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Universal’s Cinematic Spectacular Gets an Update

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TP_UniCinematicSpectacularUniversal’s Cinematic Spectacular, the nighttime show at Universal Studios Florida, has recently been updated to include several of Universal’s most popular films that have been released since the lagoon show’s debut in early 2012 . The Academy Award winning Les Miserables, Ted, and Fast & Furious 6 have been incorporated into the video celebrating “100 years of movie memories.”

Les Miserables gets the biggest spotlight, with several clips spread throughout the 15 minute show. The movie Ted is represented with the hilarious scene in which the talking teddy bear has a car accident and says, “My bad, I was sending a tweet.” While Fast & Furious 6, the box office smash from earlier this summer, has the scene in which Vin Diesel’s character drives a car through the front of an exploding airplane.

TP_UniCine2To make room for these new clips, several had to be removed, with the movie Battleship taking the biggest hit. When Cinematic Spectacular officially opened on May 8, 2012, it included several clips from Battleship and Snow White and the Huntsman, both of which were released to theaters later that summer. Snow White and the Huntsman was a modest hit, bringing in $155 million, while Battleship was one of the summer’s biggest flops, earning only $65 million at the American box office. While Snow White and the Huntsman still has several clips in Cinematic Spectacular, all of Battleship‘s have been removed except for one quick clip showing jets flying above the ship.

Also new is the trailer for Despicable Me 2 playing on the water screens before the Cinematic Spectacular starts. With Despicable Me 2 becoming a smash success, we probably can expect clips from that movie to be added to the show later this year.

While many expect a complete redo of the Cinematic Spectacular show around the time Diagon Alley opens in 2014, these small updates help keep the show fresh.

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