6 Steps to Avoid Crowds at Walt Disney World

Step 1: Use our Crowd Calendar to find the least busy times to visit.

Use our Crowd Calendar to see the best times to visit Walt Disney World. The Crowd Calendar shows you how crowded each park will be on each and every day of the year. You can use our Crowd Calendar to plan around kid's school schedules, holidays, and special events that happen at Walt Disney World.

Step 2: Use a touring plan

Avoiding crowds is key to maximizing your vacation time at Walt Disney World. Our touring plans save you up to 4 hours in line by telling you what to ride and where to go during the best times of the day. We do this by factoring in Disney?s posted wait times, theme-park traffic flow, attraction capacity, and other items with the goal of getting you on as many rides as possible in a day.

Worried because you can't make it to the park early? (See below tip) Tell our computer optimizer that you need a late start, and we'll set up your plan with the shortest wait times possible, even when the crowds start to build.

Step 3: Arrive early

The single most important thing you can do to minimize your time in lines is arrive at a theme park prior to opening so that you are among the first to enter the empty park. Then visit the attractions that have the worst lines first. (Use our touring plans to make the best use of your whole day and know which attractions to visit when.) If you move quickly, you will have experienced most key attractions before the masses arrive.

With these steps you're ready for your Walt Disney World vacation. Over 120,000 families subscribe to TouringPlans.com every year.
Join us and start planning your perfect Disney Trip.

Step 4: Use FastPass+

When parks are crowded, use FastPass+ to reduce your wait in line. Since attractions generally have lower waits in the morning, you'll save the most time with FastPass+ by reserving times in the afternoon or evening. We'll tell you how to make FastPass+ reservations, and tips and tricks you need to know.

Step 5: Take a break

A mid-day break can be marvelously refreshing, letting you escape the heat and crowds. Consider heading back to your resort for a meal, a nap, or to spend some time in a pool or air conditioning. This lets your family recharge and be ready to head back to the park later for nighttime parades, fireworks, and rides. Taking advantage of lower crowds in early morning and late night can give you short wait times even in the middle of summer.

Step 6: Use our highly rated Lines app when you're in the parks

Our mobile app Lines is the highest-rated Disney World park app in iTunes and Google Play - even higher than Disney's own app! (And when you're in the parks, you'll see that Lines is much faster loading too!) Lines shows you Disney's official wait time plus how long you'll really wait in line at each attraction. Use Lines to get instant updates to your touring plan, search dining menus, see parade and fireworks times, chat with Disney experts, and more.

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