Shopping Spotlight: D Street

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You never know where you will find a Vinylmation...

D Street, located on the Westside of Downtown Disney at Walt Disney World, has only been open a year, but it is quickly becoming a favorite shopping stop in my family with its extensive selection of Vinylmations, Disney inspired art, and fun merchandise.

From the moment you walk into the store, you know it isn’t going to be your normal ‘Disney’ shopping experience! The store has really fun, urban, and extremely creative décor. You will definitely find yourself examining the displays as much as the merchandise!!!

The Cars Vinylmation Monorail Set

D Street is the premier location to purchase Vinylmations at Walt Disney World, which means that when there is a product launch or exclusive Vinylmations you will find them at D Street before you will find them anywhere else on property. Recent product premiers have included the limited edition set of the Big Bad Wolf 9” and three 3” Little Pigs Vinylmations, Cars Monorail Vinylmations, and the Robots 2 Series of 3” Vinylmations. If you want to keep up with the latest Vinylmation releases, you may want to visit here! Also, you will want to visit D Street to find the Orange Bird and Mr. Toad Annual Passholder Vinylmations!

Whether you are new to the Vinylmation game or a serious collector, the cast members are really helpful and knowledgeable about collecting and trading.

One of my favorite displays in D Street contains all of the past Vinylmations, and it is really neat to see the evolution of the line!

Zoe designing her own Vinylmation

D Street also offers a selection of custom Vinylmations that have been created by the Disney Design Group. These 3” and 9” figures are always changing and represent icons, attractions, and characters from Disney Parks and movies! They are super fun to look at, but they are pretty pricey!!!

For the children (both young and old) there is a table decorated with tons of 3” Vinylmations where you can sit and design your own Vinylmation!

Just a small portion of the Star Wars merchandise at D Street

If Vinylmation collecting isn’t your thing, D Street is also the place to find fun merchandise with various Disney and Pop-Culture themes!!!

There is an especially large collection of Star Wars, Muppets, and Nightmare Before Christmas merchandise at D Street, but the pop culture items change quite frequently: right now Angry Birds are featured.

You will also find a large selection of D Tech, Bloc28 clothing and accessories, and some of the more edgy and retro Disney shirts at D Street.

One thing to keep in mind is that D Street is a lot like TrenD at the Marketplace in Downtown Disney: when you see something you love…buy it! The merchandise selections change frequently, and a lot of their merchandise sells quickly and is either unique to their store or is hard to find at other locations throughout Walt Disney World.

So next time you are on the Westside of Downtown Disney at Walt Disney World, I would definitely drop in to see what new and fun merchandise you can find at D Street.

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