Observations from Magic Kingdom: June 6, 2013

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022Last week I stopped by Magic Kingdom to check out a few new things. I actually got there early and made it on time for Rope Drop! I was worried the Welcome Show would be cancelled due to rain…it is definitely hurricane season here in Central Florida! Luckily, the show went on as planned, and I got the full opening experience. Once the park opened, instead of joining the rush to Space Mountain or Peter Pan, we hung around Main Street and waited for the Trolley Show so we could see the new summer version that had begun as part of a summertime Limited Time Magic.

002The summer version of the Trolley Show is all new! I was nervous I wouldn’t like it as much as the original (I had been really disappointed with the spring version), but I was pleasantly surprised. There was more dancing than usual, and the music was really upbeat and fun. I always think the show is a fun addition to Main Street’s atmosphere, and the fresh songs and patriotic costumes definitely get me in the mood for summer fun.

011After the show we headed off to do a lap of the park. While in Frontierland we stopped in the Frontierland Trading Post (where they sell pins and Vinylmation) and noticed something new. The store has been doing Vinylmation trading for a while, but they had added a Park Starz trading box! The box is just to trade the Park Starz Vinyls, which were previously not tradable in store. This news should make collectors who have been struggling to finish their sets (ahem…like me) very happy. This also seems to be a good sign for Vinylmation fans in general. Since Disney has been eliminating trading in so many locations across property, it’s nice to see the addition of some different experiences.

017After a quick loop on the Walt Disney World Railroad, we popped into Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe to try their new beverage…a Root Beer Slush. The drink is served on its own for $3.99 or in a souvenir Lone Ranger boot for $8.99 (the boot is also available with a regular fountain beverage for $7.79). The souvenir boot is made of plastic but is pretty cool looking. I was pleased to see Disney finally getting away from the standard brown mug they being sold everywhere with different stickers on it. The drink itself was good but very sweet. While it seemed nice at first on a hot day, it eventually got to be too sweet, and I just wanted to dump it and find some water.

013While in Liberty Square I really thought about the “Counting House” that was recently added. This is really just a booth set up for people to apply for a Disney Visa card. I know that obviously the land can’t be perfectly themed and we have to make allowances for modern conveniences, but Liberty Square doesn’t even have an actual bathroom due to theming…yet we can hock credit cards? I know it’s a silly complaint but it just seems so ridiculous right there in front of Haunted Mansion.

019In New Fantasyland we saw that they finally permanently opened the walkway that goes from Under the Sea: Journey of the Little Mermaid to Storybook Circus. They also took down some walls and added a stroller area across from the Little Mermaid entrance. The crowd flow seemed much better in this area despite the summer crowds. Instead of there being a giant traffic jam in a dead end full of strollers, there was a pathway for people and strollers were kept out of the way.

There was a big storm rolling in so we decided to end another relaxing morning in Magic Kingdom.

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5 thoughts on “Observations from Magic Kingdom: June 6, 2013

  • June 14, 2013 at 5:27 pm

    Hey, we were there on the same day! We appreciated your plans and tips so much! Weird thing about that day is, we were totally expecting to get drenched and somehow didn’t. The tropical storm scurried off, and the crowds went with them, afraid it would stay, I guess. That night was awesome! Walked right onto rides that normally had a huge wait.

  • June 14, 2013 at 11:26 pm

    I was also there– my first day since age 3 to Magic Kingdom– and we had a great day, despite the rain. Lines were short & I must say that out of 6 days in the parks, this was our best day! Bought the books, got the app, and I gotta say THANKS!


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