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The Horror Make-up Show is a humorous, brief look at how basic monster movie special effects are done. The show includes on-stage demonstrations of effects such as blood-spurting fake knives and rubber limbs, and how mechanical effects are combined with rubber masks to transform human heads into wolf-shaped skulls. Film clips are interspersed throughout the presentation, showing how computer-generated special effects are blended into live action films.

This may be Universal's most entertaining live show. While there's plenty of fake blood thrown around, the script is much more funny than scary. The hosts keep everything moving along at a fast pace, and their running commentary about horror-film moviemaking is interspersed with plenty of pop culture jokes for the kids.

Touring Tips

Most children should be able to watch the show without being frightened, but sit in the very back of the theater if there's any doubt.

It's the exception that proves the rule, as this reader relates:

My 7- and 9-year-olds had no problem with Terminator but were scared by the Horror Make-Up Show (despite my telling them the guy really was not cutting anyone's arm off!). We ended up leaving before the show was over.

Special Comments

May frighten young children.

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Special Needs

Parental discretion is advised. Check the daily entertainment schedule for performances with sign language interpreter.

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