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The Magic, The Memories, and Merch! February 2017 Photo Report of the Disney Outlet Store

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Welcome to the latest edition of The Magic, The Memories, and Merch! the longest running monthly look at the Disney Outlet Stores in Orlando.

It’s the last day of February and – DO YOU BELIEVE IN MIRACLES?! – the long delayed Rivers of Light finally made its debut in the Animal Kingdom. Reaction to the show has been favorable, except for the fascinating demographic known as theme park bloggers. Bloggers – who have now seen the show more than anyone – started off saying the show wasn’t that impressive at all. After two or three shows, they started remarking how good the soundtrack is and that the show is growing on them. By the end of the week, many had completely flip flopped and said Rivers of Light was a very good show. Now, this could be a case of Stockholm Syndrome, but most likely it is because Rivers of Light completely eschews what we have become used to in theme park shows and goes back to an original concept like the crowd pleasing IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth. No intellectual properties, and a show that rewards multiple viewings. There’s reason to believe Rivers of Light will get additions in the coming months to improve that show even more, and that’s a win-win for all of us.

Now, what did Outlet Intern Julia Mascardo, secret shopper Showcase Of Wishes and I find when we stepped into Mordor the Disney Outlet Stores? Let’s check it out!

A while back Disney came out with a unbelievable amount of huge luggage tags. They were very colorful and several of the designs were actually really neat and well themed to “air travel.” Several of the luggage tags made it to the Outlet this month including ones for Dumbo (the flying elephant), Pixar’s Up, and Buzz Lightyear. Originally $12.95 each, these were reduced to $4.99.

How great is the Up one?!

Here is another luggage tag featuring the Genie from Aladdin. Originally $8.95, now $2.99.

So how long before they announce the live action remake of Aladdin? Over/Under is 7 days if Beauty and the Beast opens to over $100M.

Loved this one. It was a small notebook that reminded me of the Disney Little Golden Books. Originally $6.95, now $3.99.

Bambi notebook.
First page of the notebook is gorgeous.

Then it becomes a full out notebook where you can write your shopping lists, plans for a Disney vacation, or even a dream journal.

Next up is an interesting notepad that comes in the form of a flip book. Great idea in theory, but not sure how well it translates to your average guest. Originally $6.99, reduced to $2.99.

Flipbook notepad.  (photo by @ShowcaseOfWishes)

It was notepad month, as these pads themed to princesses also arrived. These were originally $12.95 each, reduced to $2.99. They seem completely impractical as a notepad because unless you’re writing in sharpie you won’t be able to see half of what you write because the colors are so dark.

Princess notepads.

One of the best days of the year are when the annual Theme Park Attraction Calendars make it to the Outlets. It’s an annual tradition and one of the best buys you can make. Originally $24.99, these were reduced to $4.99. This is a complete steal because this is pound for pound the best calendar Disney makes.

Attraction calendar front. (photo by @showcaseofwishes)
Attraction calendar back. (photo by @ShowcaseOfWishes)

I completely marked out seeing some of the new postcards this month. I’ve seen this design for Space Mountain and have considered buying it as a larger print several times at the Marketplace Co-op in Disney Springs. Now the postcard was $4.95 – which normally I would consider a price only someone trying to reenact Brewster’s Millions should pay – but I bought it anyway.

Love this retro style.

I also bought this Jungle Cruise postcard, also $4.95 (no discount).

Jungle Cruise.

Bought a couple of these plates for the kiddos in the family. They are made out of “tempered glass” (whatever that means) and have a “removable silicone cover” (for who knows what reason.) Originally $12.99 each, reduced to $4.99.

Mickey and Minnie plates.

Who is buying glassware themed to the Twenty Eight & Main brand? I mean that’s just nuts. I guess these would be okay “thank you” gifts to executives or maybe people who designed the cool-but-overpriced t-shirts, but a regular person? Originally $12.95, now $3.99.

