Getting to Universal Orlando's Resorts and Theme Parks

The Universal Orlando complex is a short distance from Interstate 4 (I-4) exits 75A and 75B. If you're driving from Orlando International Airport, the journey should take 20 to 25 minutes if you use the 528 West toll road, or about 30 minutes if you avoid the toll road. Tolls should cost less than $4 one way, and we advise bringing a dollar or two in quarters in case you encounter an unstaffed toll booth along the way.

Signs for Universal's hotels and theme parks are easy to find and read as soon as you've left the highway. If you're visiting the resorts, follow the signs on Universal Boulevard to each resort, and then to the resort's self-parking.

Use the same route to exits 75A or 75B if you're visiting the theme parks, then follow the signs to Universal's multi-story parking garages instead of the resorts.

Once on-site, you'll be directed to park in one of two multi-tiered parking garages. Parking runs $17 for cars ($5 after 6 p.m.) and $22 for RVs. Be sure to write down the location of your car before heading for the parks. From the garages, moving sidewalks deliver you to the Universal CityWalk dining, shopping, and entertainment venue. From CityWalk, you can access the main entrances of both Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure theme parks. Even with the moving walkways, it takes about 10-12 minutes to commute from the garages to the entrances of the theme parks.

If you're not renting a car, Mears Transportation has shuttle, van, taxi and private car services to get you to the resorts. A one-way shuttle costs $19 for adults and $15 for children; round-trip is $30 and $24 respectively. A taxi costs around $46 one-way depending on traffic, so that may be the least expensive option if you've got three to five people. Visit Mears Transportation or call 407-423-5566 for reservations.

If you're staying at Walt Disney World and don't have a car, Mears Transportation will shuttle you from your hotel to Universal and back for $18 per person. Pickup and return times are at your convenience. A one-way taxi ride is around $36, and may be the cheapest option if you have three to five people.

Driving Directions to Universal's Resorts and Theme Parks

Google Maps driving directions from Orlando International Airport to Universal's Hard Rock Hotel

Airport to Universal's Royal Pacific Resort

Airport to Universal's Portofino Bay Resort

Airport to Universal's theme park parking

Transportation Between Universal Resorts and Theme Parks

Hard Rock Hotel, Portofino Bay, and Royal Pacific

Universal offers boat and shuttle service between each of its three hotels and the two theme parks. The boat service uses CityWalk as a hub, which is great if you're going from one of the hotels to a theme park. If you're traveling between hotels for a meal, however, you'll need to switch boats Allow 25 minutes for each leg of your journey by boat.

Universal's shuttle service is faster than its boats, and can get you from your resort to any other resort or theme park, usually within 30 minutes. Walking time from any resort to any theme park is about 15 minutes. To walk between the two hotels farthest apart, Portofino and Royal Pacific, takes 25 to 35 minutes.

Cabana Bay Beach Resort

Universal runs frequent, nicely themed buses between Cabana Bay Beach Resort and the entrance to CityWalk. There also is a walking route, although a nicer dedicated pedestrian path is under construction. From the CityWalk entrance, you must walk to the theme parks. Total travel time between the resort and a theme park by bus or by foot is 15-20 minutes.