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Start here to find out the differences among the 4 ships in the Disney Cruise Line fleet: the Dream, Fantasy, Magic, and Wonder.


Beaches or glaciers? Venice or the Baltics? We'll help you decide which itinerary is best for you.

Finding the Best Fare

Disney Cruise Line has demand-based pricing, which means fares fluctuate from the time they are announced until the ship actually sets sail. We can tell you whether the itinerary you want is a "Book It Now" or a "Wait A Bit."


We talk you through the booking process all the way to boarding, cruising, and returning home through Customs. This is the place to find out how to plan your first day onboard and how to properly pack on your last night.

Ports and Port Adventures

Which excursions are worth the money and which leave you saying, "That's 4 hours of my life I'll never get back?" How can you save money by making your own tour of the port? We'll tell you the history of every port Disney Cruise Line visits and what to see, eat, and buy while you're there.


Disney is at heart an entertainment company and has a reputation for "Broadway-style" productions onboard. We'll tell you which shows to catch and which ones' showtimes are great times to visit the spa or ride the AquaDuck. We also review the many onboard activities, including kids' clubs, here.


From fast food to fine dining, Disney Cruise Line has something for everyone. We review the restaurants, fast food venues, bars, and lounges onboard.


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