Just when you think you’ve seen it all…

Okay, this is cool. A set of three retro-style serving dishes. One themed to Tomorrowland, one to Fantasyland, and one to Frontierland. They all sit on a plate that is also themed. Originally $29.95, now just $17.99.

More retro! (photo by @ShowcaseOfWishes)
Better view of what you get. (photo by @ShowcaseOf Wishes)

Like I wasn’t going to get this. A Jumbo Mini Light Glow Necklace. Originally $14.95, now $4.99.

Jumbo Mini Lights!
Let it Glow.
This little girl has yet to understand that the Osborne Lights aren’t coming back this year and I don’t want to be the one to break it to her…

Considered this one because of the cute packaging, but ended up passing. The set of three cocoa cans was originally $12.99, now $6.99.


Not sure of the original price, but these snowman themed tote bags were reduced to $7.99.

Snowman Tote. (photo by @ShowcaseOfWishes)


Our first stop is at these Miss Piggy themed high-heel shoe Christmas ornaments. WHAAAAAAT? Originally $19.95, now $9.99.

Miss Piggy High-Heels.

Our last stop is at these Marie-from-Aristocats themed high-heel Christmas ornament. I feel like there should be a documentary on Netflix that covers people who collect these. This is a judgement-free zone, I’m just intrigued. I mean, I can get Princess-themed high heels, I guess. But one for a cat? One for Roz from Monster’s INC? ONE FOR MUSHU?! Forget what I said, we’re in full judgement mode now.

Also $9.99.

When I saw this AT-AT pillow I had to get it. Even though it wasn’t priced. I still don’t know the original price, but it was reduced to $6.99. I love it.

AT-AT pillow.

DHS is getting a new BB-8 meet and greet this year, and what a better way to display your picture than in one of these frames. Originally $21.99, now $10.99. Let’s have a bit of SYNERGY here, have you read the SATURDAY SIX covering the Seven Hour Guided Star Wars Tour at DHS? Well, what are you waiting for?!


These leather Star Wars wallet was behind the counter and I came oh-so-close to picking it up. Originally $32.99, now $25.99 and I think I’ll get it the next time I see it.

Better be able to hold my GI Joe membership card.

This is kind of an ugly Star Wars coffee cup, even by Force Awakens standards. Originally $14.99, now $5.99.

Hard pass.

Last month we saw Anakin and Ahsoka in a three pack, but here they are in a set that includes other stuff to play the now-defunct game. Originally $64.99, but I wasn’t taking this to the register to see what the clearance price is but the smart money is on $29.99.

Not exactly “Infinity” in the Webster’s Dictionary version of the world….

Would this be the least practical key chain or what? Am I living on some sort of Bizarro-Earth?! This was reduced to $3.99.


Now this is more like it. A light-up Captain America shield keychain. Originally $7.95, reduced to $3.99.


Cute Kermit the Frog keychain. Reduced to $3.99.


If you look to the left of Kermit above you’ll see a Mickey thing. I couldn’t tell what it was, and I was a bit intrigued.

Mickey thing.

Turns out is was a foldable brush, complete with a mirror. This was so crazy I didn’t mind paying the original price of $7.95 (no discount.)

That glowing thing is a Rivers of Light Lotus Flower.

Were you ever looking for a bag of 24 pieces of reusable Mickey head ice cubes? Originally $8.99, now $2.99.

“Ice” “cubes.” (photo by @ShowcaseOfWishes)

Time for a couple Disney Cruise Line branded products, included this 2016 Photo Album. Originally $24.95, now $7.99.

DCL photo album.

2016 DCL photo frame I do like the four ships deal at the bottom. Originally a bonkers $24.95, now $7.99.

Photo frame.

Quick DCL tangent, did you know they released DCL Tsum Tsums this month?! Soon there will be Tsum Tsums available in certain cities like London, Chicago, New York and Hawaii, so if you live in any of those cities, please send an email to Derek@TouringPlans.com

Now then, back to this DCL Towel Tote which has been reduced to $9.99. We have been informed by cruising expert @TheDCLBlog that these are incredible handy to have.

