Discounts at Universal Orlando

Universal Orlando provides discounts on tickets, dining and lodging to members of many travel organizations, including automobile clubs such as the American Automobile Association (AAA) and its sister organization in Canada, the CAA. Discounts are also available to Universal Orlando annual passholders. This section is a guide to finding the best discounts for members of these groups and the general public

Admission Discounts

Resort Discounts

Dining and Restaurant Discounts


Entertainment and Other Discounts

Finally, one sure way not to save money at Universal Orlando is by booking a package with tickets and lodging through Universal Orlando Vacations ( or 1-877-801-9720), the official travel company of Universal Orlando. They advertise packages with attractive-sounding rates, like “only $99 per adult per night,” but when you break down the component parts you'll find that you are breaking even, or even paying a few bucks more, for the convenience of having a single point-of-contact for your booking.

Occasionally, packages may include perks like a Harry Potter souvenir or breakfast reservations, but you are usually paying list price for extras that could be purchased a la carte. An exception is during special events like the Celebration of Harry Potter convention, when private parties are only available bundled with a vacation package.

The only way that booking through Universal Orlando Vacations provides a genuine benefit is with the early park admission offered for guests of partner off-site hotels; if you can't afford on-site accommodations, this is the best way to enter the Wizarding World early.

See our Travel Packages page for more information.

Last updated by Seth Kubersky on September 19, 2016