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Ranking Every Meal and Snack I Ate At Tokyo Disneyland (Again)

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I love food, I love Disney, and I really love Disney food. You know that old saying, “[thing 1] and [thing 2] go together like peanut butter and jelly.” If if I had it my way we would change that to “[thing 1] and [thing 2] go together like vacation and overeating.” Last month I went to Tokyo Disney Resort, and now over a month later I’m sitting at my desk spending hours ranking every meal and snack I ate. My parents would be so proud. I did the same thing after I traveled to TDR last year, and it seemed to get a good response. This year I upped the ante by eating an alarming 37 entrees, snacks, and drinks (up from 25 last year). I made sure to mostly try new Tokyo Disney Resort food items this time around, but there are some must-have items that are back on the list (seven of them to be exact). Let’s get in to it.

#1: Large Curry from Hungry Bear Restaurant (Tokyo Disneyland) 

1When I’m in Tokyo and outside of the parks, I am a sushi and ramen eating machine: I can’t get enough of them. But inside Tokyo Disney Resort there are some excellent curry options. The best one, in my opinion, is Hungry Bear Restaurant. Apparently a lot of people agree with me because Hungry Bear is one of TDR’s most popular restaurants. Over the years it has become so popular that the seating area has been expanded and swallowed up nearby shops to become one of the largest restaurants on property.  One bite and I could see why, it’s so full of flavor. The curry dish I ordered had a nice mix of ground beef, chicken, and vegetables. Hungry Bear Restaurant is absolutely worth a visit.

#2 Mango Mickey Waffle from Great American Waffle Co. (Tokyo Disneyland)
2Thousands of Disney fans eat Mickey waffles every day at Disneyland and Walt Disney World. Tokyo Disneyland takes it up a notch by having a whole restaurant dedicated to them, and by making the waffles the size of a child’s head. I was not expecting to be blown away by this waffle but it ended up being one of the culinary highlights of my trip. A scoop of ice cream, pureed mango, and mango mousse were all included with the waffle so you can be a bit different with each bite. Or you could get really wild and try all three. I don’t know why I skipped Great American Waffle Co. on my first trip to TDL, but now it will be a must-visit during future trips.

#3 Melon Shaved Ice with Soft Serve Ice Cream from Sultan’s Oasis (Tokyo DisneySea)
3This was another item that ended up surprising me, especially considering I’m not a huge shaved ice fan. It turns out what was missing from every other shaved ice I’ve ever had is the soft serve ice cream on top. The creaminess of the ice cream and sweetness of the melon shaved ice blended together really well, especially during the brutal heat and humidity. I should also note that this is a seasonal item only available during the summer months.

 #4: Eukiwa Buns from Seaside Snacks (Tokyo DisneySea)
4Last year I ranked this as my number 1 food item and I was curious to see if anything would be good enough to top it. The Eukiwa Bun is still one of my favorites due to the juicy shrimp, doughy bun and adorable packaging.

#5: Berry Milk Tea from Cape Cod Confections (Tokyo DisneySea)
5A simple milk tea drink with berries on the bottom, with a little whipped cream and nuts on top. On last year’s list I ranked this all the way down at number 11, which ended up being a huge mistake. My wife thought I was crazy and she was right because it’s by far my favorite drink in Tokyo Disney Resort. Every time my wife and I would drink milk tea back in Los Angeles we would say something like “This is good, but not as good as that Duffy milk tea.” I’m not joking when I say that we drank this 6 times during our trip, there were some days where we drank it multiple times just because it’s so tasty.  Because of that it shoots up the list to number 5.

#6: Chandu Tail from Sultan’s Oasis (Tokyo DisneySea)
6The Chandu Tail is another item that I ate last year and absolutely loved. The outside is a doughy gyoza bun, and the inside is cream chicken. Not exactly the best on a hot day but it’s still a must try. Like it’s cousin, Eukiwa Bun, it is extremely photogenic, unlike the dude holding it in the picture above.

#7: Mango Tapioca Drink from Squeezer’s Tropical Juice Bar (Tokyo Disneyland)
7There’s a lot of flavored drinks at TDR, both good and bad. The Mango Tapioca Drink is one of the best. I could have drank a gallon of this stuff. The only downside is that the serving size is pretty small, and it’s so good that it’ll be gone before you know it.

#8: Seafood Pizza from Captain Hook’s Galley (Tokyo Disneyland)8I ranked the Seafood Pizza from Captain Hook’s Galley at number 8 last year, and here it is at the same spot on the list. Normally I would be scared off by any quick service meal with seafood in it but this pizza tastes fresh and makes for a great snack. The only downside is the price tag of $7 per a slice.

