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Selfie Sticks Now Banned Across Walt Disney World Property

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Due to safety concerns, selfie sticks (the extendable poles where you can attach a phone or a camera to the end) are now banned property-wide across the Walt Disney World Resort. This means you cannot use them at the theme parks, the water parks or DisneyQuest Interactive Theme Park. This new rule will go into effect on June 30.

Guests who attempt to bring selfie sticks into the park will be stopped at bag check and they will be escorted to Guest Relations where the device will be tagged and the Guest will be given a claim ticket to retrieve it upon exit. For those who get caught using a selfie stick in a park, a Cast Member will escort the guest to a regional Guest Relations area where the device will be tagged and a claim ticket will be given to the guest. Again, the Guest will be able to claim their selfie stick as they exit.

All guests must relinquish their selfie sticks, they cannot simply put them away if a Cast Member approaches them about it.

Recently, Disney banned selfie sticks on attractions, however, it seems that more drastic measures needed to be taken regarding these devices.

What are your thoughts on the ban? Do you think it’s a good idea or were you a fan of the selfie stick?

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22 thoughts on “Selfie Sticks Now Banned Across Walt Disney World Property

  • After trying to watch Fantasmic with a woman’s phone on a selfie stick directly in front of my face, I have to say I love this new rule. And asking a fellow guest to take your picture and offering to take theirs in return is a good way to be friendly.

  • I applaud Disney for this move. These things were all over DLR on our v visit this week. One woman held hers directly over my head so she could video the fireworks show. Cast members are always gracious about taking a photo when asked – even the Photopass photographers.

  • Very glad to hear this! But… the proof is in the pudding as they say. What will Disney REALLY do to enforce this? Most likely, nothing. That would be in accordance with their “no flash pictures” policy. Who cares if you ruin someone else’s good time as long as YOU’RE happy! Right????? Sarcasm intended. Hope I’m wrong about the enforcement of this one. It would be a definite step in the right direction.

  • It’s just more in your business overzealous control.

    Rude people are generally confronted by other guests. But that’s not the Disney way.

    True safety hazards should be dealt with, but We still have plenty of problems that aren’t solved by banning an item.

    I don’t use one, but Disney could have charged a responsibility deposit to people using self ie sticks. But that wouldn’t really fly.

  • Just been googling selfie sticks at Disney and it seems that they have been causing safety problems by irresponsible people so I can see that Disney didn’t have much of a choice. What is wrong with people???

  • I loved using my selfie stick at WDW and I always used it responsibly. I would have to say that a go pro stick is a type of selfie stick so I am guessing that they are also be banned. What sort of incidents are happening that has resulted in them being banned? When we were there last which was last November/December I seemed to be the only person with a selfie stick (we didn’t see any others) – maybe it’s become more of an issue since then? It’s the usual small minority who spoil it for the rest of us! Perhaps ipads and other tablets should be banned next as when used to take photos and videos at events like parades some people are inconsiderate and hold them out so that they seriously block other people’s views.

  • Does this also affect Disney’s current rule about monopods and tripods? According to the Restricted Items page (, it seems that monopods and tripods would be permitted as long as they fit inside a standard backpack. (Under the descriptions of prohibited items, it states: “Tripod stands or monopod stands that cannot fit inside a standard backpack”.)

  • Hallelujah! A win for common sense and respect for other’s enjoyment of the parks.

  • Does this mean GoPros on a stick are banned as well?

    • I’d like to know this too; particularly the much shorter “grenade grips” for GoPros.

      I was planning to get one for our upcoming August trip…

  • i am going to have to be unpopular and say I am slightly sad. I was recently in wdw in May, and loved having a selfie stick.. My husband and I never used it in an overly crowded area, we were very aware of our surroundings to make sure we didn’t inconvience any other guests and I got some of my favourite pictures of the trip this way. Again I understand it only takes a bad few to spoil it for many, but again, I am disappointed. I personally never experienced anyone being overly rude with their selfie sticks (during my 7 day vacation) but I definitely did experience the iPad aggravation. Just my 2 cents, take it for what it’s worth.

    • I agree! I’m going solo in the fall, and I know from past experience that it can be hard to get a good picture with the characters on my cell phone. Even if I ask someone else to take it, it’s difficult for them to get close enough to frame the shot the way I would like without being way up in my personal space. The selfie stick was a solution to that problem. But unfortunately, people can’t be responsible. It’s disappointing that this decision was made, but I think it was the only way to go 🙁

  • I agree with Disney’s decision – 100%!!!!

  • ^ starts the slow clap—well done Disney!

  • Does this apply to the resorts as well?

  • A victory for common sense! Thank you Disney!

  • I find it semi funny that they had to go that they had to go that far. You would think in general people had more then 2 brain cells to rub together. Common sense, so rare it’s a super power.

  • I’m so glad they’ve implemented this policy. Not only are they a danger on rides, but they are an impediment to already crowded sidewalks.

  • I agree completely–they’re a danger and an annoyance. I’m glad to see they’ll require guests to relinquish them, not just stow them. Now if they could only ban holding tablets up to take pictures during shows & fireworks! 😉

  • Like all things, it only takes a few……
    I support Disney in this decision. Too many people are too worried about getting their perfect selfie and being “selfish” that they do not even care if others are bumped by their stick, views are obstructed, or eyes are poked out. Cast members are always amicable to taking your picture and photopass is almost everywhere. Good decision Disney!!!!!

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