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A Trip Around The World: Norway

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Today we visit the Norway pavilion for a quick look at what makes this area so special. Like always, I like to start with a wide view of the land. You’ll notice from my photo below that this is one of the hottest lands in all of the World Showcase for one reason: princesses! The below photo was taken before 11am, but there are tons of people in line to the left waiting to meet the gals from the latest Disney movie, Frozen. On this right is the bustling restaurant, Akershus.


Getting back to the beginning you’ll know you’ve arrived in Norway when you see these rustic street lamps and tall trees. These are in stark contrast to the Mexico pavilion next door. The detail on these lights is unreal. I wonder if they replace the rope often to keep it looking so fresh?


Just beside the lights you’ll see these large panels. I’m not sure what the story is on these, and I came up empty after some quick Googling. There used to be behind a large Viking boat in front of them, but that has since been removed. Does anyone know what these represent?


Just beside these large panels are the restrooms with this neat sign to mark them.


Past the restrooms is the first beautiful sculpture in this land. I didn’t see a plaque marking what this represents, but after some research I discovered she is Grete Waitz, a world famous runner that passed away just a couple years ago.


Behind this statue is the Stave Church. The displays inside have recently been updated to include information about the movie, Frozen. Though there are banners advertising that this little spot is open to the public, there is almost never anyone inside. I encourage to you go tug on that door handle and check out this neat display!


Below is a close up photo of the detail all around the doors to enter this church. The woodworking details are stunning!


On the other side of the Stave Church and heading toward the main area in Norway, you’ll find a statue of a Viking. The Stave Church used to house an exhibit about Viking history which made sense. Regardless, the statue still fits in perfectly with the history of Norway and is a fitting lead-in to the land!


Just past the Stave Church you’ll come upon Kringla Bakeri og Kafe. If there is only one place that you stop and try around World Showcase – make this the one! They have amazing desserts, but I also recommend their warm sandwiches. I’ve never tried anything that wasn’t excellent here!!


The style of this is very distinct with a grassy roof and rustic appeal. It is very different from the buildings around it. You’ll notice that though all the buildings are different styles in Norway, they all fit together somehow.


Inside the Kringla Bakeri og Kafe there are many interesting details. It feels like an old hunting lodge in a way. Among the details are these elk antlers hanging on the wall in the seating area.


Interestingly, if you are closer to the restrooms you’ll notice the style starts drifting back from hunting lodge to Vikings with details like this coat of arms.


Exiting the bakery and heading back toward Maelstrom you’ll see the Puffin Roost on your left. The shops in this land are all connected, but some sales space has been lost to house the new princess meet and greet.


The main entrance is now a little further back in the land through The Fjording.


There are a couple different entrances down this way, but each leads you to the princess gear, warm weather clothing, perfume, and jewelry housed in these shops.


Below are a few of the lovely store windows just before you arrive at the Maelstrom ride.


Below is a view inside the strip of stores. This large troll is one of the most well known photo ops in the park. Even first thing in the morning I had to wait to get a shot of him all alone! 🙂


Here is a peek inside the store looking at the Helly Hanson gear that famously comes from Norway. Take a close look to see the Viking details on the shop racks.


Down the hall but still connected is a very different shop. This is the area that connects to the princesses from Frozen (behind the red curtain). It sells everything that a little princess could want, in addition to other fare from the film.


Just outside these shops the next thing you’ll hit is the great ride, Maelstrom. While the below sign warns that you might get wet, I don’t think I ever have. Make sure you plan to stop in for a spin on this fun, little ride!


Here is the view of the entrance to the ride. Note that these wait times were for first thing in the morning. The line can get pretty long as the day stretches on. Plan to get there early or save a FASTPASS for it.


After you’re past the ride you’ll see one last destination before you’re finished with Norway. The first indication that you’re there is these banners:


The above banner and below sign mark the entrance to Akershus Royal Banquet Hall. Many, many little girls will be lined up to dine with their favorite princesses at this location. If you’d like to meet the princesses over a meal then it’s a very good idea to make your reservations in advance. You can do this through the My Magic Experience website or by calling 407-WDW-DINE.


Thank you for joining me on a little tour of Norway! I hope you saw your favorite things mentioned here. If I missed your favorite please leave it in the details below. I hope you’ll join me next time to take a stroll through China! As always, thanks for reading! 🙂

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20 thoughts on “A Trip Around The World: Norway

  • Hi all! Just returned and have this to report about our dinner at the Akershus Banquet Hall: Do Not Drink and Dine there!
    The kjottkake sounded authentic and we took turns trying to properly pronounce it, but regardless, at $47.00/pp (adult), we closed the Banquet Hall feeling that Norway had provided us with a very expensive lesson…. don’t drink and dine in Norway!

  • I read that they there would be there until January 31st. But they could well extend it?
    Get there early if they are still there. We arrived at 10am and our place in line was for the 12noon, meet and greet. Meet and Greet opened at 11 am, and there were people in line that started queuing at 9am.

  • I am going in Feb do you think the Fronzen princess will still be there?

  • This is one country we always go to, and I had no idea there was a church! We will def checkit out next time. That fire place is my all time favorite picture spot for my small girls. They pretend it is there house (while in full princess gear), and every part of the backdrop makes for gorgeous photos. I take a pic of my little ones here every time we go to show how they’ve grown 🙂 thanks for the post!

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed! I love the idea of a yearly photo spot and you picked a beautiful one! 🙂

  • I hope they didn’t change the inside of the stave chapel too much, I’m one of the few people who always go in there and stare at the artifacts! Do they have to do a movie tie in to everything?

    • Hey Karen- it is pretty different. Everything in there is now themed to the movie. Hopefully it gets a few people in there, though! It is always empty.

  • The antlers are definitely MOOSE, rather than elk. As a defender of all things moose, I need to be sure they get their due here!

    • Oh dear… I’ve started an Elk vs. Moose debate! You know, I did I lot of Googling before declaring them Elk antlers but that doesn’t mean I’m right. I’ll let the debate rage on and may the odds be ever in your favor. 😉

  • Did they remove the perfume and lotion shop to put in the princesses? And if so, did they move the wonderful smells to a diff part of the store?

    • I’m wondering about this too! That perfume is one of my favorite things in World Showcase, oddly enough. The scent just reminds me of Epcot. In fact I was planning to finally cough up the money to buy a bottle of it during my trip next month. I hope it’s not gone!

      The perfume is available online, so all is not lost. But still.

      The Norway pavilion is one of my favorites. Sad to see the Viking ship go!

      • I will have to look. I’m 99% sure it’s still available because it is still really smelly in there!! 😉 I will check next time I’m by to be sure.

      • I was just there and it was “smelly” still!

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