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The Magic, The Memories, and Merch! January 2016 Photo Report of the Disney Outlet Store

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MMM positiveWelcome to the latest edition of The Magic, The Memories, and Merch! the longest running monthly look at the Disney Outlet Stores in Orlando. The new year has started off exactly where the old one left us: with Walt Disney World closing attractions. It has been a pretty cool month though, including a cool Star Wars runDisney race out in California (and Star Wars fans owe it to themselves to watch a great parody of Undercover Boss featuring Kylo Ren). Erin Foster took us inside Vanellope’s on the Disney Dream, and for those who don’t know, this is a complete Wreck-It-Ralph themed sweet shop (pinch us, we’re dreaming). And Guy Selga introduced us to Four Glorious New Ways to Kill Time at Disneyland, including the am I dreaming this, or is this real Jungle Cruise Skipper School. 2016 is shaping up to be an incredible year.

Now while all of you were off taking your kids to see Donald Trump, Outlet Intern Julia Mascardo and I were hard at work to bring you the quality Outlet coverage you expect deserve!

Enough jibber jabber! Who is ready to hit the Outlets? Remember that clicking on any picture will open a full size version of it (don’t say we didn’t warn you).

The first item this month made my heart grow three sizes (after double checking, that enlargement of the heart was actually due to eating the Pop-Tart Sandwich at Pop Century). Behold the Luigi’s Flying Tires hat! Anyone who has visited the Disney Dump has seen the remnants of this attraction, which opened with the debut of Cars Land in the summer of 2012 and was already closed by the ending of February 2015. Believe it or not, despite only being open for only 976 days, Luigi’s doesn’t even rank in the Top Five of Short Lived Disney Attractions. Originally $24.95, this baby could be sitting on your head for just $6.99. VIVA LA DISNEY OUTLETS!

2016-01-13 10.54.28
After seeing this, I know how Indiana Jones felt seeing the Fertility Idol.  (photo by Julia Mascardo)

<a href=url>link text</a>

Tsum Tsums returned this month! However it was mostly the ones we have seen in the past (including all seven of the dwarfs), but one that was new was this crying duck. I had literally no idea who this was, but found out it was the Ugly Duckling from a quick scene in Lilo & Stitch. That’s what we call a deep dive, and I love it. I actually dropped Loot Crate this month and started up the Disney Tsum Tsum Monthly Subscription Program, so starting in February I too will annoy you with unboxing videos (although my last one didn’t go so well).

Ugly Duckling Tsum.
Ugly Duckling sequence from Lilo & Stitch.

Well look at this, a piece of Indiana Jones merch. This may be the first time I’ve ever seen that at the Outlets. Along with Indy’s trademark hat and whip, this set also comes with a gun. With Disney banning guns of any kind, this is just the first of many gun related items we are bound to see at the Outlets. Remember you can still pretend to be Indiana Jones sans fedora and whip by just knocking someone out and saying “No ticket!” Originally $26.95, reduced to $14.99.

2016-01-13 11.02.27
“Archaeology is the search for fact… not truth. If it’s truth you’re looking for, Dr. Tyree’s philosophy class is right down the hall” – Indiana Jones, The Last Crusade(photo by Julia Mascardo)

I really liked the quality of this Planes toy. It just looked sharp. Bought several of these for the kiddos in my family. Originaly $5.95, marked down to $2.99.

Planes plane that isn’t plain at all.

As a celebrated two time runDisney medal winner, you know I was going to buy one of these Marathon Mickey plush.

runDisney plush. It’s like a little version of me.

How about a Brown Squirrel plush? I actually bought this. Why? WHO KNOWS. Actually, are killer snakes afraid of squirrels? Asking for a friend.


Ok, I didn’t buy this Zebra Baby plush as I’m holding out for a baby wombat doll.

Zebra baby.

Also held back on this Dreamy Eyed Dino plush. However there is a new Simba and Nala plush at the regular Disney stores featuring the two with anime-style big eyes and if those ever show up at the Outlets I’m scooping them up. They look fantastic.