I prefer to “air dry.” This may explain why I’m not allowed within 500 yards of the Disney Wonder though.

I actually grabbed this DCL “Officer Pin Trading Night 2016” pin. Love the design and great packaging. Originally $14.95, now $6.99.

DCL pin.

This Halloween pin is actually kinda weird. Originally a next level insane $15.99, now $6.99.

Halloween pin.

Two different Hanukkah pins. Each were originally $14.99, reduced to $6.99.

Hanukkah pins.

Check this out and tell me on a scale of 1 – Animal Kingdom Poop Snacks how crazy it is. Not only is it Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy presenting sushi rolls that look like themselves, but the back has the recipe for how they made them. THIS IS INSANE. Originally $59.99. Did you see that? ORIGINALLY $59.99. Now $29.99.

Food and wine pins.
Sometimes I can’t believe my own eyes.

I consider myself the Guardian of Blogger Etiquette, and when I realized I had taken this picture with the Mickey head on the box upside down I almost gave myself ten lashes in town square. I did pick one up though. Originally $32.99, reduced to $9.99.

Easter MagicBand.

I love Prince Charming bands. Reduced to $1.99.

These bands don’t work at all on your WDW hotel room doors, just like the real MagicBands!

Several new magnets this month, include this one featuring a very artsy Mickey. Originally $5.99, reduced to $5399.

Mickey magnet.

This magnet featuring the Partner’s Statue and Cinderella Castle was reduced to $3.99. (I wonder how much I could charge for the re-imagined Partner’s Statue magnet now that we have a new President…)

Walt and Mickey magnet.

Very cute magnet featuring Minnie and Mickey as mermaids at Cinderella Castle as a sand castle. Actually that sand castle may be to scale, in which case it would be the castle out in Disneyland (THAT’S RIGHT GUY SELGA, I WENT THERE.) Magnet was reduced to $3.99.

Mermaid Magnet. (photo by Scarlett Ashley)

2016 Magnet set featuring the Fab Five and Daisy Duck. Originally $9.95, now $2.99.

Magnet set.

I actually really love everything about this shirt, except the Christmas tree. Kinda dates everything. Originally $27.99, now $6.99.

Disney vacation shirt. (photo by @ShowcaseOfWishes)

Interesting Pirates of the Caribbean themed hoodie. Originally $49.95, now $19.99.

Pirates hoodie.

DCL tank top. Originally $32.95, now $13.99.


Super cute ugly Christmas sweater t-shirt. Originally $32.99, now $12.99.


Here’s a rare one, a shirt themed to EPCOT’s Holidays Around the World. Originally $34.99, now $10.99.

Holidays Around the World.

Mickey and Minnie in film-strip t-shirt. With and original price of a next-level bananas $44.95, I’m going to guess it was being sold at Tren-D in Disney Springs. It has been reduced to $14.99.

Film strip.

Now this is a really cute shirt until you get to whatever is happening at the bottom left hand side of it. Maybe it’s too fashionable for a blue collar worker like me to understand. Originally $39.95, now $19.99.

Mickey and Minnie.

From the John Lassiter Jr collection. Originally $34.95, now $14.99.

Kid’s shirt.

I liked this “Four Parks” shirt. Originally $24.99, now $7.99.

Four Parks.
Close up on logo.

Here were some new sets of clothes to join the Junior Blogger set we saw last month (the one that’s third from the left). All were originally $29.95, reduced to $9.99.

Kids clothes.

Here’s a bucket hat from either the Beach Club or DCL. Originally $29.95, now $7.99.

Bucket hat.

Dale hat (several Dales were available, no Chips.) Originally $24.95, now $7.99.

One half of the RESCUE RANGERS.

Here’s a very cool Chip & Dale postcard. Originally $4.95, now $1.99.


2016 branded photo clip frame. Originally $17.99, now just $2.99. (I have literally never seen these clip frames, Disney or otherwise, in another human being’s house).

Clip frame.

