Although it is expected to make its way to Disneyland in the future, Walt Disney World's FastPass+ (which allows ride reservations to be made days or months in advance) is not currently available in California.

Disney's FASTPASS system is a reservation system designed to moderate wait times. Understanding how to use FASTPASS is critical for success with our Touring Plans, especially if you want to experience lots of attractions or are unable to arrive at park opening.

Disney only offers FASTPASS at select attractions, and in some cases FASTPASSes are only offered during busier times of year. Specific FASTPASS information for each theme park is linked below, followed by general information about FASTPASS.

Understanding FASTPASS

Radiator Springs Racers FASTPASS When you arrive at a FASTPASS attraction, if the posted wait time is acceptable you should hop in the regular "standby" line. If you do not want to wait that long, you may pick-up a FASTPASS ticket that will allow you to return and ride with a minimal wait during the posted return window.

Disney describes the FASTPASS system in 3 easy steps:

  1. Each member of your party inserts his or her park ticket in the FASTPASS kiosk.
  2. You'll receive a FASTPASS ticket with a return time so that you can go play in the park instead of waiting in line.
    Tip: Look on the bottom of your current FASTPASS ticket to find out when you can get one for another attraction. Generally, that will be 2 hours from when you got the ticket OR the start of the return window on your ticket, whichever is sooner.
  3. Come back during your return time and hop on the attraction with little or no waiting

General FASTPASS Touring Tips

Disconnected FASTPASS Attractions

Some attractions' FASTPASS kiosks function independently and are not hooked up to the park-wide FASTPASS distribution system. Because a disconnected attraction has no way of knowing if you have a FASTPASS for another attraction, it will issue you a FASTPASS at any time. Disney can connect and disconnect FASTPASS attractions at will, so it's possible that the disconnected lineup will vary somewhat during your visit. The use of disconnected FASTPASS attractions is incorporated in our touring plans.

Finally, Disneyland Park's and DCA's FASTPASS systems are not connected. You can obtain a FASTPASS at one park and then immediately walk to the other park and obtain another FASTPASS.

Current Disconnected FASTPASS Attractions List