taking I-4 unless you were already going to that area for Universal, Wet n’ Wild or some place in that vicinity. While there can be a wide difference in product, I personally would find it hard to justify the time, expense, and possible stress of making the drive. I would say the same for the other way too, if someone is staying onsite at Universal or at one of their partner hotels, there’s no reason to make the drive over to the Lake Buena Vista ones if you are already going to the I-Drive location.

      • Perfect! Thank you! I might have dragged my family there if you hadn’t said!

        I found some fantastic bits last time we were there in December. Some of the kitchenware that we’d spotted in the World Of Disney. I got a great iPhone 5 case for $3, some stationary and hoody.

        I’m a bargain shopper so to find this place is a dream! I only wish I lived closer!

  • Derek. Were Is the outlet mall located?


    • Hi Robyn, at the end of every Outlet Report I give the address for both of the Disney Outlet Stores in Orlando as well as say where I went for each edition. This month’s report came from the store closest to Universal and it is at the end of I-Drive.

  • Hilarious comments Derek. I’ve been reading them out loud to my work colleague. I will certainly look at these stores in a new light on my next trip.. 🙂

  • Can I join you on your next visit to the outlet?

  • I love your monthly visits to the outlets!

  • This is the best Disney website and although most posts are incredibly useful and interesting, this monthly stroll through the outlets is still my favorite. Thank you again, Derek!

  • Ha! Believe it or not I would love the commemorative mug! My sister and I were in London last year when Prince George was born. Wonder if I could call the outlet for one?

    • I don’t think they have a system set up to ship. I will ask on my next trip to the Outlets and report back. If you’d like, I will grab a mug for you although I think UPS would eat up whatever discount was on the mug.

  • Were France the only EPCOT 30 shirts they had? Any other countries? I have been looking for Morocco and Italy for a while.

  • Those ’13’ pins relate to a special calender that I picked up from Disneyland last year (I’m guessing it was sold at DW as well). Every month they would release a new pin with that months calender design. I think these were later months, maybe September & November?

  • I was going to say that the boxes are called PokitPals from Robert Olszewski, but looks like somebody beat me to it.

  • I wish you did these posts more often, Derek! They make my evening (that’s when the touringplans email update drops into my mailbox in Amsterdam). I went to one of the outlets once and didn’t buy anything because I completely understood what the stuff was doing there, but when I read your post there are always things I like. The oswald plush doesn’t seem creepy at all to me though it’s face could use some resquishing!
    The pin paper indeed gives wildflowers when planted, and I recognized the Olszewski boxes because I love them, though these ones not so much….
    Anyway, hilarious! Thank you 🙂

    • Thank you for the kind note. I have no problem whatsoever believing someone in Amsterdam thinks that Oswald plush looks perfectly normal. I bet of all people you could even use one of those PockitPals to put something in… WINK WINK.

      • LOL! Let’s all go to Amsterdam and check it…

      • LOL, I guess I had that coming, I’m laughing while feeling slightly offended 😀

  • I get as a Disney fan the Rockin’ Roller Coaster shirt being lame. As an Aerosmith fan it’s a pretty cool “Get Your Wings” style retro shirt. I kinda love it! But I’m a dorky fan girl. Thanks for the post 🙂

  • Those little boxes are a new version of vintage pill boxes. People would have them to hold their medications once upon a time.

    • Thank you very much Ann. I’ve been looking to surprise Len Testa with a belated birthday gift and The Golden Horseshoe PockitPal looks like it could hold at least a three day supply of Cialis.

  • Hi Derek,
    great article as usual. I think the support paper of the Chip and Dale’s pin “This paper embedded with wildflower” means that is recycled paper that has some wild flower seeds in it. You wet it and put into soil and eventually the flowers will grow… that’s just my guess.

    • I think you are right. And after I dig a small hole to plant that card I’m gonna dig a bigger one next to it for the Chip & Dale Cars one.

      • Ha! Great!

      • Maybe a toystory-cars-chipanddale flower will come out (?)

  • Derek, I also meant to tell you how much I enjoy these monthly outlet reports. Wish you took orders for things you show. I would totally take a couple of the weirdly colored Meet and Greet Mickeys. 🙂

    • Thank you very much. It is notes like that which keep me returning to the Outlets. Well, that and the Xanax.

      • Xanax, ha! Good one.

      • I noticed you offered to pick something up for a reader in another one of your replies to a comment. If you were serious (hard to tell because you are such a humorous writer!), I would definitely be interested in two of the gold and orange colored Meet and Greet Mickeys. I would be happy to pay the cost and shipping (can do it up front so you’re not out any money). I have the purple and green version from my visit in March. Afraid the gold version will be gone by my return trip in December. What do you say?

      • You can definitely have the one I picked up (still in package) and I have a friend going tomorrow to see if there are more left and if so he will pick one up for me. Send an email to derek@touringplans.com

  • The little boxes are called PokitPals. They are collectibles from Olszewski.

    • Interesting. Other than tic tacs or dimes I’m just not sure what they could hold in your pocket.

  • Hey Derek – do you remember if the Oswald USA shirt at the I Drive outlet? I don’t remember seeing it in LBV. Thanks!

    • Hi Daisy. At the very end of every edition of the Outlet Photo Report I tell which location I visited. For this trip it was the on on I-Drive closer to Universal.


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