Dumbo-or-Die-in-a-Day Plan

For Parents with children under age 7 who feel compelled to devote every waking moment to the pleasure and entertainment of their small children, and rich people who are paying someone else to take their children to the theme park. Assumes periodic stops for rest, restrooms, and refreshment. The name of this touring plan notwithstanding, this itinerary is not a joke. Regardless of whether you are loving, guilty, masochistic, truly selfless, insane, or saintly, this touring plan will provide a small child with about as perfect a day as is possible at Disneyland Park.

Two-Day Plan for Adults with Children

This touring plan represents a compromise between the observed tastes of adults and the observed tastes of younger children. Included in this touring plan are many of the midway-type rides that your children may have the opportunity to experience (although in less exotic surroundings) at local fairs and amusement parks. These rides at Disneyland Park often require long waits in line, and they consume valuable touring time that could be better spent experiencing the many rides and shows found only at a Disney theme park and which best demonstrate the Disney genius. this touring plan is heavily weighted toward the tastes of younger children.

Late Arrival Plan for Parents with Small Children

For parents with children under age 7 who arrive after 11:00 AM. This plan allows for a little bit of extra time to sleep in, but still experience all the must-see attractions for families. Includes an extended afternoon break to go back to your hotel room or rest somewhere in the park.