Seth & Daisy’s Best Week Ever October 29, 2015: Disneyland!

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1Hello, my darlings! It’s me, Daisy! Oh my goodness, I’ve missed you. Of course, I’ve been loving Seth’s posts so much that I almost feel guilty stepping back in this week. But I went to Disneyland for Halloween, how could I not share that with all of you?

I hope you’ll forgive me for just breezing in for the week. Seth will be back with his excellent posts next week. I’m hoping that my schedule will open up a little this fall and I’ll be able to write some daily park visit posts like I used to in the days before BWE. Would anyone like to see that? Let me know in the comments below! Plus don’t forget that you can follow me over on the Touring Plans Instagram account. I have so much fun interacting with you guys over there. We just hit 5,000 followers so come join the party! Now, let’s get going with the good stuff!

I know this isn’t the traditional view of the castle. I took so many photos, but this one where I “snuck up on it” was my favorite. The first day of our trip was unseasonably hot, but after that the weather mellowed out to a brisk perfection. The upside of the warmer temperatures were these crisp, blue skies. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten such pretty photos of Sleeping Beauty’s castle.


There’s so much more fun to be had! Please click the link below to read more.

Yay, glad you decided to come along!

Of course, one of the big reasons for visiting this time of year is all the Halloween decorations. But when I got home I noticed I didn’t take many photos of the decor. I’m not sure if there wasn’t as much on display as in previous years or if I was just too carried away with everything else. I did notice that the 60th anniversary decorations were oddly mixed together with the seasonal ones. Below are a couple of my favorite pictures of the Halloween swag. (Don’t forget, you can always click on any photo to see it larger. I tend to include too many, so it just helps with all the scrolling!)

3 4

One place I took about a thousand Halloween photos was over at The Haunted Mansion! I adore the Haunted Mansion Holiday overlay and go out of my way to see it any chance I get. I’ve heard that some of the locals at Disneyland really don’t care for Jack taking over the mansion or think that it shouldn’t last throughout the Christmas season. Personally, I’d be happy if this was a full time attraction! I wish that The Nightmare Before Christmas could get an attraction of its own someday! Below is the outside of the mansion and the gingerbread house from the ballroom scene that changes each year.

5 6

Below are a couple of my favorite scenes from the ride. Jack takes over where you would find the caretaker just as you enter the cemetery and Oogie Boogie can be found where there would normally be hitchhiking ghosts. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of the normal Haunted Mansion. I just love seeing these characters brought to life! Maybe I would feel differently if it was at Walt Disney World and I had the chance to frequent the attraction? What do you think?

7 8a

The Hatbox Ghost is something I think anyone can agree about! This was my first chance to see him and this figure is just as amazing as folks have made him out to be. He’s outside the attic scene before you start descending backwards into the cemetery and he really sneaks up on you. I’m not a person that rides without my camera the first time through, I’m always shooting because I’ve learned that’s just how I enjoy things. Well, my first time seeing The Hatbox Ghost I just froze and lowered my camera. He’s so cool!! My photo doesn’t even come close to doing him justice!


Okay, so I could gush about The Haunted Mansion Holiday (HMH) all day long, but I’m sure you’d like to see a little more than just that. If you’d like to see more HMH, check out Guy’s video on the official Touring Plans YouTube Channel. Below is a photo I took in the Big Thunder Ranch area. I’m sure you’ve heard this area is closing next year. Another reason for booking the trip was to say goodbye to this space. I’m sure Star Wars land will be epic and I always trust Disney to make the best changes, but I’m sad to see it go. Who knows? Maybe they decorate for Halloween on Endor. 😉


I maybe spent more time on dark rides than anything else this trip. I adore visiting all the classic attractions that we aren’t lucky enough to have at Walt Disney World. I even rode The Matterhorn this trip! While my brains were a little scrambled, I made it off mostly unscathed. Below are photos from Alice in Wonderland, maybe the prettiest of the attractions that only resides at Disneyland. (Fingers crossed it comes to Tokyo after the huge Fantasyland renovation.)

