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Walt Disney World now offering Disney Attractions+

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A new way to purchase on-ride photographs has been released at Walt Disney World. Disney Attractions+ allows guests to purchase up to 14 days of unlimited on-ride photos. These will be available through Disney’s PhotoPass, and it appears that guests will be able to register their cards at

Attractions that are included in the Disney Attractions+ on-ride photos are Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin, Test Track, Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, Expedition Everest, and DINOSAUR.

The cost for this new offering is $44.95.

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18 thoughts on “Walt Disney World now offering Disney Attractions+

  • Lorenzo

    My wife and I just talked about this. We don’t use PhotoPass when we travel to WDW now. We have a nice DSLR camera. With this flat-rate PhotoPass we will definately use it more… as much as possible.

  • Wow! Great news! What an awesome new offering. I am going to recommend this to my clients and give it a try for myself.

  • Audrey Harvey

    Will this mean any changes for Photopass+?

  • That link isn’t working and I can’t find anything on the Disney’s PhotoPass site. Any further info available?

    • The link has been fixed. 🙂

      So far, the info that has been posted is what is known as we speak. Will share more as more information is received.

  • Kristi

    I’ve never used PhotoPass before so I’m a little confused. What does the $44.95 get you? Is it for the CD or something or just for the photos to be taken? Also, is this something you pre-purchase or buy once you’re there? We’re going to be there in exactly one week (Yippee!) so just trying to get my ducks in a row…

  • Deborah Wenger

    Thats a great price

  • I cannot find much information on the linked website. Does this mean that you can purchase this package separately or is this an add-on to the PhotoPass?

  • Sheaky

    My guess is the 44.95 is for any photos on the rides only, not for all of your photos.

  • That’s a really good price… those ride photos can set you back 15-20 a piece!

  • Sounds like they are trying to offer more options as far as Disney photos go. Photopass plus for those who want attraction photos plus park photos and this option for those who are only interested in getting park ride photos at a better price.

  • What an awesome new offering on Disney’s part- a massive win in my book!
    Will the price cover unlimited prints, or a CD, and where can it be purchased? Thanks!

  • kristin

    bought it on day one! It is ONLY pictures that are taken on rides.If you normally buy 3 pictures that are taken on the attractions, it pays for itself. We went to AK the day BEFORE this was avail. and bought 3 pictures. The following day when this was offered, the photo castmember refunded my money and applied it to the attraction plus. I didnt hesitate to put every single picture taken of my family on that photopass attraction card. When we left I just added those pictures to my photopass, and got all those pictures. I love this option.

  • Am I better off buying the photopass+ or the standard photopass and this attraction plus ?- I want the ride photos and the park photos, but probably won’t be doing any character meals

  • Great offer ! But… How/where to buy it ?

    • When I was there in December we just bought it when we went to purchase our first PhotoPass ride picture at the PhotoPass counter at the ride. It was a great deal, you could add as many as you wanted!
      It’s only for ride photos though.

  • yo en el parque compre la tarjeta de disney attractions +.
    cuando llegue a mi casa e intente descargar las fotos que guarde en la tarjeta no lo pude hacer. no entiendo como hacerlo. por favor espero que alguien me pueda explicar que tengo que hacer para poder descargar las fotos.
    desde ya muchas gracias

  • Sebastian,

    When you purchased the PhotoPass+, they should have given you a CD case. Inside this case there is a code to use to purchase a PhotoPass CD online. Edit the photos however you want, then padd the PhotoPass CD to your cart. Choose the option to download your pictures. Upon checkout, enter the code that came inside the case you got with your PhotoPass+. After a brief period of time you will get an email that says your pictures are available for download. Log back into the PhotoPass site and download your pictures. I hope I haven’t missed any steps, and I hope this helps.

    Take care,

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