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New Ride Details for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

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Construction views back in February
Construction views back in February

When will it ever open?! I think that’s how all of us feel about this much anticipated attraction – Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. It is the final piece of the New Fantasyland expansion at the Magic Kingdom and we have watched, with bated breath, as it has grown up in the land.

While we still don’t know the exact opening date (though rumors have indicated May 2, keep in mind those are still rumors…nothing official has come from Disney yet), we are getting closer to the opening of the attraction, as I have come across some brand new information, detailing what you can expect with this new attraction. Let’s go on a journey, shall we?

First, we will start with the queue. As previously mentioned, this will be an interactive queue, and there will be three different interactive sections. You enter the queue and pass by a cottage as you make your way towards the mountain. You will then enter the mine of the Seven Dwarfs. Here, Doc will have a series of tasks that need to be completed, and you are invited to help!

First, guests will begin by sorting the jewels. Guests are asked to match jewels by color and shape as they flow down a wooden trough (created by touch screen video screens). After that, they will then wash the jewels by using a musical water spigot. Make sure to listen, as each spigot plays notes that together should create a familiar tune. Finally, guests enter the vault, where they see wooden barrels with stones. As the stones are turned, the ceiling above transforms.

Ok, so now we are going to get into the actual ride spoilers. If you want to be spoiled, click on to continue…

So, I see you’ve decided to join me! Let’s get to the nitty gritty and talk about the actual ride.

You will start out by boarding your mine car. From there, you will take off, winding down and around before starting to head up a very steep hill. Near the peak, you will see the broken track that lies before you, and look above as there will be two ominous vultures perched atop a crane…never a good sign. (The vultures are from the former Snow White’s Scary Adventure attraction.) But what’s this? You’ll hear a recognizable song being sung from the mountain. From there, your cart careens over the crest, where you will travel down and around the mountain, and head inside the mine shaft.

Once inside, you will happen upon all seven of the Seven Dwarfs, who are all collecting the gleaming jewels. You will make your way through the cavernous mine and ascend back outside again. Once you reach the top of the hill, be on the lookout for a gorgeous view of New Fantasyland. As you head back down the hill, guests will then pass behind a waterfall, and will also have the chance to peer into the cottage where Snow White and her friends are dancing. The mine car then returns, and did I mention that it sways as it goes along.

If the attraction is anything like the ride description from Disney, it sounds like it will be a lot of fun. I cannot wait until the ride officially opens, which hopefully will be sometime in the near future!

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19 thoughts on “New Ride Details for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

  • Today, I received an email from Disney Destinations stating that due to operational changes, my FP+ for Mad Tea Party on May 2nd at 10:30 was changed to 2:15. I wonder if this has anything to do with the opening of 7DMT and I wonder why this would affect Mad Tea Party?

    • They are closing most of the rides in that area on the morning of May 2nd, presumably for the media events surrounding the opening of mine train.

  • We were there in the last week of March. They were running trains along the track. But without people in them. Also, there was a lot of construction worker activity at various doors.

    I’m going to wildly interpret this to mean that the ride builder contractor still had “possession” of the ride. But they seemed to be in a “rush” to get it done and hand it over to Disney Imagineering.

    I have no idea if that’s how these things work. But it sounds good. Most people walking into the work site had no Disney CM badge or displayed credentials other than a hard hat or something of the sort.

    It seems like the ride entrance will VERY INCONVENIENTLY be across from little mermaid facing north and on the north side of the ride.

    And there is going to be queue area or some type of walkway next to the ride on the east side between it and Dumbo’s new location and across from teacups and the edge of the raceway. The construction walls there are about 3 feet into the walking area at the edge of the attraction, probably to repair walkway concrete and work on the transition from ride / attraction real estate (where no guest is allowed) to the actual walkway. I assume they tore it up pretty good.

    It’s doubtful that stroller parking along the “wall” across from Pooh will be allowed after the attraction is done. The construction door across from Pooh opened to let a few people in and I got a peek. There’s a lot of space there between the construction wall and the attraction barrier to the tracks.

    So, at least we know that once snow white mine train is done, the new Fantasyland won’t feel so “split” up. Getting from the bathroom behind Pinocchio’s pizza restaurant to new Dumbo location will probably seem a lot easier and less bottlenecked by Winnie the pooh.

    Or the walk from Peter Pan or Haunted Mansion to teacups will see less crowded.

    Of another important touring note: Just like splash mountain and big thunder are really close to the frontierland train station, now Fantasyland will have a “mountain” ride near a train station.

    Glad to see a May 2 rumor. I like star wars weekend, and since that’s about 2 weeks after May 2, then it might be up and running. And another good news element is that hotel guests won’t have first crack at FPP reservations during it’s first 30 days of being open!!

    So on a daily basis, keep checking for snow white mine train adventure to be a FPP choice for May 2 or later!!

  • I wish they would announce when the Mine Train is opening and when fast passes will be available. We are arriving on May 2nd for a week so I am keeping my fingers crossed!

  • I’m there both 30th April and 2nd May
    30th April looks be set for press launch, and 2nd may possible soft opening. I’d be very happy if those in park can ride after the staff get their turn.

  • I found this at Moms Panel:

    “Also, the new attraction Seven Dwarfs Mine Train will have it’s grand opening at the beginning of May. This ride has been an anticipated addition to Magic Kingdom and New Fantasyland for a while, so Walt Disney World fanatics have been very excited to find out if it will be open for the spring and summer vacation season.”

    This is a good sign, right? 😛

  • Will there be a passholders preview before the opening?

    • I’m a Passholder and so far I have heard nothing. Matter of fact, as of late, I have noticed Disney hasn’t done a whole lot of Passholders previews for new attractions. Which makes me sad. Another perk that seems to have disappeared.

      • Actually they did have passholder previews for the opening of the new fantasyland expansion.

      • Good to know. I do think Passholder previews have been lessened over the past few years. 🙂

  • Will FastPass+ be available for this attraction? If so, when? Headed to WDW on May 10. Can’t wait!

  • Where exactly is the entrance of the queue? I’m hoping for soft openings when I am down there the end of April, and don’t know where the queue could possibly be.

  • Any word on a soft opening even? I will be there April 30th and May 1st- we leave the 2nd!!

  • you basically just plagiarized the description from the disney website. You could at least source it instead of making it appear you have inside information or have ridden it.

    • Didnt you read the last paragraph?

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