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Renovations Taking Place at Disney’s Polynesian Resort

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Walt Disney World is ever changing, and from time to time things need to updating. That is well evidenced by some upcoming work that is in store for one of the first resorts on property, Disney’s Polynesian.

A renovation project is currently taking place at the hotel, and the construction may impact some of the views from some of the buildings. Longhouses that are affected include Buildings 5 (Hawaii), 9 (Tokelau), 10 (Tahiti), and 11 (Rapa Nui). There may some noise that will bleed through, most likely during daytime hours.

In addition, beginning some time next month, it appears that a portion of the east parking lot, near Building 11 (Rapa Nui) will close temporarily.

A few amenities will also be impacted, as access to the beach area on the eastern side of the resort will be unavailable to guests. This will include the Sunset Point area. The remainder of the resort will remain available for guests to enjoy.

Of course, rumors are floating around that this very well could be the start of Disney Vacation Club at the Polynesian; however, that has certainly not been confirmed by Disney.

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9 thoughts on “Renovations Taking Place at Disney’s Polynesian Resort

  • We’re booked at Poly for November. I got a letter this week notifying us of the renovation and closure of Sunset Point/part of beach. We had req’d Tokelau, not knowing that renovation would make that less desirable. Anyone have a req RE where we should try to get our room? We booked Standard View.

  • We were riding the ferry to MK last night and were wondering if the beach was going to be included. Based on this, it looks like we were right. My husband commented that the beach looked like it was in pretty rough shape!

  • How long will the renovations take? We are almost ready to book a vacation and this may change our lodging.

  • You have got to be kidding me.. another vacation club? Seems like greed (again). What’s going to happen to those of us who don’t want to invest in a vacation club but still want to stay at a nice resort?

    • Well, I mean the silver lining is that the whole resort won’t be DVC. Just a portion of it. If indeed it does happen, which truthfully, looks like we may be seeing it come to fruition, among years of rumors that the Poly was going to be getting DVC. So, at least the resort will still have it’s great amenities it always offers, whether it’s DVC or not.

  • Building 5 = Hawaii
    Building 9 = Tokelau
    Building 10 = Tahiti
    Building 11 = Rapa Nui

    • Thanks, Becky and Rikki!

  • Ack! I literally just booked the Polynesian today. I haven’t heard the buildings listed by number before, just their names. Do you know which buildings correspond with those numbers?

    • Becky answered and I also added it in the article. 🙂

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