Dreamy Eyed Dino.

Maybe this was a Christmas ornament? I thought it might have been part of the Harambe Nights merchandise, but I don’t remember seeing it there.

Circle of Life thing.

This was a neat chalkboard that was originally $34.95, but reduced to $9.99. I picked this up.

Disney chalkboard.

How bizarre is this?! Starbucks Cups Christmas Ornaments! Originally $12.95, these were reduced to $4.99,  I was going to write only insane people would have this on their tree, but I have a mini-can of Coke Zero on mine, so those who live in glass houses and all that…

2016-01-13 10.46.21
Starbucks ornaments. (photo by Julia Mascardo)

I would say this is actually a really good looking plate. I remember seeing it originally in the Centerpiece store at Disney Springs. Originally $16.95, marked down to $8.99.

Florida plate.

This coffee mugs featuring Disney attraction posters were also originally from Centerpiece. Originally $12.95, reduced to $5.99.

2016-01-13 10.48.25
Disney attraction poster coffee mug.

Is it just me or does Mickey on this DSH “toothpick holder” look like he’s drunk? Originally $9.95, reduced to $4.99.

DHS shot glass.

This was the first piece of Star Wars: The Force Awakens merch at the Outlets. It wasn’t reduced ($14.95) but it is the first of what will surely be a ton of items by this summer.

“This coffee’s too hot! Who took all the sugars?!!” Kylo Ren, in the Starkiller Base restroom.

Snow Globes, an industry all but murdered by the TSA, still have a couple options at Disney. This 2015 version was originally $8.95, marked down to just $1.99.


This was a wonderful Disneyland Fleece Throw and was out in California as one of those “Buy $50 of stuff and you can buy this thing for just $20″ deals. This was marked down to $9.99.

Disneyland Fleece.


Actually very cozy.

Did not buy this and don’t understand why any non-crazy person would. These in the top five all-time strangest Disney cookie jars. Originally $44.95!!!!! Marked down to $24.95. This is the type of jar  you put Necco wafers in, and then bury it in the yard. (UPDATE: Have been alerted to the fact that some non-crazy people do indeed have this cookie jar. Maybe I’m the crazy one? As M Knight Shyamalan would say “WHAT A TWIST!“)

Mickey Cookie Jar.

I think these shirts were released last year to coincide with the NCAA’s March Madness. Originally $32.95 each, these were marked down to $14.99. And speking of March Madness: Get Ready, it’s coming…


This Fantasyland Royals shirt was the same price as those above. It’s interesting that Disney thought women would be into something like this. Looks to me like something though up by a guy, designed by a guy, and approved by a guy. I’m assuming the 1937 refers to the year Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs came out, but the more I think about that the less sense it actually makes.

I would have bought the Mexico Pavilion Padres shirt.

I like this Prince Charming shirt, but originally $34.95?! Whaaaat?! It’s now marked down to $7.99. We went to 1900 Park Fare last year with our own little Prince Charming, and he became very upset when he saw someone else dressed like him.

Prince Charming shirt.

I love this shirt. originally $24.95, reduced to $7.99.

Croc shirt.

Children’s long sleeve heavy shirt featuring the Haunted Mansion. Originally $34.85, marked down to $14.99.

Haunted Mansion long sleeve.

Always love me some DVC merch at the Outlets. Found out this past month on some DVC message boards that it upsets some DVC owners that Disney puts some of their “exclusive” merchandise  in a place where anyone can buy it. Talk about your First World Privilege. Originally $24.95, marked down to $7.99. I hope to get a chance to stay at Saratoga Springs this year in order to be able to write an article on it. Have absolutely loved my other DVC experiences at Old Key West, the BoardWalk, and Kidani Village.

Saratoga Springs shirt.

Star Wars Ugly Sweater Pajama Pants. Maybe this is why Luke went into hiding. Originally $38.00, marked down to $19.99

2016-01-13 10.53.50

Tinker Bell iPhone 4 case. Reduced to $4.99.


