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SATURDAY SIX: Six Reasons We Love Disney’s OLD KEY WEST Resort

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This week’s SATURDAY SIX takes a look at Six Reasons We Love Disney’s Old Key West Resort. One of Walt Disney World’s biggest strengths against all of its competitors is the wide variety of unique resorts it has on property to offer guests. We’ve covered several here on the SATURDAY SIX including Value Resorts such as Art of Animation and Pop Century, Moderate Resorts with Port Orleans French Quarter and Riverside, and Deluxe Resorts including the Contemporary. While our reviews on both Animal Kingdom Lodge and BoardWalk Inn & Villas included a Disney Vacation Club component, today we are going to take a look at our first DVC exclusive resort with Old Key West.



In fact, Old Key West was the very first Disney Vacation Club resort built at WDW. Originally named Disney’s Vacation Club Resort in 1991, it wasn’t until 1996 when the name was changed to Old Key West. With its pastel colored buildings and lush vegetation throughout, the resort definitely stands out from the other hotels on property. When Walt Disney said “Here in Florida, we have something special we never enjoyed at Disneyland…the blessing of size” he may have been foreshadowing Old Key West, as the resort itself is massive.

Welcome to Conch Flats, the mythical town of Disney’s Old Key West Resort.


With the sprawling size comes some downsides, including many rooms being quite far away from the check-in area and several of the resort’s amenities. There is an internal bus system, and the grounds are gorgeous to walk across, but it may be a shock to guests who have not stayed at such a large resort. Thankfully the TouringPlans Hotel Room Request will help make getting a room closer to front easier, but it is still something to consider. That said, the size of Old Key West is also a positive, as it is one of the best places at WDW to spend time at outside of the parks because there is so much to do. So sit back, grab a plate of conch fritters and an ice cold margarita and let’s begin counting down our top six reasons we love OKW starting with…

# 6 – The Sandcastle Pool Area

Anyone who travels with their family on vacation knows how important pools are when it comes to selecting a resort. For our family, pools with slides now rank above any E-Ticket attraction or dining experience at WDW. Old Key West has a total of 4 pools spread out across property, but the Sandcastle Pool located by the front of the resort is where you want to be. In this area you’ll find the main pool along with its incredible 125 foot waterslide and a plethora of  nearby activities. There are several play areas for the younger set, a whirlpool spa, a sandy beach, and even a themed sauna!

The Sandcastle Pool at Disney’s Old Key West Resort.
Theming around the Sandcastle Pool.


Sandcastle Pool beach area.

The large lighthouse in the main pool area happens to be the resort’s icon, however at the base of this lighthouse is an actual working sauna. While the entire state of Florida technically classifies as an outdoor sauna from May 1st until September 30th, this cleverly themed one inside the lighthouse is one of the only saunas on Disney property you will find outside of a spa.

Sauna at Old Key West.
Sauna at Old Key West, one of the only saunas in the world where it is actually hotter when you leave the room.
Old Key West merchandise, prominently featuring the Lighthouse.

# 5 – The Gurgling Suitcase

The Sandcastle Pool is set directly off a wonderful dockside strip where you are going to want to spend a lot of time hanging around while at Old Key West. The atmosphere at this marina is laid back and it is a great place to enjoy a drink and relax. Speaking of drinks, there’s no better place to get an adult beverage than the Gurgling Suitcase. A small hole-in-wall bar oozing with charm, the Gurgling Suitcase gets its name dating back to the days of Prohibition. Because alcohol was illegal in the US and the Florida Keys were so close to Cuba, rum would be snuck into the country in suitcases and transported back up north. Police would inspect luggage for bottles by shaking them, and the term gurgling suitcase was born.

The Gurgling Suitcase at has very limited seating inside and at the bar, but there is more seating available right outside the front door and plenty nearby overlooking the marina. There is a full bar, TVs playing sporting events (all too rare across WDW for our tastes), along with a ton of little details and knick knacks on the walls to appreciate. This is a true hidden gem at Walt Disney World.

The Gurgling Suitcase.
A drink inside the Gurgling Suitcase.
Libations at the Gurgling Suitcase.
Gurgling Suitcase.
Outdoor seating for the Gurgling Suitcase.


