Using My Disney Experience: Do’s and Do Not’s

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My Disney Experience: it’s the Walt Disney World vacation necessity! Your My Disney Experience account links together your ticket media, resort reservations, dining reservations, FastPass+ selections, and PhotoPass pictures. That’s a lot! With all this data to handle, My Disney Experience mistakes can and do occur for many guests.

Making FastPass+ Selections in My Disney Experience. Using character avatars helps you make sure you're using your Family and Friends' actual accounts.
Making FastPass+ Selections in My Disney Experience. Using character avatars helps you make sure you’re using your Family and Friends’ actual accounts.

Your vacation depends on its smooth operation, so getting your My Disney Experience account details right is an important part of your planning. This means everything from log-in and email notifications, to setting up your Family and Friends. If you’re getting started at home, you have time to play with the website and app, getting used to the interface. If you rush through the set-up, you might make a mistake which costs you time later.

Still, even the most careful planner can get caught by a quirk within My Disney Experience (known as MDX by Cast Members).  Here are some My Disney Experience do’s and don’ts, to help you plan a smooth, fun and maybe even relaxing Walt Disney World vacation.

Don’t: Make a new account because you forgot your password.

When you are prompted to set up your My Disney Experience account, you enter an email. If you’ve ever used that email for any Disney-owned account, from ESPN to Pixie Hollow, MDX is looking for the same password you used for that account. So if you enter in your primary email address on the first day you decide to use My Disney Experience, and are immediately prompted for a password you don’t remember, stop! Take the time to reset the password, even if it means calling in for assistance. Why is this so important?

Well, it’s mostly for your own convenience. If you use a secondary email address, at a certain point you’ll probably forget you were using it. Then, you’ll get important communications from Disney about your reservation, which you’ll miss because you didn’t get them in your primary email account. Disney uses your email for notifications about your reservations. For example: you might get a notification your FastPass+ reservation for The Jungle Cruise has been canceled due to weather, and you now have an additional FastPass+ to use on a specific set of rides in its place. 

There’s also the matter of duplicate accounts. If you create a second MDX account because your forgot a password, then inadvertently use your other email on reservations or to purchase tickets, you might create a duplicate version of yourself… and you really don’t want to do that! We’ll talk more on duplicates in a minute.

When you set up your resort reservation, be sure to enter everyone's names and ages correctly. This will matter when buying tickets and making FastPass+.
When you set up your resort reservation, be sure to enter everyone’s names and ages correctly. This will matter when buying tickets and making FastPass+. If you mark your children as adults to save time, you’ll make it up later when you’re trying to buy children’s tickets for them!

So take time to get your account set-up correctly the first time… right down to your children’s ages, if you have kids. That information will feed into your attempts to purchase many other vacation pieces, including resort reservations and theme park tickets.

Don’t: Add a friend to Family and Friends before asking if they already have a My Disney Experience account.

When you’re visiting the parks or making reservations with friends or extended family, you have the opportunity to add them as Family and Friends. If your Aunt Emily has her own MDX account, you can go to the Family and Friends page, enter in your Aunt Emily’s email address, and send her a friend request. Once she accepts the request, she’ll show up on your Family and Friends page with her character avatar. Now you can make plans, like dining reservations or FastPass+ selections, which include Aunt Emily. Her name will appear on a list of Family and Friends when you are making selections.

Always use the pre-entered name in MDX once you’ve added Aunt Emily or anyone else as a friend. If you’ve just typed in a name, you aren’t linking to Aunt Emily’s MDX account. You’ll see a blank avatar, instead of Aunt Emily’s character avatar. So every time you add someone, pause and ask if they already have a My Disney Experience account. Go through the steps to add them as a friend. It will save you time later.

Don’t: Ignore a duplicate version of yourself.

This is one of the most common problems people have with My Disney Experience. When you look at your reservations and see a repeated name, whether of yourself or someone else in your party, you’ve accidentally created a duplicate version. The best way to tell duplicates from real accounts is to be sure everyone uses a character avatar. If Aunt Emily usually looks like Olaf, but now has a plain blue Mickey head by her name, you’re probably looking at a duplicate.