This Ant-Man iPhone 6 case also reduced to $4.99. This was a surprise.


The 2015 iPhone 6 case was originally $29.95, marked down to $4.99 with the rest.

iPhone 6 case.

Surprised Disney just doesn’t save these St. Patrick’s Day lanyards just a little bit longer to sell at full price at the parks and resorts.

St. Paddys.

Special Disneyland “limited edition” Sorcerer Mickey watch. Marked at $9.99.

2016-01-13 10.50.01
Sorcerer Mickey watch. (photo by Julia Mascardo)

Not surprising that plenty of these Disney Christmas socks made it to the Outlets. I don’t think you could wear these with shoes that comfortable, and because of the the way it’s made they are even more of a slipping hazard than normal socks if you just wear them around the house.

2016-01-13 10.51.45
Christmas socks.

There’s a great new Wonderground Gallery at the Marketplace Co-op in Disney Springs. Along with incredible prints and other items, they do have $5 postcards. That’s a little too pricey for my blood when it comes to a postcard, but I will drop $1.99 at the Outlets. One looks like Mickey Mouse on an acid trip, and the other was a wonderful version of the Tiki Room.

Wonderground Gallery

This black and white Vinylmation pair was originally $29.95, marked down to $6.99.


Here is a Halloween set featuring Mickey and Pluto. Same price.

Halloween Vinylmation.

Here was a fun surprise. Awesome 2016 Disney Attraction Poster Calendars. Originally $21.95, these were marked down to just $4.99 in January! Wow! This is what we call a Must-Get item for just about any Disney fan for that price.

2016-01-13 10.58.15
Disney Attraction Calendar.  (photo by Julia Mascardo)

Presented without commentary. Originally $95.00, marked down to “just” $49.99.

2016-01-13 10.55.58
(photo by Julia Mascardo)

There are actually two Disney outlet stores in Orlando. Both are in Orlando Premium Outlet shopping complexes, and they are called Disney’s Character Warehouse, presumably because The Land Of Misfit Toys was already trademarked. There is one Character Warehouse located on International Drive close to Universal Studios (4951 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819), and the other is on Vineland Avenue, right across I-4 near the exits to Disney World (8200 Vineland Ave, Orlando, FL 32821). 

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We also did an edition of Magic, Memories, and Junk for a non-Disney owned Outlet Store, and for you merch addicts like myself, you may also enjoy a look at the official Disney merchandise available on the Disney Cruise Line, Castaway Cay, and at the Orlando International Airport.

If you liked what you read here, you may enjoy THE SATURDAY SIX articles every week on the blog and you can follow your humble author on Twitter (@derekbugan).

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20 thoughts on “The Magic, The Memories, and Merch! January 2016 Photo Report of the Disney Outlet Store

  • I bought that 2016 calendar at the outlet then went to Epcot. Saw the exact same thing in the store by spaceship earth for full price. Crazy that they have items in both outlets and the parks.

  • Hey Derek and Julia! I look forward to this blog more than anything else in the entire month! I was at the outlets a few days ago (yes, I’m crazy enough to go to both in one day) and I loved getting that calendar! I was amazed at all the “gun” merchandise on display, and totally floored by the “full price” mickey christmas hat, for 27.95. That was at the Vineland location, so maybe you, Derek, missed that crazy train. Did you ever discover the parking garage? really makes a difference! Anyway, thanks for making me smile, laugh, and wish I lived closer to Florida every month! Keep up the good work!

    • Ironically, just days after I wrote about never seeing the parking garage, I was routed to it in the morning because I was so early at the Vineland Outlets. They had all the other parking areas closed off and everyone had to use the garage. I’ll say this, it’s no E-Ticket garage like the one at Disney Springs. 😉

  • Which outlet location was this at? Sorry, I couldn’t see anywhere in the article where it said.. 🙂

    • I’m guessing the now smaller I Drive location. Derek has posted in past blogs that he doesn’t like the Vineland outlets. But I could be wrong.