# 4 – Olivia’s Cafe

Speaking of hidden gems, Olivia’s Cafe at Old Key West is one of WDW’s more underrated restaurantS. Don’t get us wrong, Olivia’s isn’t Hoop Dee Doo or Sanaa in terms of resort dining you need to go out of your way to experience, but it has unique menu options with a lot of reasonably priced items. Right upon check-in at the restaurant you’ll notice the amount of pictures of actual DVC members hanging on the walls. This type of personal touch makes the restaurant feel a little different than your average casual dining venue on property, and the friendliness of the wait staff is always a highlight. Olivia’s can get noisy inside, but there is also patio dining outside.

Olivia’s Cafe.
Olivia’s Cafe.
One of the dining rooms inside Olivia’s Cafe. (photo by Julia Mascardo)
Outdoor seating at Olivia’s Cafe. (photo by Julia Mascardo)
Caribbean Shrimp & Rice. (photo by Julia Mascardo)

# 3 – The Rooms

The first thing you will notice when walking into any type of room at Old Key West is the amount of breathing room you will have. These rooms have SIZE. Studios clock in at 376 square feet; one-bedroom villas at 942; and two-bedroom villas at 1,333.  The Studios even have two queen size beds inside them. So much floor space! So much room for activities! I have found myself being spoiled by the size of DVC rooms, especially at Old Key West, and walking into standard hotel rooms  now makes me feel like Harry Potter living in the cupboard under the stairs. 

Old Key West studio.
Old Key West studio.

A side benefit of the rooms at Old Key West is the parking for each building is closer than any other resort on Disney property. Much closer. The parking spots are right outside your door, and a car is certainly recommended if staying at OKW unless you are a big fan of Disney buses. My FitBit gave up after the first 10,000 steps from my car to my room at Disney’s BoardWalk Villas, but I was about 30 feet away from my car at Old Key West. Those steps add up when you end up being the family pack mule for luggage and grocery items.

As a side note, until Old Key West I personally never really understood the “Welcome Home” message when it came to DVC. I love Kidani Village, Bay Lake Tower, and the BoardWalk Villas, but none of those resorts felt like a “home,” just a great place to have a vacation. Old Key West felt like a home. I also enjoyed the amount of palm trees across property because palm trees were always one of my first indications of actually being in Florida when my family would take vacations back in the day. Welcome Home: it took a while, but I get it now.

Old Key West villas.

# 2 – The Lobby

The lobby at Old Key West is one of the most family friendly in Walt Disney World, and you can imagine what ground that is covering. Instead of the generic coloring pages and stickers for kids, there are fun balloon animals and swords behind the registration desk. The lobby also has a large secondary room where people can also wait while a family member checks-in or just hang around in to relax. Aside from having a large amount of books to read among the shelves (although no copies of The Unofficial Guide 2015 unfortunately) there is also a dedicated area for children with a TV playing Disney cartoons. Similar to the BoardWalk having pieces of New York/New Jersey history on display, Old Key West’s lobby has miniature versions of things from Florida, such as the Key West’s first electric trolley car and a model train from the Florida East Coast Railway. While not containing the jaw dropping spectacle of walking into some WDW lobbies like Jambo House or Wilderness Lodge, I found Old Key West to have one of the best lobbies of any on-site property.

Balloon animals and swords available at the check-in area.
Old Key West lobby.
I’m told via my iPhone Wikipedia app that these things are called books and you can do something called “reading” them, whatever that means.
Children’s area.
Old Key West lobby.
Old Key West pressed penny.


# 1 – The Recreation

This is it. This is what separates Old Key West from the pack. There is literally something for everyone. Volleyball. Basketball (including lights for nighttime play.) Tennis courts. Golf. Shuffleboard. A good sized gym. A fire pit to roast marshmallows. Multiple playground areas across property. Two arcades. Cornhole. X-Box and Playstation. Billiards. Ping Pong. Foosball. Bike rentals. Walking path. And the previously mentioned four pool areas. Old Key West is a resort where the family can all stay together to do group activities, or everyone can split up and do what they like.

Tennis at Old Key West.
Bikes at Old Key West.
Hammocks, volleyball, and a fire pit way in the back.
Don’t forget your golf clubs.
Photo taken moments before Your Humble Author did his best Shaq impersonation (and by that we don’t mean dunked, we mean miss a shot from the free throw line.)


