TouringPlans Subscriptions as a Booking Incentive to Your Clients

Whether you're a travel agent or other travel planner, a subscription to TouringPlans makes a great and inexpensive booking incentive to offer your clients. Not only that, but our tools will make your clients more informed about their destination, which reduces work for you. TouringPlans is happy to offer bulk purchases of subscriptions to agents or agencies at reduced rates.

Benefits to your clients

Benefits to you

About TouringPlans includes both tools and editorial content. If you're not already familiar with the site, we strongly suggest you look around before committing to entering the program. While we DO NOT run ads to users who are logged in subscribers, we do have ads for visitors to the site who do not currently have an active subscription or who are not logged in. Those ads include ads for travel agencies who offer the subscription benefit.

TouringPlans also runs editorial content that includes links to other sites. Those sites may have sponsorship agreements with other travel agencies. We do not receive money or other reciprocal benefits from these sites and include them on TouringPlans because we feel they have value to our readers. TouringPlans does not and will not make any changes to editorial content based on our relationship with any company we do business with. Your client may read about another service or company as part of use of the subscription

All subscribers who enter trip dates on TouringPlans will receive email notifications from us of news that affects their trips. This includes discount offers for their trip dates; ticket price increases (with links to our Least Expensive Ticket Calculator, which does include links to 3rd party ticket vendors); refurbishment information; and park hour changes. Discount information often includes a thank you to the agency that provided the information and will suggest the reader contact Disney or their travel agent for rebooking to save money. We take tips from anyone who sends them and always credit the first one to reach our mailbox. You are always free to submit your own tips about discounts and other news. has a blog that includes articles written by travel agents or that mention travel agencies. TouringPlans never runs sponsored content and never accepts payment for these articles. If you have an idea for an article, you are always free to submit it. As long as it's useful content and not simply an ad for your services, we'll probably say yes to it. For more information about submitting articles, please email "blog (at) touringplans [dot] com" and use the subject line "Blog Article Proposal."

To enter the program, an agent must pre-purchase subscriptions to gift to clients. These are non-refundable.
Best pricing:
Prepayment of 52 WDW subscriptions - $468 per agent.

Pricing for lower volume agents:
Prepayment of 24 WDW subscriptions - $240 per agent

We don’t consider any volume lower than 2 subscriptions per month for the program.

Q. I'm an independent agent who doesn't work for an agency. Can I still offer this benefit?
A. Yes!

Q. I'm a 1099 independent contractor who works for an umbrella agency. Can I still offer this benefit?
A. Yes! We'd love to bring on your whole agency too, so why not ask them first? The one thing we can't do is invoice your agency on a per-agent basis.

Q. I'm not a travel agent, but I do offer planning services. Can I still offer this benefit?
A. Yes!

Q. Is there a minimum amount of business I need to do to participate?
A. Yes, this program is meant for active agencies. We define this as offering the benefit to 24 clients per agent per year (2 clients per agent per month).

Q. How is the program priced?
A. Participation in the bulk program requires a minimum prepayment, per listed agent, of 24 subscriptions, which is non-refundable.

Q. Do you offer a discount on personal purchases to travel agents?
A. No. We don't offer any special discount to travel agents, though we do offer discounts to the general public from time to time. A subscription costs less than a counter service meal for one at a theme park and is a tax deductible professional purchase for a travel agent. We think that's a more than fair price for the subscription.

Q. How am I billed for the subscriptions my clients use?
A. After the credit for prepayment is used, you will be be monthly for any additional subscriptions. You can pay by check, credit card, or PayPal. Just let us know what works for you.

Q. Does participation mean I'm endorsed by or the Unofficial Guide?
A. No. But anyone who is a subscriber gets a survey at the end of his trip asking about all factors of the trip, including the travel agent. This is where the travel agent recommendations in the Unofficial Guide come from.

Q. If I do this, can I reproduce TouringPlans or Unofficial Guide content on my site?
A. No. We're very protective of our intellectual property.

Q. Can you help me promote the benefit?
A. Yes! We can give you art work and logos. We're also open to any ideas you have around cross-promotion.

Q. I'm already using my personal account to create touring plans, fax room requests, and make other recommendations for my clients. Can't I just keep doing that?
A. No. That actually violates the commercial use policy in our Terms of Use. Please don't.

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Last updated on May 31, 2018

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