      • Pretty much. When you see an item that says “photo by Julia Mascardo” under it, it came from the Vineland location. The others came from I-Drive.

  • I have that black platter. It reminds me of things that were in style when I started going to WDW as a kid. Looks like something you would have seen for sale at HoJo or Stuckeys. I also love the attraction mugs. We enjoy them on a daily basis. It makes getting up and going to work easier if I know that it will allow me to afford to go to Disney:) I bet that’s not the last of the Kylo Ren stuff heading to the outlet. I wish I had waited until I saw the movie before buying myself a Kylo t-shirt. Keep the reports coming. They always make my day.

  • I love the Tikkki room postcard. It’s by Joey Chou. He work is wonderful and colourful.

  • The Circle of Life ornament is from the Lion King Broadway show. Seems an odd thing if they were selling it at the theatres though!

    • Wow. That would be unbelievable if more Disney Broadway stuff arrived.

  • Please add a total spent at the end of each month and then a round up at the end of the year. Maybe a “saved” amount too with the original prices. I love this post every month! Thanks!

    • Can’t speak for Derek, but my family tends more towards the minimalist lifestyle, and I’m a cheapskate, so that keeps the bills down. If it weren’t for having a five-year-old kid and a brand-new house, I probably wouldn’t get much for my husband and I.

      For the past six months, I’ve purchased some Disney Infinity stuff, a pillow, a napkin (the Aloha one for framing), a few t-shirts, a couple magnets, one piece of artwork, a stuffed Figment, a couple pins, a couple MagicBands, and a calendar. All in all, it comes in around $200-300 (mostly the DI stuff and the piece of artwork) over six months. The average discount you can expect from retail at the Disney outlet stores is 40-70%, and most of my purchases tend to be at the 60% off range.

      To me, 40% off means bringing an item from a theme-park markup to a “normal” price, 50% off is like a “normal” item being on sale, and beyond that means it is a good deal. But if it is something you want, and the price is one you’re willing to pay, it is a good deal.

    • If kept track of how much I spent at the Outlets it would lead to one inevitable confusion, a total stoppage of going to the Outlets. Right now it’s on a Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy and I already almost got scared straight this past week when discovering I spent over $450 in tolls alone driving up and back to the Outlets.

  • The LILO and Stitch ducks sold out when I went looking for them at the Disney Store. Do you know if I can buy them through Disney Outlet website?

    • The Outlets don’t have a website. Best bet would be trying the new Disney Parks shop app. Check the blog early this week as I believe a review of that very same app is coming.

      • I believe the Ugly Duckling from Lilo and Stitch is actually an Easter egg and he’s the same little guy from the Disney Silly Symphonies Ugly Duckling short so it’s not quite as random an idea for merchandise as it first appears

  • Thank you! Hilarious and insightful as always.
    re: MM cookie jar…I imagine it’s 4:45 on a Friday afternoon and someone is one design shy of his monthly quota. Of course, that doesn’t explain how it made it past every other level of quality control.
    …assuming there are other levels.

  • Hi Derek and Julia, I love this feature so much, thank you for all your hard work! This month’s report was a lot of fun to read but did leave me with two burning questions: Did Derek purchase the Luigi’s Flying Tires hat, and did you ever find that snake?

    • There’s a long story to that snake. Here’s the Cliff’s Notes. We had a bird in a large cage that we kept outside on the lanai. One day the bird was just gone. We had no idea what happened. Bird rapture? My vegan girlfriend actually speculated someone broke in to steal the bird. Then a night or two later I saw the snake.
      So of course we just moved. It was the only way to be sure.

  • I was pretty hype when I got to visit “Club Burgan” earlier this month while staying at a nearby hotel.

    It seemed to be exactly what you’ve represented in these reports, a lot of junk that couldn’t (and shouldn’t) sell at the parks, mixed with a few deep-discount gems.

    I only picked up the attractions poster, which was a steal at $5 (it’s still full price at Disneyland as of 1/29), but there were a couple other things I would’ve purchased if I had space in my suitcase.


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