#9: Chicken Curry from Casbah Food Court (Tokyo DisneySea)
9I ranked Casbah Food Court’s Shrimp Curry at number 2 on my list last year. Unfortunately I didn’t think the chicken version of the dish was as good. Overall it’s still a very solid meal with nice flavor, and a beautiful restaurant.

#10: Lasagna from Cafe Portofino (Tokyo DisneySea)

There’s a lot to like about Cafe Portofino. It has a good selection of delicious looking Italian dishes, and beautiful views of Mediterranean Harbor while you eat. I went with the Lasagna and was not disappointed. The dish was loaded with different kinds of cheese, not too greasy, and it included a tasty prawn on top.

#11: Seafood Pizza from Sebastian’s Calypso Kitchen (Tokyo DisneySea)11Yes, another Seafood Pizza on the list. This one is pretty much the same as the one from Captain Hook’s Galley at number 8, but something was a bit different about it that I couldn’t figure out. Maybe it wasn’t as fresh or something. I avoided Sebastian’s Calypso Kitchen during my trip last year because of its bad reputation but this pizza ended up being good.

#12: Mango and Grape Jelly Drink from Lost River Cookhouse (Tokyo DisneySea)
12The Mango and Grape Jelly Drink was another one of those items that could of been good or very very bad and I debated even buying it. But wow am I glad I did. I was afraid that it was going to be an insanely sugary sweet mess, but it was actually very good and refreshing. Neither the mango drink or grape jelly overpowered each other.

#13: Chocolate and Strawberry Crepe from Cafe Orleans (Tokyo Disneyland)
13Yet another restaurant I kicked myself for skipping during my last trip. The crepes at Cafe Orleans are freshly made right in front of you. They may be small but they are packed full of flavor, making them the perfect snack or dessert. Crepes are very popular in Tokyo and we saw dozens of shops selling them around the city, all with long lines of people waiting to purchase them. After eating so many delicious crepes in Tokyo it led me to looking on Amazon for my own crepe making device. I ended up not getting one because I know I would be too irresponsible and I’d end up eating crepes all the time.

#14: Little Green Men Mochi Ice Cream from Pan Galactic Pizza Port (Tokyo Disneyland)14Both times I’ve visited TDR I’ve gotten the most comments on social media about the Little Green Men Mochi. People love these things and I do too. They’re super cute and they taste great. I think if these were sold in the American Disney theme parks they would be a hugely popular food item

#15 Bagel Sandwich from New York Deli (Tokyo DisneySea)
15I can’t get enough of salmon, it’s one of my favorite types of fish. Throw a couple of slices on a soft bagel and it’s a match made in heaven. The Bagel Sandwich was a simple dish but it hit the spot. Throw in the vanilla creme brulee for dessert and the New York Deli becomes a solid quick service dining  location.

#16 Ice Cream Sundae from Teddy Roosevelt Lounge (Tokyo DisneySea) 16Even if this sundae was a glass full of dirt I would still call Teddy Roosevelt Lounge a must visit. Simply put it’s one of the most beautiful Disney dining location on the planet. Check out Disney Tourist Blog’s review to see pictures of the beautiful paintings and intricate wood carvings. To top it all off the lounge is located inside DisneySea’s giant steamer ship, the Columbia. For the record the sundae includes vanilla ice cream, brownie chunks, strawberry, and coffee Jell-o on the bottom.

#17: The food at Sailing Day Buffet (Tokyo DisneySea) 17Sailing Day Buffet is a buffet (shocking, right?) that is located in the American Waterfront section of DisneySea. Last year I ranked this higher at #10, but this year it didn’t exactly have the best selection of foods. Luckily what they did have was freshly made and a much higher quality than most buffets. Also the dessert selection was excellent. Sailing Day’s menu frequently changes so I would still recommend it if you are visiting DisneySea with a big appetite.

#18: Dinner from Polynesian Terrace (Tokyo Disneyland)18Polynesian Terrace is a meal and show venue at Tokyo Disneyland that has a hefty price tag of a little over $40 per a person. The meal is included in the price of the ticket and comes with all the items pictured above. You also get unlimited beverages, including their signature Polynesian Punch, which is delicious. The meal was good but nothing in particular stood out about it. There’s also a show that includes hula dancers, a live band, and a super talented lead singer who hosts the show. Overall my group had a great time.

#19: The food at Crystal Palace (Tokyo Disneyland)
19Crystal Palace was my least favorite of all the Tokyo Disney Resort buffets I’ve tried, mostly due to the small selection of foods, and the lack of any soft drinks (there is water, tea, or coffee). The food they did have was good and high in quality but overall nothing stood out. Like Sailing Day Buffet, Crystal Palace has a great dessert selection, which I loaded up on.

