All-in-one Crowd Level Estimate

Universal Orlando has over 40 attractions, and we use every one of them to produce a single, all-in-one crowd level estimate for the next 365 days in the future.

Thanks to our fabulous Universal Orlando Lines App users and our crack team of researchers, we collect wait times from every Universal park. These data - hundreds of thousands of individual wait times - are analyzed by a professional statistician, who looks for trends and patterns in the data to see how Universal crowds are behaving.

Sorting The Marbles

Crowd Calendar 2.0 is based on a percentile rank (for more on why its dubbed "2.0", read here).

Imagine you have a box of 100 marbles of different sizes. If you sort the marbles from smallest to largest you can divide them into ten groups of ten, according to size. The largest ten marbles get put into Group Ten. The next ten largest get put into Group Nine, etc.

In our case, we are sorting all the possible crowd sizes at Universal Orlando into ten groups. The highest ten percent get a rank of ten; the next highest ten percent get a rank of nine, etc.

What Do The Crowd Levels Feel Like In The Parks?

If you have dates planned, click on the "view park wait times" on the Crowd Calendar day page you're viewing, or by navigating to it from a park's wait times page (see Islands of Adventure's Wait Times page for reference). You'll be able to see predicted wait times for every attraction for every hour of the day.

How do the Crowd Levels relate to one another? Is a '6' day twice as crowded as a '3' day?

The Crowd Level numbers are ranked from 1 to 10, but each level does not represent a specific crowd size. Think of the Crowd Calendar as the Billboard Top 40 -- we rank the crowds just as they rank album sales. A '6' day may not be twice as crowded as a '3' day, just as the #6 album may not have half the sales as the #3 album.

More questions?

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page for the Crowd Calendar.