HONORABLE MENTION: Ferry Service to Disney Springs

Thanks to places like the BOATHOUSE, Splitsville, and Erin McKenna’s Bakery NYC, Disney Springs is becoming great place to go on your Disney vacation. The shopping and dining district is only looking to get better with the expansion to the World of Disney as well as the the upcoming Jock Lindsey’s Hanger Bar and The Edison. Because of all the construction going on at Disney Springs and the surrounding roads outside of it, driving to the area can be a pain. Thankfully Old Key West has a water taxi that will take you straight from OKW to Disney Springs. Our personal motto here at the SATURDAY SIX is “there is never enough boat rides,” and that applies to Disney Cruises, attractions like Pirates of the Caribbean or Living with the Land, and any water taxi/friendship boat across property.

DVC Ferry service to Disney Springs.
DVC Ferry on its way to Disney Springs.
Next stop, Disney Springs!

So there you have it: Six Reasons We Love Disney’s Old Key West Resort. See you next weekend for the latest installment of the SATURDAY SIX, where we’ll look at something fun from the world of Disney and Universal. If you enjoyed yourself, be sure to check out The Magic, The Memories, and Merch! articles, or, for your listening pleasure, check out the Pardon the Pixie Dust podcast. You can also follow Your Humble Author on Twitter (@derekburgan)


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Special Thanks to crack staff photographer Brandon Glover, Jammin’ Julia Mascardo, and blogger to the stars Megan Stump for their invaluable assistance with this article. Be sure to also check out Brandon on The Park Blogger podcast with co-hosts Aengus Mackenzie and Brian Carey. 

FINAL PLUG! Did you know The Unofficial Guide to Universal Orlando has a special edition of the SATURDAY SIX in it? Finally, someone came up with an actual reason to read a book. PRE-ORDER this baby now! (For every copy sold, a percentage of the profits* go towards buying a DVD of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train rap video.)


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9 thoughts on “SATURDAY SIX: Six Reasons We Love Disney’s OLD KEY WEST Resort

  • I would maintain that the Turtle Krawl from the Gurgling Suitcase is the best drink on property

  • I stayed there in February, but found it pretty mediocre for a Disney resort. Despite staying as a cash (non-DVC) guest, the cleaning staff did not come by daily. I had to call housekeeping to remind them that we were not on the DVC plan.
    I also found the unit itself to be showing its age. Among other problems, the dishwasher leaked onto the floor when it ran, and the kitchen outlets were loose enough to trip the circuit interrupters. It looked like other units at the resort were being restored, so maybe this one was just due for updates.

  • Question: Are tennis racquets/basketballs etc. all available for rental at OKW?

  • NOT strictly an Exclusive DVC Resort!
    We stayed there in March having purchased a “regular” 2-week stay through the UK Walt Disney Travel Company.
    (Great offer FREE Standard Disney Dining Plan throughout our stay plus free refillable drinks mugs; 2 weeks for the price of 1 week Park Hopper tickets; $200 Disney Dollars too…. For 2016 UKWDTC have ALSO added free Memory Maker.
    These seem to be specific UK-only offers ?
    Plus, unlike the DVC Day 4 trash and towels/Day 8 full service our (1 bedroom villa) was serviced daily, and bed linen was changed probably 3 or 4 times during our stay.
    We are DVC members (at Bay Lake) but this offer was just too good to turn down as a special occasion, extra holiday to WDW.
    We loved OKW for all the reasons highlighted, and more. In future we will likely look at splitting our trips between OKW and BLT… and will keep a watch out for similar “one off” deals through UKWDTC.

    • All of the DVC resorts are available for cash, instead of being a member, its not just a Uk guest thing (although we seem to get great discount for OKW and Saratoga Springs).

      I think Florida law in relation to timeshares states 10% of each resort is to be available for cash instead of timeshare.

  • We always “accidentally leave behind” our older editions of Unofficial Guide and Birnbaum books in the lobby (intentionally placing them high on a shelf). We have yet to ever see them upon our subsequent visits. DW has suggested trying our luck with my old bowling trophies…

  • This is one of my home resorts!! Love this place 🙂 Used to be the best kept secret, but not much longer!

  • If only OKW would make at least one of the pools zero entry and make a splash area playground for kids like pretty much every other resort at Disney, I’d be more fond of the resort as a whole. That said, the meal I had at Olivia’s recently was one of the best non-signature meals I’ve had on property, so it is worth a trip just for that.


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