10 11

Sprinkled throughout it’s a small world in Disneyland are stylized characters from your favorite Disney movies. I’ve pictured Alice below just because I’m partial to her but you’ll also see Aladdin, Ariel, Woody, and so many more! This is another change that received a lukewarm reception that I really like. What do you think? Do you like the addition of Disney characters? Below right is a snapshot from Snow White’s Scary Adventures. I know the Mine Train here is Walt Disney World is a better attraction, but I still miss this original. It was like stepping back in time to take a ride during my trip.

12 14

Of course, the best and brightest ride Disneyland offers that completely outshines all versions around the globe is Pirates of the Caribbean. I will warn any of my fellow ride chickens out there, at the beginning there are a couple of drops. While these drops are long they aren’t terribly steep, so I’m able to suck it up and ride. I won’t give away too much. But no matter which Disney parks you’ve experienced you absolutely must ride Pirates if you ever find yourself in Disneyland!


Hmmm.. so we’ve ridden rides and checked out some park decor, it must be time to eat! Anyone hungry? I won’t include too many food photos because that could be a blog all on it’s own. I’ve got to include the photo of this cute, little beaver sign, though. Mainly as an acknowledgement of the boundless patience of the friend that went with me on this trip. I mean, would you stand around for five minutes while I took photos of this beaver sign? LOL


In no particular order, here are a few of my absolute faves! It isn’t a trip to Disneyland without a mint julep (pictured below left). This fruity, refreshing, and minty drink is an absolute delight! Pro tip: there are unlimited refills on mint juleps at Cafe Orleans! Our server even set us up with a to go cup (more on the food soon). Below right are fried pickles from Carnation Cafe on Main Street. I always find the food at Carnation Cafe to be comforting and it’s a nice break in the day.

16 17

Below is some of the awesome food from Cafe Orleans. (I told you we’d be back to talk about the food soon!) Below left are the legendary Pommes Frites. Wow, are these just about the best thing I’ve ever eaten?? Seriously, they’re worth a trip to Disneyland to taste these beauties! Below right is the equally legendary Monte Cristo Sandwich. If you can believe it this is a fried sandwich, and while I’d love to report that it was amazing I just couldn’t stomach the thing. I didn’t even manage to eat one section of the sandwich and I was pretty ill from it. Have you tried it? What did you think?

18 19

My friend that I was traveling with had never tried a Mickey Premium Pop. This isn’t something I’d normally stop for on my culinary tour of Disneyland, but I had to stop for her first. It was the night of the Halloween party and just as the sun was starting to go down we grabbed our ice cream and a spot on a bench. Can you imagine anything more perfect? By the time we’d leisurely eaten our ice cream the party had officially started!

20  22

My favorite memory from the night was seeing Donald. We were hoping to get into the line to meet him, but we arrived too late. Imagine my surprise when Donald butted into our trick-or-treat line on his way out! Below left you can see him negotiating with the attendant for some candy, but the cast member wasn’t giving in. Of course, since I’m pals with Donald I offered him some candy if he’d pose for me! You can see below right he obliged. (And I gave him plenty of candy too!) What a fun exchange.

26 27

Of course, we didn’t just meet Donald that night. Characters were all over the park! I even managed to find my girl, Daisy! Isn’t she just the prettiest thing you’ve ever seen? Pooh was also chilling out by his ride. We didn’t wait in line to meet Pooh, but he gave me a little waive while we were walking by. We had so much fun meeting characters this trip. People often ask me if they shouldn’t meet characters if there aren’t any kids in the party. I think everyone should meet the characters at Disney! We’re all just big kids anyway, right?

24 23

The character that took the big prize was Frollo! We never get to see enough of him at Walt Disney World and I was so excited to see him just walking around in Disneyland. Somehow, even on a busy day the stars aligned for me to snap this perfect photo of just him with the Matterhorn behind him. In case anyone was wondering, this is totally my desktop background right now! Which underrated character do you want to see more in the parks?


The other thing we did during the party was see the new Paint The Night Parade. The crowds had been so insane all week that we decided to sacrifice party time to get good seats with a minimal wait. The parade was glorious!! Not only were the lights amazing, I’m still singing the songs. Check out Ariel’s float below. She was so cute!


