Someone who is at a theme park for "rope drop" is there when it opens for the day. At Disney Parks, an actual rope is not necessarily part of this process, and when it is the rope is not really dropped--instead, it is methodically pulled aside a few minutes before people are allowed to pass. No matter, the term survives. Being at a park for its opening is a critical step in many of our Touring Plans, and being aware of the rope drop procedures gives you an edge.

People waiting behind Magic Kingdom rope

Magic Kingdom rope about 8 minutes prior to park opening.

Note that if you are at the head of the pack at park opening and are heading toward a popular attraction, you will not be able to move faster than the cast members who are leading the hoardes to the first ride of the day.

Also note that you can typically get a park Times Guide for the day at the turnstiles or from the cast member staffing the park entrance. Using a Times Guide to plan your day can keep you occupied while waiting for rope drop (although note that the same information is available in our Lines mobile app).

While you are waiting for the park to open or to enter a land prior to its opening, consider talking to the cast members staffing the rope. They are apt to be friendly, and it is a great way to pass the time.

Park-specific rope drop hints are linked below: