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Soarin’ Around The World Headed to Epcot and Disney California Adventure

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Current version of Soarin' ©Disney
Current version of Soarin’ ©Disney

It looks like the rumors were indeed true! It was announced at the D23 Expo today that Soarin’ Around the World will be headed to not only Epcot, but also to Disney California Adventure.

The attraction will take guests on a journey to far-flung lands and fly above some of the world’s most unique natural landscapes and man-made wonders. Some of the destinations will include the Great Wall of China and Monument Valley.

Disney California Adventure’s Soarin’, which debuted when the park opened in 2001, just saw an upgrade to digital projectors during the transformation of its land from Condor Flats to Grizzly Peak Airfield. In addition, over at Epcot, a third theater is currently being constructed, augmenting the two that have been there since the attraction opened in May 2005. Both upgrades are being done to prepare for the new film.

Soarin’ Around the World is expected to debut in 2016 in both parks.

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6 thoughts on “Soarin’ Around The World Headed to Epcot and Disney California Adventure

  • I am very excited about this as it seemed pretty obvious based on the type of attraction that Soarin’ is, that they would be able to change/update it regularly. Unlike most people, I hope they do change the score, and assume they will to give it a more authentic feel. While you may love the existing score, hearing that music while flying over the Great Wall of China would really throw you for a loop. I have no doubt in my mind that Disney will have an outstanding score to accompany the new updated video and smells. If anything stayed from the original, I assume it would be Disneyland and possibly the orange groves in order to use the orange scent.

    As much as people want things to stay the same, it’s great to see WDI coming up with great ideas and changes. I’ll always prefer a change for the better over the same old thing, even if I love that same old thing.

  • I hope they borrow from Star Tours and have a somewhat randomized world tour, enhancing the re-ride factor by never knowing what you’re going to see each trip.

  • I am partially thrilled. I cannot think of a better film for Soarin’ at Epcot! I kind of feel like California Adventure should keep the original film (though it definitely would need to be cleaned up). While “over the world” makes total sense at Epcot, I’m not sure anything *but* “over California” makes sense at California Adventure.

  • I’m hoping they will keep the same soundtrack (adding new sound effects). I’m also hoping the video will still end with fireworks at over one of the parks. They could fly over Paris and their wine vineyards, the fjords of Scandanavia, the great pyramids at Giza, Mt. Fiji in Japan, Ayers Rock in Australia, Victoria Falls in Zambia, The mountains of Hawaii, verses of Emperor penguin in Antarctica, the Grand Canyon…I can’t wait to see what they do with this!

    • Footage was shot over Disneyland and DCA.

  • I am sure I will miss the soundtrack, but the new experience should be good too. Since it’s all digital, I wonder what the chances are of “throwback” showings… or will the smells be too different??

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