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Photos from Inside a Polynesian Bungalow

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These images happened to fall off a truck while I was walking around Disney World last week. They definitely are not the result of renting a pontoon boat, docking next to a bungalow, and hopping over a fence. Because that would be wrong.

Here’s the living room. I like the furniture choices – lots of natural woods and textured surfaces. Also notice how the couch faces the lagoon view, not the television.



Here’s the kitchen. Small, but functional enough to cook a light dinner if you wanted. I would have opted for a larger window over the sink instead of that decorative cupboard.



The master bedroom, with king bed. The door on the left goes to the deck, while the door on the right is to the master bath.



The master bath’s tub and glass shower.  I’m not a huge fan of tubs – I prefer showers – so this is just wasted space to me. I do like the two staggered windows to let light in. On the right side of the image, you can barely make out a small wood shelf above the sink countertop. That shelf will be handy for extra storage.

The glass shower looks fabulous, and I like how it’s oriented toward the light.



The second bedroom features a queen bed. Good lighting from a pretty big window. I’m not sure how well that headboard is going to age, but we’ll see.



The second bathroom. Note the hula girl on the shelf. Nice touch.



View from the deck. I like how the faux bamboo rails are not all perfectly aligned.



The deck’s plunge pool. I can see soaking in here with a nice drink while watching Wishes.  Of course, I can also see saving $3,000 by just watching from around the corner, too.



I’m looking forward to seeing how families react to these bungalows. I also expect Disney to build similar structures on the shores of Bay Lake, for Wilderness Lodge. Just a hunch.




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Len Testa

Len Testa is the co-author of the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World, and has contributed to the Disneyland and Las Vegas Unofficial Guides. Most of his time is spent trying to keep up with the team. Len's email address is len@touringplans.com. You can also follow him on Twitter: @lentesta.

38 thoughts on “Photos from Inside a Polynesian Bungalow

  • How many can fit in the plunge pool? It looks like it would be pretty intimate with 2 people. If you share that bungalow with another couple/family you better REALLY like them. I just don’t see fitting more than 2 in there comfortably.

  • $3,000 a night and my kids still have to share a bed?!?!? I know they’re on a lake – and I know they have a great view – but those interiors are a very long way from being special and for that kind of money they absolutely need to be. The Four Seasons in Bora Bora have overwater bungalows at about half this price!

    • That’s what I was going to say! I stayed at the Intercontinental in Bora Bora for my honeymoon and the price was around $1000 a night, if I remember correctly, for a one bedroom over-water bungalow about the same size as this two bedroom. The two bedrooms I think were around $1500 or so. And that had an awesome deck where you could jump out into the crystal aqua water and a glass window on the floor where you could see fish swim by. In BORA BORA!! These bungalows are too rich for my blood.

  • Are the beds made up that way on purpose or is a poltergeist staking pillows
    after housekeeping leaves? Also, the plastic dish drainer looks really tacky. They should have a nice bamboo one or keep that rubbermaid under the sink.

    • You do realize that these photos were taken before the units were ready to be shown to the public, right?

      I’m sure Disney appreciates the first real view being poor quality/dark cellphone(?) photos of incomplete rooms in disarray.

  • At 3K/night with check-in at 3pm and check-out at 11am that works out to $2.50/minute.
    For 3K I can usually squeeze 5-7 days of parks & DDP at Pop Century with a family of 3.
    I was underwhelmed at the furnishings, especially that teacup pool. Whose idea was a standup bathtub with a view?

    • “…especially that teacup pool. Whose idea was a standup bathtub with a view?”


  • They look awfully naff for the money. That doesn’t especially bother me as we can all choose where we book and if it’s too pricey or not to our taste we give it a miss. What does bother me is they’ve basically ruined the view for a number of Polynesian guest rooms. Interesting article but disappointing step from Disney.

  • Not impressed to be honest. And the plunge pool, why bother, it should have been a jacuzzi with seating to make it more relaxing. IMO you would not rent one for the ‘wonderful’ villa, but for the views, its not something I would rent myself, very disappoint in the look.

  • Somehow, I see these going the way of the high-end seats at the new Yankee Stadium. After the initial rush, they’re going to have a hard time filling those rooms at the published price.

    • I suspect they’ll rarely if ever be available at the published price in the first place. There are enough DVC members who will book them on points that it will be a rare event for them to even make it to the cash inventory.

      • I, as a DVC member, won’t be booking this anytime soon! Two nights there would take my whole allotment of points 🙁

  • The saying, “It costs a lot of money to look this cheap” applies in my opinion.

  • These look even nicer than the GFV.

    Love to stay here, buy one, move in, squatters rights are a US thing too right?

    • I’d give up once the room service stopped coming.

  • Great pics – thanks! We are staying in one next month for our 25th anniversary so your pictures really help us see what it will be like!!! I agree that they are a lot of money/a lot of points, but there are only 20 (for now – the Wilderness Lodge bungalows seem to be coming in 2017) and I think with that few, there is a definite market for the people who come to WDW, like to stay on property, and want something a little more.

    • I’ll be surprised if these aren’t sold out nightly. It’s just too different to pass up. But man … the equivalent of $400K – $600K/night in revenue, just for those 20 rooms.

      • I think your math is off by an order of magnitude. I also doubt any of these will be available to rent for cash after this year, none of the Grand villas at the other DVC resorts are. TCO of a dvc point is under $10, which puts these at about the same price as some of the nicer suites in GF.

  • Lucky you were there to catch the images as they fell off the truck. Erm – don’t suppose you know how much it is to rent a pontoon? Lol

  • Does the 3,000/nt price include daily housekeeping service, or will that be extra like other DVC units?

    • If you pay cash for a DVC room then housekeeping is included.

  • Also just noticed the surplus tiki room merch used as decor elements on the kitchen shelves. I guess what didn’t end up in the outlet stores went here!

  • Nice touch that they used the cover for the Annette Funicello album Hawaiiannette as decor in the second bathroom!

    Not a $3k a night kind of nice touch, but nice nonetheless.

  • Hope that’s not still an active construction site…where trespassing is a felony.

    • “Hope that’s not still an active construction site…where trespassing is a felony.”

      I think Len was too nice to say this but….

      Some people just need to get a friken life.

      • Yes, you are very nice, Lee.


  • 0% of the people who stay in these will use the kitchen for more than storing leftovers, so it’s the PERFECT size!

    • I’ve always wanted to try to cook a Thanksgiving dinner in one of these kitchens, just to see if it was possible.

      • Probably not an edible thanksgiving dinner. I found simple French toast a challenge to cook in one of these kitchens.

  • If people can afford $3000/night I highly doubt that kitchen would ever be touched!

  • For what they are charging per night these should be so much more. I’d take a grand Villa at Grand Floridian for the same points per night any day over This.

    • You could get a 1BR at the Grand Floridian and hire a personal chef to cook your meals for you, with wine service and piano player, for the cost of a bungalow. You’d have enough money left over for annual passes.

      • Len, you have to compare a GV with the bungalows to get a comparison. The bungalow is 115 points/night vs the GV at the Floridian for 112/night.

        There both crazy priced.

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