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    FASTPASS at the Disneyland Resort

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Walt Disney World's FastPass+ (which allows ride reservations to be made days or months in advance) is not currently available in California. Disneyland does have MaxPass, which is a paid add-on that allows users to make FastPass reservations on their phones in the official Disneyland app. See our MaxPass page for more information.

Disney's FASTPASS system is a reservation system designed to moderate wait times. Understanding how to use FASTPASS is critical for success with our Touring Plans, especially if you want to experience lots of attractions or are unable to arrive at park opening.

Disney only offers FASTPASS at select attractions, and in some cases FASTPASSes are only offered during busier times of year. Specific FASTPASS information for each theme park is linked below, followed by general information about FASTPASS.

Understanding FASTPASS

Big Thunder FASTPASS When you arrive at a FASTPASS attraction, if the posted wait time is acceptable you should hop in the regular "standby" line. If you do not want to wait that long, you may pick-up a FASTPASS ticket that will allow you to return and ride with a minimal wait during the posted return window.

Disney describes the FASTPASS system in 3 easy steps:

  1. Each member of your party inserts his or her park ticket in the FASTPASS kiosk.
  2. You'll receive a FASTPASS ticket with a return time so that you can go play in the park instead of waiting in line.
    Tip: Look on the bottom of your current FASTPASS ticket to find out when you can get one for another attraction. Generally, that will be 2 hours from when you got the ticket OR the start of the return window on your ticket (subject to a 30-minutes-from-when-you-got-the-ticket minimum), whichever is sooner.
  3. Come back during your return time and hop on the attraction with little or no waiting

General FASTPASS Touring Tips

  • FASTPASSes are stored on your theme park admission (your park ticket or Annual Pass). The printed FASTPASS tickets are now only "reminders" of your upcoming FASTPASS reservation. When your return window opens, head to the FASTPASS line and you'll be told to scan your theme park admission to be granted entry. The paper FASTPASS ticket reminder can be kept as a souvenir.
  • Park tickets must be activated at the front turnstiles (or Downtown Disney monorail station) before being used to obtain FASTPASSes, so you can't send one family member into the park while the others snooze. However, once everyone has entered, you can send one person across to the other park with everyone's tickets to retrieve FASTPASSes there.
  • Don't mess with FASTPASS unless it can save you 30 minutes or more at a given attraction.
  • Since lines are manageable, there's no reason to use FASTPASS during the first 30-40 minutes a park is open.
  • If you arrive after a park opens, obtain a FASTPASS for your preferred FASTPASS attraction first thing.
  • Always check the FASTPASS return period before obtaining your FASTPASS.
  • Don't depend on FASTPASSes being available for ride attractions after 2 p.m. during busier times of the year.
  • Disneyland Resort started enforces the one-hour time window on its FASTPASS tickets. Be sure to return on-time.
  • Make sure that everyone in your party has his or her own FASTPASS.
  • You can obtain a second FASTPASS as soon as you enter the return period for your first FASTPASS (subject to a 30-minute-from-issuance minimum), right after you use the FASTPASS (as long as you're not trying to get FASTPASS for the same attraction), or after 2 hours from issuance, whichever comes first.
  • Maximize efficiency by always obtaining a new FASTPASS for the next attraction before using the first FASTPASS you already hold.
  • Be mindful of your FASTPASS return time, and plan intervening activities accordingly.
  • Rides don't dispense FASTPASSes during early entry, nor while they are closed for technical difficulties or special events.
  • When obtaining FASTPASSes, it's faster and more considerate of other guests to select a FASTPASS Runner to obtain passes for your entire party. This means entrusting one individual with both your valuable park admission passes and your FASTPASSes, so choose wisely. Note that using a FASTPASS Runner does not save you time unless the runner is faster than the rest of your group. However, the rest of your group will walk less and can snack, visit the restroom, etc. while the FASTPASS Runner does his job.
  • Keep in mind that FASTPASS on Disneyland's older attractions does not work as efficiently as it does on newer attractions. In many cases, FASTPASS users enter a separate queue that at some later point is merged with the standby queue. You want this merge to happen as late as possible so that you get ahead of as many standby guests as possible. You cannot control this, but it is something to be mindful of as you compare the benefits of using FASTPASS on different attractions.
  • As of April 2017, the FASTPASS systems at Disneyland Park and DCA are connected. This means you CANNOT obtain a FASTPASS at one park and then immediately walk to the other park and obtain another FASTPASS. The time at which you can obtain another FASTPASS will be printed at the bottom of your FASTPASS ticket.

"Disconnected" FASTPASS Attractions

World of Color and Fantasmic! FASTPASS kiosks act as if they are "disconnected" from the rest of the Disneyland Resort FASTPASS system. By this, we mean that holding FASTPASSes for these shows does not affect your ability to obtain FASTPASS tickets for other attractions. This means that you could, for example, get a Big Thunder Mountain FASTPASS immediately after getting a Fantasmic! FASTPASS.

Current Disconnected FASTPASS Attractions List