Minnie-themed stickers. Each was originally $6.95, now $1.99.


For those of you who put these type of stickers on your car. Originally $6.95, now $1.99.


Here was a fun little set of binder clips. Reduced to $3.99.

Binder Clips.

All the “flat art” that was originally $39.95 was reduced to $19.99, including these pieces featuring Madame Leota and Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland.

Flat art.

Last month we saw a Toy Story 3D Crystal Puzzle featuring the alien, and this month we see Buzz Lightyear. A reader wrote in saying they have bought these puzzles, and no directions came with it, which help explain why they would be intended for ages “12+.” Call me crazy, but I’m not sure how many teenagers are going to want a Buzz Lightyear puzzle. Originally $17.99, now $7.99.

Toy Story.

Some iPhone 6 cases featuring Bob Iger’s greatest purchases. Civil War case was originally $29.95, reduced to $7.99, while the Luke and Leia was originally $29.95, reduced to $9.99.

iPhone cases.

This was awesome. Before Disney started putting out Fuel Rods at the parks and Disney Springs, they had this D-Tech Rechargeable Battery Power stick. For an original price of $44.95, you got a whopping 2600mAh in return. I believe this is even less power than what’s in the Fuel Rods (which ain’t much.) This was reduced to $12.99.

For $45 you can almost have a enough juice in your phone to type a complaint letter.


There are actually two Disney outlet stores in Orlando. Both are in Orlando Premium Outlet shopping complexes, and they are called Disney’s Character Warehouse, presumably because The Land Of Misfit Toys was already trademarked. There is one Character Warehouse located on International Drive close to Universal Studios (4951 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819), and the other is on Vineland Avenue, right across I-4 near the exits to Disney World (8200 Vineland Ave, Orlando, FL 32821). 

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We also did an edition of Magic, Memories, and Junk for a non-Disney owned Outlet Store, and for you merch addicts like myself, you may also enjoy a look at the official Disney merchandise available on the Disney Cruise Line, Castaway Cay, and at the Orlando International Airport.

If you liked what you read here, you may enjoy THE SATURDAY SIX articles every week on the TouringPlans.com blog and you can follow your humble author on Twitter (@derekbugan).

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14 thoughts on “The Magic, The Memories, and Merch! February 2017 Photo Report of the Disney Outlet Store

  • Is it just me, or does the Tree of Life graphic on the 4 Parks shirt look more like an H-Bomb test than a tree? Probably just me LOL.

  • So,how do you know which merchandise is where? Thanks.

  • Is there an email address to contact the outlet about purchasing items? Do we just call the store directly and they will take cards over the phone? I saw a few items I would like to purchase but its an expensive trip from western Ny to there to get them hahah. I have to imagine even with shipping its cheaper than the original pricing.

    • If you buy the items, they will be full-priced, not reduced-price.

  • Where is the outlet store? I’m always up for a good deal.

    • The addresses are listed at the end of the article, as always.

  • “For those of you who put these type of stickers on your car.”
    That was as deliciously sarcastically spot-on as your journal entry was straight-up hilarious.
    Thank you!

  • We were at outlet a couple weeks ago and found the Space Mountain postcards and I bought one for $1.99. Must have been lucky that day!

  • I kinda thought the high heel ornaments were cute… when they were just the princesses and they actually looked like something the characters might, you know, actually wear (Mushu and Marie do not wear or need high heels!!!). The ornaments are cool, but not $19.95-cool.

  • The tote bag with the snowman was a purchase with purchase during the holidays. I believe it was originally $19.99…with a purchase of some amount.

  • If you look at those post cards as just small prints of the art work, it can be a cheap way to get a design you like without having to pay for a larger version. I got two for some really cool looking Haunted Mansion and Malicifent artwork, put them in some small cheap frames and have them on my desk at work. 🙂

  • Just fyi I have at least 2 photo clip thingies in my house that I use. One is Wells Fargo themed (it was free) and a generic flower. I use them for postcards mostly, because as a scrapbooker bent pictures are a mortal sin.


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