Use Our Touring Plans to Save Time in the Parks!

When you're in the parks you need a game plan for each day. Our Touring Plans are step-by-step guides that save you up to 4 hours of standing in line every day. We've got 150 family-tested templates to start with, for every park. Customize any plan by adding attractions, meals, and breaks.

Step 1: Choose a park to visit

Before selecting a Touring Plan you need to decide which park you'll be spending the day in. Don't just select randomly, use our Crowd Calendar to select the least busy park for each day of your trip.

Step 2: Select the best type of plan for your party

Our Touring Plans are separated by age in to 5 categories. There's Parents with Small Children (under 44" tall), Parents with Older Children (over 44" tall), Adults, Seniors, and plans for the Whole Family. We also have a category for the Magic Kingdom Halloween and Christmas parties, and other special events in Disney World.

For example, if your party has two adults and two children under 3, we recommend the Parents with Small Children category. This category leaves out thrill rides like Space Mountain in Magic Kingdom, or Expedition Everest at Animal Kingdom. (Plans in the Parents with Older Children and Adults categories include most thrill rides.)

With these steps you're ready for your Walt Disney World vacation. Over 120,000 families subscribe to every year.
Join us and start planning your perfect Disney Trip.

Step 3: Select and customize your touring plan

Now that you have decided on your park and age range, it's time to select a touring plan. We have a range of plans that fit all touring styles. Want to be in the Magic Kingdom with your preschoolers first thing in the morning and stay until close? Use our Unofficial Guide One-Day Touring Plan for Parents with Small Children for Magic Kingdom. Does your adults-only party like to sleep in on Hollywood Studios day? Try the Disney's Hollywood Studios One-Day Late Arrival Touring Plan. See our Walt Disney World Touring Plan page for all the plans we offer.

Step 4: ...or make your own touring plan!

Our Personalized Touring Plans software is a quick and easy way to make your very own touring plans where you select every attraction, show, and meal. Simply head to our Personalized Touring Plans page and enter the date, park, and time you plan to attend. Then you can enter the rides and shows that you want to see. When you're done, simply click the Optimize button at the bottom of the screen and we'll put everything in the best order (and tell you best times to take a break) to help you beat the crowds.

Can't decide what to ride? We have detailed reviews of every ride, show and attraction in Walt Disney World, including best times to visit each attraction, the ride's potential for frightening small children, height requirements, handicap accessibility features, and ratings. Most reviews include comments from other families, so you can get a wide range of opinions on every experience. Click here for our Big Thunder Mountain review to get you started.

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