#20: Steak Dinner from Horizon Bay Restaurant (Tokyo DisneySea) 20Horizon Bay is a “buffeteria,” meaning you pick up the food you want while you’re in line and then pay for it when you reach the end. There is a meal option avalible where you can pick your starter, side, and dessert. I opted for the seafood salad, steak dinner, rice, and two desserts. I opted for the steak because I was curious to see what Tokyo Disney’s take on steak would be. It turns out that it’s thinly cut and covered with teriyaki sauce. Not bad. The highlight for me was the desserts (I bet you’re shocked about that). The Mickey shaped dessert on the right was some sort of berry flan kind of thing, and I really liked that.

#21: Pizza Roll from an ODV cart in Toontown (Tokyo Disneyland) 21As I’m sitting here typing this I’m thinking to myself “Wow do I really have 16 more items to go? There’s no way anyone is going to read this much. I could pretty much type whatever I wanted for this because no one will ever see it.” The Pizza Roll good, had a nice crunch to it, and was packed with pepperoni and cheese. The food in Toontown gets bonus points for this:

21_2Land-specific food wrappers!

#22: Gyoza Dog from Refreshment Station (Tokyo DisneySea)22The Gyoza Dog has been one of DisneySea’s most popular food items for over a decade now. Sometimes lines to obtain one can be over 30 minutes long. The inside of the Gyoza Dog is filled with pork, but I find it to be a bit bland. The taste is fine, but I would never wait over 10 minutes in line for one, there are much better treats in DisneySea.

#23: Honey Popcorn from a popcorn cart near Pooh’s Hunny Hunt (Tokyo Disneyland)23Like the Gyoza Dog, the popcorn of Tokyo Disney Resort is hugely popular. You can find popcorn carts with different flavors all over each theme park, each one with dozens of people in line. I wasn’t a fan of most of the flavors but two did stand out: Milk Tea, which I will get in to later, and Honey. I said the same thing last year but I wish the flavor was more intense. I want it to taste like I’m eating a spoonful of honey with a little popcorn mixed in, but it’s the other way around. It still makes for a great treat. Plus it’s affordable, each regular box of popcorn is around $3.

#24: Gelato from Gondolier Snacks (Tokyo DisneySea) 24In my normal day-to-day life I would be perfectly happy with some gelato for dessert. But in a Disney theme park there are way more unique and interesting desserts available all over the place. Also the price brings this way down in the ranking, about $6 for two tiny scoops of gelato. The gelato itself was good, I got the sea salt caramel flavor while my wife got pistachio.

#25: Beef and Rice Bowl from Plaza Restaurant (Tokyo Disneyland)  25Do you have the fast food chain near you named Yoshinoya? If you’ve ever eaten there you know what to expect from this. It was tasty, but nothing outstanding. The star of this is the egg with Mickey-shaped yolk which is pure Disney magic in food form.

#26 Mickey Hand Sandwich from from Plaza Restaurant (Tokyo Disneyland)  26The visual appeal of the Mickey Hand Sandwich is undeniable, just look at that thing! Inside is a slab of chicken with teriyaki sauce. Overall it’s not that great, but at least it’s cute.

#27: Milk Tea Popcorn from a popcorn cart Cape Cod (Tokyo DisneySea) 27The Milk Tea Popcorn is the other standout popcorn flavor, but it’s not as good as Honey. Like I said before, the flavor is very subtle.

#28: Chicken Pizza from Zambini Brothers’ Ristorante (Tokyo DisneySea) 28

Zambini Brothers’ pizza is perfectly acceptable. But if you’re going to eat pizza at DisneySea I would recommend either Sebastian’s Calypso Kitchen, or the excellent Ristorante di Canaletto (which I ranked at #7 last year). You wont hate yourself if you eat Zambini Brothers’ pizza, but it’s not the best.

#29: Easter Tipo Torta from High Tide Treats (Tokyo DisneySea) 29

A Tipo Torta is a pastry stick filled with flavored cream. As far as the taste and texture go, it is mostly like a Pop Tart. Whether that’s a good or bad thing depends on how much you personally like Pop Tarts. I honestly can’t even remember the flavor of the cream in the Easter version I had, but other flavors for sale at the location include chocolate and vanilla.

 #30: The food at from Tick Tock Diner  (Disney’s Ambassador Hotel) 30I debated ranking Tick Tock Diner’s food higher but in the end I decided not to because it’s a bit out of the way if you’re only visiting the theme parks. The food was good, and had a decent price, but it’s nothing worth going out of your way for. Tick Tock Diner would be an excellent option for people staying at Disney’s Ambassador Hotel. The items pictured are double hot dog sandwich, panini, egg and bacon sandwich, strawberry shortcake, and egg, cheese, and bacon on bread.

#31: Mile High Sandwich from New York Deli (Tokyo DisneySea) 31The Mile High Sandwich is featured on posters all around American Waterfront. The posters resemble vintage turn of the century advertising, it’s a nice little detail. As for the sandwich itself I didn’t think is was anything that great. You should definitely visit New York Deli and walk around its beautifully themed rooms, just skip the Mile High Sandwich and try something else.

#32: Corn Pizza from Huey Dewey and Louie’s Good Time Cafe (Tokyo Disneyland) 32I’m probably the wrong person to ask about this simply because I’m not a big fan of corn, especially when it overpowers everything else. Others may find this more appealing  but for me it’s near the bottom of the list.

#33: Mike Wazowski Melon Bread from Sweetheart Cafe (Tokyo Disneyland) 33This adorable baked good did the job of providing me a quick breakfast while I waited to see the Hippidy Hoppidy Springtime Parade. But it didn’t stand out in terms of taste.

#34: Mandarin Orange Shaved Ice from The Gazebo (Tokyo Disneyland) 34If you like Mandarin Orange flavoring you will probably rank this much higher than I did. I still scarfed it down because of the 90 degree temperature and 80% humidity but I didn’t really enjoy it. My wife got the one on the right, which is Matcha with Red Bean. She liked it but I didn’t try it because I find Red Bean to be repulsive. Our friends over at TDR Explorer also thought it was good in their review of TDR’s shaved ice.

#35: Cold Noodles and Fried Rice from Vulcania Restaurant (Tokyo DisneySea) 35The two dishes pictured above were so forgettable that I won’t even bother writing about them. I will still call Nautilus Galley a must visit because the inside of the restaurant is so damn cool. The restaurant located inside Mount Prometheus and is themed after a geothermal power station. It feels like you’re eating inside a cave and fans of the Jules Verne-inspired aesthetic will love it. I’ve read a few reviews talking about how good the food is at this location but I guess my wife and I got the short end of the stick with these two entrees.

#36: Donald’s Fish Sandwich from Huey Dewey and Louie’s Good Time Cafe (Tokyo Disneyland) 36This probably would have been a perfectly good fish sandwich if it wasn’t for the gigantic glob of tartar sauce. Disgusting!

#37: Fish Sandwich, Fries, and Clam Chowder from Cape Cod Cook-Off (Tokyo DisneySea) 37Bringing up the rear of the list is this meal from Cape Cod Cook-Off. I would have avoided this location all together but I’m a completionist when it comes to Disney theme parks and I hadn’t yet seen the “My Friend Duffy” show. In order to see the show you need to buy food. Even the smallest of food could grant you entry, so I could have minimized the damage by only getting a side of fries but I went all in. The food is not great, it tastes like any other sandwich and fries from any random Disney quick service restaurant. As for My Friend Duffy, it’s absolutely insane. Duffy (the Disney bear) is sad and lonely. He’s surrounded by his friends like Mickey and the rest of the gang, but he’s still missing something. In response to this Minnie Mouse decides to make Duffy a girlfriend. Yes, Minnie creates life and Duffy’s friend ShellieMay is “born.” She even comes out stumbling and confused, kind of like Frankenstein’s monster. After all of that you will leave the show with the annoyingly catchy My Friend Duffy theme song stuck in your head for the rest of your trip.

Mercifully we are at the end of the list. I’m glad I could share my Tokyo Disney Resort food ranking but now I want you to sound off. If you’ve been to Tokyo Disney before, what are your opinions about the food? Did I miss anything? If you’ve never been to TDR before, would you try any of these items? Let me knows in the comments below.

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6 thoughts on “Ranking Every Meal and Snack I Ate At Tokyo Disneyland (Again)

  • It’s a testament to the quality of food at TDR that stuff on the bottom half of your list was still pretty good. Tick Tock Diner is a good stop on a non-park day, and I’d rank it higher because of that (because it was really good–and tremendous service). I’d also give high marks to that corn pizza, as bizarre as it seemed.

    For the sake of ‘completionism’, next time we will have to hit up Tomorrowland Terrace (if it’s still open). It might just be able to top Cape Cod Cook-Off in terms of awfulness.

    • I agree, I’f eat anything on the list again.

  • This was an amazing list! Enjoyed reading about all these wonderful food options! We will be traveling to the resort this November- so definitely taking some notes on where to go and what to eat!

  • I read this entire post despite your little note midway through! 🙂 Have not been to TDL yet but I am also a completionist so it will happen (I hope) and I will eat all the foods.

    • Thanks for reading! You won’t be disappointed with the food!


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