Again, this is something that I could just go on and on about! I hope that Walt Disney World will get anything close to this vibrant parade. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out Guy’s video. Just be sure you’re ready have this song in your head for a few weeks!

29 30

I’m no Tom Bricker, but I did want to share one photo from the fireworks. While this was just a handheld shot, I really wished that I had brought my tripod just for the incredible view we had for the fireworks. I could have camped out for a week and not has such a good view. This was thanks to a special friends that I won’t name here, but she knows who she is and that we love her lots!


How can we be this far along without even mentioning Disney California Adventure?? Alas, I think it’s just due to trying to cram too much into one blog. We spent lots of time over at DCA riding rides and stuffing our faces. We even braved the Fastpass system to take in World of Color one night. While I loved the original, I was disappointed with the 60th anniversary edition. What do you think?


While in DCA I was lucky enough to visit 1901 Lounge. I had visited Club 33 before, but this was a completely new experience. The lounge was gorgeous, quiet, and most importantly very air conditioned on a hot day. My favorite feature was chairs reserved for Lillian and Walt.

31 32

A little less exclusive was the pin trading all over the park. I haven’t bothered with pin trading in years, but my friend was excited to try it and we had a blast trading all over the park. It was a great way to interact with cast members and she found so many fun pins featuring her favorite characters. The below cast member was just one of the many we were able to chat and trade with.


We did  bit more character stalking over at DCA. We even met the big cheese himself! Which character do you always make sure you see at Disney parks?

34 35

Was it even a trip to Disneyland if you don’t ride Radiator Springs Racers? I think the answer is maybe, but why would you want to? This ride is still packing in the crowds and I totally understand why! It’s perfect! We snagged a fastpass for this ride every chance we got. While I’m usually against cloning rides I wouldn’t be even a little be disappointed if this showed up at Walt Disney World!

37 38

And with that we’re over the finish line with another fabulous week at Disney! Thank you so much for reading. Don’t forget to hurry back next week when Seth takes us somewhere magical on his next adventure. And why don’t you say “hi” in the comments below? I’d love to hear about your last Disney trip or one you may be planning. See ya real soon, my friends!

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7 thoughts on “Seth & Daisy’s Best Week Ever October 29, 2015: Disneyland!

  • October 29, 2015 at 9:34 am

    What a jam packed trip! This Disney-phile is more appreciative of the Pirates of the Caribbean in Paris. It is very well done. Of course I could be biased seeing as when we went there were no crowds, so they just let us reride without exiting.

    While I am sad about some of the closures next year, I will be happy to return to Disneyland Resort next year to take in the sites and sounds introduced as part of the 60th anniversary.

  • October 29, 2015 at 10:11 am

    Thanks for taking us to Disneyland, Daisy!

  • October 29, 2015 at 6:02 pm

    Hi Daisy!!! I would LOVE to see you “pop” in now and again to write an article!!! Yay! Thanks for another great blog post – we’re planning on going to Disneyland in 2017 so this is a very helpful post 🙂

  • October 29, 2015 at 6:55 pm

    Hi Daisy!
    I’m so happy to see a blog post from you and would love to see some more posts in the fall if your schedule allows.

    You’re pictures and writing style always make me feel like I’m in the parks myself. We only get to go once very other year so I really appreciate posts like this. 🙂

    I’ve never been to Disneyland but I love Jack and wish they would do this overlay to the Haunted Mansion at DW.

    Take care Daisy!

  • November 2, 2015 at 2:08 pm

    Hi Daisy!
    It was so nice seeing a blog post from you again!! Your trip to Disneyland sounded so exciting! I’m a huge WDW fan, but I’m definitely planning on heading over to California one day to see where it all began!
    I hope you post again soon! We miss you!

  • November 8, 2015 at 1:13 pm

    I totally agree with you about the Monte Cristo!! I tried it at Blue Bayou, and was just not a fan at all. I ended up having to trade meals with my husband- luckily, he loved it 🙂


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