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    Pink on Disney Dream

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Disney Dream, Deck 4 Aft


The champagne bar Pink, on Deck 4 Aft, is our favorite bar on the Disney Dream. Decorated in silvers, whites and golds, the concept for Pink seems to be that you’re sitting inside a glass of champagne. In the walls are embedded round lights of white and pink, which are tiny near the floor and larger near the ceiling, imitating the carbon dioxide fizz inside a flute of bubbly. The silver carpet’s starburst pattern is supposed to look like bubbles rising from below, and the glossy white, rounded ceiling is meant to represent the top of the glass. Pink’s light fixtures are upside-down champagne flutes. Behind the bar is artwork in the shape of champagne bubbles, expanding as they rise from the bar’s bottles to the lights.

Around the bar are half a dozen stools, with silver legs and oval, clear plastic backs that continue the “bubble” theme. Beyond the bar, a couple of burgundy chairs sit among their silver velvet sisters. After a few drinks we’re pretty sure these are supposed to represent rosé champagne, of which several are served at the bar. The best seats in the house, though, are on the padded couch inside a dome-shaped cubby in the wall at one end of the lounge. Move a couple of those big chairs in front and you have a private little cocoon, or slide them away for a view of the entire room.

Unofficial Tip

Look carefully inside a few of the bubble lights on the wall and you’ll see a tiny pink elephant from Disney’s Dumbo film. It’s a little odd, because Dumbo is the mascot of the Dream’s sister ship, the Fantasy, which has its own champagne bar, the French-themed Ooh La La. No elephants.

Pink’s champagne menu includes many recognizable names, and the mark-up on bottles is generally under 2 times the average retail price, which is usually less than what Disney charges at its theme parks.

Champagne-based cocktails are also available. Most of these include fruit juices such as mango, pomegranate and peach. A few also include other liquors: The Elderbubble, for example, has raspberry vodka, elderflower syrup and champagne. A small selection of white, red, and dessert wines are available by the glass (more by the bottle), along with a dozen or so scotches, whiskeys and cognacs.

Comparing the Ships

Only the Dream and Fantasy (with Ooh La La) have champagne bars, and this is one of the main reasons we prefer these ships over the Wonder and Magic. We like Pink’s relatively understated theming better than Ooh La La’s tres feminine French boudoir décor.

Photo credit: Scott Sanders.