Duplicate versions need to be fixed if you want smooth sailing throughout your trip. Support can easily sort this out. However, there’s one thing you can try before calling Support. Send friend requests to each other. If it’s your name that’s duplicated, send a friend request to yourself. Sometimes, the dueling friend requests kick the duplicate out of the system.

If this doesn’t work, call Support as soon as possible and let them sort it out for you. The fewer the reservations (FastPass+, dining, etc.) attached to the duplicate account, the easier and quicker a fix it is. Waiting until you arrive at the resort and asking your concierge will definitely eat into your vacation time.

Taking a screenshot of your FP+ reservations doesn't just save your battery - it can help you if the system is unavailable or you can't access your plans.
Taking a screenshot of your FP+ reservations doesn’t just save your battery – it can help you if the system is unavailable or you can’t access your plans.

Don’t: Panic if your FastPass+ reservations disappear.

There’s actually a very easy fix for the magically disappearing reservations… most of the time. Save yourself a call to Guest Services by deleting the app and reinstalling it. Sometimes MDX just needs to be refreshed… very refreshed. However, just in case this isn’t the fix, we have a “do” for you…

Do: Screen-capture your reservations.

MDX outages are not unheard of, and on the off-chance your reservations really did vanish from the app, you’ll have evidence, complete with reservation numbers, of that 6 PM Le Cellier ADR. Show these screen-caps to your resort concierge or theme park Guest Relations Cast Members for assistance. While it might take them some time to make you new reservations, it’s better than approaching the Cast Members at the restaurant or attraction. They have more resources to assist you.

My Disney Experience: love it or hate it, this app is an inextricable feature of our Walt Disney World vacations. Setting up your account and learning to work with both its ups and downs are going to set you up for success in the long run. Just remember – go slow and don’t panic when things look funny! There’s usually a fairly easy fix. When in doubt, call Support at 407-939-4357.  If you’re on property, see your lobby concierge or Guest Relations. They’ll be able to set you straight!

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6 thoughts on “Using My Disney Experience: Do’s and Do Not’s

  • December 16, 2016 at 11:25 am

    I wish your last line was true- in my experience (no pun intended), they can’t always fix it. My account has been a mess for about 4 years. Hours on the phone with guest services has not
    Led to resolutions. Even after they promise all is set- when we arrive we always have a magic band or two that are not properly linked. I had one experience where we missed our character dining reservation because we couldn’t get in the park- but I will say that we have collected free passes and lots of extra fast passes to make up for the messes that have saved us money and time- I have come to expect issues now and remain calm while dealing with cast members and waiting for them to give me extra fast passes!

  • December 16, 2016 at 12:39 pm

    Great tips! Here are a couple others:

    Before reinstalling MDX, log out and log back in – especially if you use both desktop and mobile. People sometimes think their reservations are missing but they’re actually just logged out of the account on one device.

    Don’t pre-order “Be Our Guest” meals for multiple rooms through one MDX account unless you’re okay with all of the Disney Dining credits for the meal being pulled from your account. They won’t be able to split them up across multiple rooms later.

  • December 16, 2016 at 5:49 pm

    Anyone know if MDX will automatically transfer your reservations, et al to your OLD magic bands? We used magic bands on our last trip – and with a new one coming up, we may as well use the ones we (still) have. Hoping to avoid a call to guest services…! Has anyone had luck with using the old magic bands for the new experiences?

    • December 17, 2016 at 9:49 am

      You absolutely can use bands you already have for a new trip. Your reservations aren’t “on” your bands-the band is simply a way to link your account to you. So any and all bands that are linked to your profile in MDE will work. No need to call guest services. If the bands are more than a couple of years old, you may want new ones. The old bands should still work at the touch points, but if the battery is old the longer range features may not work, such as automatically connecting your on ride photos to your account.

  • December 19, 2016 at 6:58 am

    Along the lines of taking a screen capture of reservations, I’ve taken to taking a screenshot of our FastPasses, then I make that pic my lock screen wallpaper. No more opening the app to see how much time we have until the next on starts – all I have to do is pull the phone up and it’s all right there.

  • December 22, 2016 at 9:58 am

    My wife and I both have the MDX app on our phones. Can we both be logged into our MDX account at the same time without causing any issues?


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