Villains Unleashed


August 23, 2014
Held at Disney's Hollywood Studios

This separately ticketed Disney Villain-centered event is new for 2014 and being held at Disney's Hollywood Studios. If you are interested in, enjoy, or (help us all) identify with any or all of the myriad of Disney villains, this is one special event you'll want to scheme to get to.

The Villains Unleashed Party is an after-hours event, meaning that Hollywood Studios closes at 7 pm. Unlike the Magic Kingdom parties (Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party and Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party), Villains Unleashed doesn't officially begin until 8pm, indicating that guests may not be able to stay in the park during the changeover to the special event. The price for the event is similar to the two holiday parties with adult tickets set at $71.36 for adults and $66.03 for children ages 3-9 (tax is included)

What a Ticket Gets You

The price of your ticket does not simply gain you admission to Disney's Hollywood Studios, there are expected to be several fun aspects of the Villains Unleashed event as well. Disney has been a little shy with the details thus far, but we will update this page every time new announcements are made.

Character Meets

In excess of 50...yes fifty villains will be on hand for the party and many of them will be available to meet. Disney has yet to make clear which villains will be terrifying...uh, we mean interacting with guests, but expect any of these rarely seen characters to have long lines.

Hades Hangout and Dance Party

Who among us hasn't had the lifelong dream of shaking a leg with the ruler of the Underworld? Luckily Disney is accommodating us all with this dance party hosted by Hercules' nemesis Hades where you can surely dance like the devil.

Oogie Boogie Variety Show

Deep down in the Theater of the Stars lurks the most menacing burlap sack ever put on film. Oogie Boogie, the antagonist from The Nightmare Before Christmas shows up at Villains Unleashed for the exact reason you'd host a variety show! This stage show will feature the titular bogeyman himself along with some equally spooky friends.

Star Wars Villain Zone

Honestly, we're not entirely sure what will be in the "zone" other than the obvious villains from the various Star Wars universi (plural of universe...maybe). It could be various meet and greets, a dance party, photo opportunities, or any or all of the above.

"Ex-Scream" Makeovers

If you have always felt like you had a little Dr. Fucilier deep down, but didn't know how to properly show it, you do now. Elaborate face painting will be available to make any guest look like their favorite villains...or probably a evil kitty, bwah-ha-ha-ha.

Villainy in the Skies

One of the highlights of any hard ticket party is the fireworks and Villains Unleashed is no different. According to Disney, "the villains will unleash their powers into the night sky" which just sounds super to us. With the combination of showmanship and spectacle, Disney fireworks are always a sight to see. Hopefully no one manages to foil this evil plot.

Special Food and Merchandise

Special treats, T-shirts, and other items will be available for purchase during the event. All items will be villain-themed to appeal to your sneaky side.


As if you didn’t have enough to keep you busy, many of the popular attractions will remain open during the event. Since the party is a limited-ticket event, lines for the rides will be at a minimum. Although be forewarned that there may be villainous patrons hanging around the rides along with the guests.

If you have any affinity for Disney's darker-sided characters, the Villains Unleashed event is a must do. The limited availability of tickets will keep the crowds relatively low and give guests access to characters that are almost never seen in the parks. Just don't get carried away and try to take over the world on the way home.

Last updated on June 5, 2014